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  • Thank you vary mach to you. What has responded to my letter. I want to know what historical places can be visited of all and how many expencive country.
    I know about Thailand what it's capital massage.
    Fon, tell me we can communicate in a chat.If yes that during what time is convenient for you.
  • Hi Fon !
    My name is Dima. I live in Moscow. I seach for friends on сorrespondence. Please tell me I can on you hope.
  • I like good music too. The kazakhs are asians, but our language like turkish. When I was being in South-East Asia, often listened about my face like chinesse. I don`t know, mabe...
  • Dear, Fon!
    I had holiday in Pattaya and invented New year. We have radio 106/5 FM too. It Kazakh radio in the my country and I`m llike istening. I seeing Peyronas, when do you was in Kuala Lumpur? I often being there, have friends in Malaysia. What do you like music? WhenI was in Pattaya, I liked to listen good hard rock in Hot Tuna cafe in the Walking street. Is cafe working now?
  • Hi,Fon. Please, tell me, what is it Green wave? Is it name of your working place? Are you living in Bangkok? I was in Thailand in 2005 year (Bangkok, Pattaya). It was very good.
  • That's Backan province of Vietnam. welcome u to.
    Have a nice day !
  • i have just posted something new, see and have fun !
  • Hi Fon, it's not my home, it's a mountainous provine of Vietnam where i was on holiday 2 years ago. This place is still beautiful, wild, and peaceful. I hope you love those pics. I see your smiles, wow, you look lively and sweety
  • Hi thanx! it's nice to meet u too! how are u and everybody else?
  • Hi buddy how are u doing?
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fon left a comment for fon
May 10, 2019
fon left a comment for Tayr
"Hi ...Tary

I'm sorry for our late reply. I'm fine but still busy.

And welcome you here. If you…"
May 9, 2019
fon left a comment for dima
"write for what. I don't understand you.
Please ask me again."
May 9, 2019
fon left a comment for Duy

I'm fine with thanks, I love your pic,

where did you go last weekend?"
May 9, 2019
fon left a comment for dima

Thanks for your add and nice to meet you.

what would you like to know about…"
May 9, 2019
fon left a comment for Tayr
"your face look like Chinese people. not Kazakhstan.

My favorite is alternative, pop and solf rock.…"
May 9, 2019
fon left a comment for Tayr
"Dear Tayr's

Sorry for our late reply.

Green wave is a radio wave 106.5 fm.
If you stay in…"
May 9, 2019
fon left a comment for Duy
"Good morning duy. very nice picture I like that place so much. Hope to have a chance to visit…"
May 9, 2019