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  • Hello Mr. Josef ,

    Could you please provide me rules and regulations for prepositions in English ,

    as they are very tough for me , have you any e-book with full explanations and illustrations , often I do very mistakes in use of prepositions , please write me , how can I improve my mistakes and how can I learn it in proper way. 

    Waiting for your goods reply in this regard.

    Thanks in anticipations ,
    Subhash Jain

  • Yeah, and that just raises further questions! :D

    There is no balance in this world, and I believe that we are about to face big changes.

    When humans do nothing to stop injustice, we have to wait for acts of God. :)

  • Good morning my dear Teacher,

    Today, no flowers, no sweet words, no wishes...hehehe...I only want to put my smile here.



    Hope you like "my smile" hehehe.....


  • Aha! After Syria: the next Algeria? Click on the link Please! :D

    I wonder, who would follow the oil of Algeria?!

  • Hello Josef

    I have a problem in my page

    When I put video from my hard disk into my page I can't do this 

    as makes me use URL and the video in in my hard disk. please help me to put videos from my computer not from the net to my page

    many thanks for you

  • I guess you're right! What about Turkey? Can't help? If yes, then only Syrian people can help themselves, but it would be the most brutal regime to handle, and this crisis will take a long time to go out from it. In addition to those dirty crimes, I watched on TV that the Syrian government calls people to make a common command with them, it's just like a fox said to the after it crowed early in the morning over the tree, "Drop down now! Let's pray together!"
    By the way, what do you think about the new president of Egypt? Could he lead the land to a Democratic country? Or he will be only as vegetable over dinner?!

  • Hello Sir,

    Orkut Scraps

  • Good morning Teacher,

    hhhh..again weekend. Do you have a plan for your holiday? Hope you enjoy it.

    My hubby is planing it... but He said : don't touch...only


  • Hello Mr.Josef! Long time no see.. I hope you're doing great! :)

    I'm feeling so sad cos of what's happening these days in Syria, the media sees that Syria is starting to resemble Bosnia in the 1990s,

    Is there something the world can do? US, Russia, or Europe... I wish there is something I can do unless praying, but... what I can say! :(


  • i didn't understand your opinion well,i'm glad to see your replyement.

This reply was deleted.






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