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The tongue

They say that your tongue is your horse. If you maintain it, it gives you good results. It is a small muscular moveable organ in our mouth. We use it for taking and swallowing food, tasting, licking, and speaking among other things. It is considered

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Asian cup 2019/ UAE


      Qatar beat Japan 3/1 on the final match of the Asian football tournament in the United Arab Emirates. The Japanese computers were disrupted and crashed. They won the title four times and they wanted to make the fifth one but the early acrobati

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Woman's Day

Do you believe in equality between man and woman?

Who is the woman? She is our mother, sister, wife, aunt or our close friend.

The woman is taking high positions in the government. She is a lawyer, a judge, a minister of defense, information or interio

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There was a pregnant gazelle and it was her time to deliver her new baby. Unfortunately, there was a lion approaching to devour her. A hunter from the other side is aiming at her. A  fire started in the wood and in front of her, there was the sea.


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Plucking or shaving

Some ladies pluck their hair and others shave it. Plucking is painful. Our family members especially the females feel great pain during the process. You can see the tears in their eyes while another lady is plucking for them. My wife uses paste or a

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Head scratching

Why do we scratch our heads when we are confused or perplexed? Some people scratch the side of their noses. In class, when a student is asked about a question and he does not know the answer he begins to scratch his head. We do the same in difficult

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It is the word by which we are known or addressed to. Some of us are very careful about naming their children. If the name is good, it shows the good qualities of its bearer, and on the contrary, if the name is not good, it refers to undesired qualit

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The giants' conqueror

When Germany was knocked out, we were greatly surprised and astonished. Then Spain, Portugal, Argentina, England. When it came to Brazil, I remember what my friend, the  Brazilian teacher, PGM said to me two months ago. He said to me that Brazil was

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What is your reaction when a mistake is committed? Do you confess when you make a mistake and correct it or you just find a justification for your wrongdoings that they are right? Suppose you are the second type of person, would you prefer to change

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