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  • Thanks. Happy, funny holidays to you too.
  • Hi Lena xiao, how are you?
    My name Chanh,
    I really want to make friend with you.
    I want to improve skill english especial speaking.
    I hope I early speak with you.
    Have nice day.
  • Then it's all good. :)

    If I think about it, then people don't get upset for such petty things isn't. Well, but since it's me, they actually can get. :P

    I have this supernatural power, to make all people around me mad or irritated. :D

    One reason is that I say too easily out what ever comes into my mind. Oh but trying too hard not to upset others, is irritating too, to others. So I continuously say out whatever comes into my mind. :D

    Well I then try to keep in my mind that, u don't get upset so easy and say all, whatever nasty things that come into my mind out to you..
    Kidding. ;)
  • Maybe u felt offense, that I said that Chinese is hard to listen to me. But I didn't mean anything bad. I didn't mean that I dislike Chinese. I meant it's hard just that because it's so strange, for me. It's hard work for me to bay attention. There's a lot of languages that are hard to listen. They make me feel dizzy. I think the hardest for me are Vietnamese, Maybe also Thai, Chinese.. But Even French is a bit, although France isn't that far from my country. Hehehe in French, case it might really be, that I just don't like French. :P

    I'm sorry, if u felt offense. :)
  • Did you deleted some of your comments, in anime group, by your self, or they disappeared mysteriously?

    I hope it wasn't mysterious vanishing.

    That reminds me. I saw a UFO in my dream today night. First there was a big explosion. And strong light. I went closer to see what it was, although I was very scared, but I found nothing. I got more scared because I was afraid that next explosion may happen. I was afraid that someone might try to kill me with bomb. Then when I was retreating from that place. Next bang happened, and 2 strong lights like rocket engines fires appeared. I though, that this is someone making fireworks to scare me, but then the huge triangular spaceship become also visible... I was sure it's UFO. Well I waked up and was glad that it was only dream.

    Should I delete my last comment too in Anime group.. because it was reply to you? :)
  • Nice to meet you, too. I am a new comer to although I have been a user for a long time. Ni Hao! Have a great weekend. :-)
  • thanks lena added me as your friend.
  • hi hi,lena, welcome join english club, pls add me for your first friend in english club.
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May 9, 2019
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ~!"
May 9, 2019
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May 9, 2019
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