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  • peace be upen you jori
    I'll be happy if you be my friend
    you are the best
  • Thank you joRi, I enjoy and appreciate your comments.
  • Hi JoRI, yes, the wonders of creation all attest to the existence of an inteligent Designer. One need only look at diversity of life, from the microscopic life forms to the great creaturesof the sea; humans, animals, insects, flowers, planets, stars...all point to miraculous intervention.

    Yet the meaning of life escapes me. Why are we so important? Zoom out what do you see? As you approach the heavens and look down on planet earth, you see mankind reduced to the same insignificance as the little black ants that we crush under our feet every day.

    Life looks like God created the ultimate video game - its has the same elements:
    Good guys-bad guys

    Its as if all of this came about to keep SomeOne amused.
  • I was raised to beleive in God and Christ and as a boy I was a beleiver but now I'm lost - not having any convictions. Seems like I'm just waiting for life to count down to zero.
  • Good morning, joRi

    Thank you very much for taking the time to share your thoughts with me on this very important suject.

    I find it interesting that you should thinkthat I would not understand...your words are very wise.

    I liked what you said about daily life:
    The worship is name that inclusive all what God loves and satisfies of talking and inward and outward actions.

    This tells me how important it is to raise our children with an appreciation that our every action is worship and thus by this very nature can be said to have purpose and meaning.

    I have taken much of your time - thank you and "may God's shadow always protect you from the sun."
  • Good morning joRi
    Your meaning of life sounds so simple - could it be that simple?

    If as you say ... the meaning of life is to worship the creator then unless we can find a way to turn our every action into a form of worship then those actions are meaningless?
  • Dear joRi - please reply only if you are comfortable doing so.
    As a young person who has a relationship with God, what is your view point or God's viewpoint on

    "The meaning of life?"
  • *Mohammad is the messenger of God*
    Yes - thank you - may you be blessed always.
  • Hi JoRi, one of your pictures is text on a black background?
  • Hi, Jori
    How r u? Hope well. Welcome here and thanks a lot for added me as your friend.This is Milon from Bangladesh, i am 23 and i'm doing MBA. So what about you?

    Have a nice day/night
    Bye bye
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