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It is about those who use their left hands or their left feet. I see that some left-handers can be very talented and smart. Some people are both righties and lefties at the same time. Those who use their left hands or feet have more force in using th

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My wife looks at my mobile phone curiously. Whenever I come back from work and go to the children's room, or the toilet or do anything, she just holds it and begins to see the messages and the pictures. At first, I did not pay attention to it, but la

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Facebook/ Twitter

 Social media, Facebook and Twitter. They are forms of electronic communication. People create online organizations or communities to share information and microblogging, ideas or personal messages. Both companies are huge and famous, but technologic

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I like to use a nice fragrance. I used to put Channel 5, One man show, Trinity, and Boss. My wife likes Channel 5 very much. She told me to stick to it, but I like to change. This liquid which we put on our skins attracts the attention. I remembered

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Old age house

It is about the house of old people. In our society, we take our old mother or father there. We are able to support them but still, we take them there to spend the rest of their life. They did their best to raise us and to bring us to the society. Wh

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Flowers / Roses

Is there any difference between flowers and roses?

Can flowers mean roses?

Are roses flowers?

I noticed that most people prefer the red roses.

Do flowers and roses have a good smell?

Why do people present them during different occasions?

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Is confidentiality important?

Is it possible to share someone's information without his/her knowledge and agreement?

Some members of the club reproached me for disclosing my personal experience of my second marriage in that discussion, (strange habits)

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Astrology/ magic

Do you believe in astrology?

Is there any relation between astrology and magic? 

If you were born under the sign of Capricorn, would you be a successful person? 

Some people use astrology or magic to gain money. 

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James Bond

Who was the best actor who portrayed the role of Ian Fleming's novel series, James Bond?

There was Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan, George Lazenby, Timothy Dalton, Daniel Craig, and many others.

Some preferred Barry Nelson. Others said that R

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money and happiness

Of course, every one of us wants to be happy in his life. How do we do that?

Is it possible to buy happiness by money? I have a lot of money; does that mean I am happy? If the answer is yes, it means that poor people are not happy. Depression and othe

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