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Travel with a false driver

one day i decided travel from iran to iraq i didnot have enough money to buy airplane ticket so i buy bus ticket always it takes from 14-16 Hours.  when i arrived to terminal to buy my ticket i took last ticket  and Driver was beside me 

he said : come to go we didn't have enough timeز

 I wondered at this time because every time We travel  by  Bus We Proceed  at 7 pm but in this time he wanted to Proceed 11 am.

i got in Bus and saw one man and two wamen and the drivers . suddenly he start our trip but the bus was empty except 4 persons. 

i sat in the first chear beside aman and tow wamen sat in other hand . 

i asked him : where are other travelers? 

he said they are in other city and before we go to the main path for our travel we have to take them then we will go . 

This was not a legal actionز!ز

tow girl was  frightened. i great them and aman that he sat beside me and told them iam from iraq and my name caro .

the name of man was Ali and he was Persian .

they girls were warda and Bfra the were  Kurds.

the drivers i will call them A and B there were iranain.

from Behavior of them they plan to do something .

i asked  driver A  what about our travelers are them from iran ?

He said :

no they are from India ?

i said : you don't  kidding with me, yes ?

he said they are from India i didn't kidding with arabic person , he want to insult me but i keep my coolness.

the driver B was a teenager and he wanted to be rude with  girls 

but  girls somehow ignoring him .

the time for arrival to the city take always 1 hour but we arrived after 2:30 hours and the Bus was stopped .

and driver A said :

we will stopped here after our travelers arrived, they wiil arrived after 10 munite . and he said don't get off from Bus  i became angry and call him we don't get off from BUS ?!the driver B  teenager  man said : don't be  rude .

i and told the girls and man to get off and have  lunch  

this is just  fool man . 

Bfra her tears was dawing and cry 

she said iam very afraid from this  drivers .

I told she I will stay with her and iam stand by to help her 

Ali was big man and he started to become friend with the drivers he was adepmatic man but i not .

the time was sunsat and the india travelers  didn't come 

 and we waited for 3 hours . 

suddenly two bus stopped beside our bus and many travelers get off from two  Bus and come to our Bus.  

their dresses didn't  indicate  they was from India !!

and the drivers harded we to get off from BUS untill  new travelers  get in !! 

we give them a money of our ticket and now  can not find any bus for take we to the border or to returan back to terminal .

Ali asked me to be patient for some second 

Warda and Bfra Cried .

at this time i can not do anything just waiting . 5 munite left the driver come beside me and told me he  will  deel with this problem after president  of caravan go .

then we understanded they Chairs was  sold for this caravan. but we couldn't say anything. after one hour we stated and we sat in our chair in bus but the men other chair upset from we he wanted  to kick .

i understood all  person in this caravan were from Pakistan 

aren't from India and they wanted to go karbala city  this is my  family city and i was going to this city  i told them in english because the didnot speak Persian language.  

one of this Pakistan  ask me to tell the driver he have to stop because   he wanted to go toilet (wc).

i translated this for driver , driver said he going to stop after 30 munite .but one hour left he didn't stop.

he asked me to tell the driver to stop . i asked him again but he didn't stop. after this time the Pakistan traveler became angry and told me to translate this sense for   the driver . ( if he do not stop the Bus after 5 munite he will . 

he will empty his bladder on the drivers chair. 

haahha i become so so happy and told the two fool driver about this. 

i and ali and two girl Warsda and Bfra became friends

and   we decided to take information about  drivers life  i will  tell you my friend about this travel one of strongly travel in my life .

plz porden me i have most mistakes in my english 

i hope you engoy with this story  and if this is possible for you plz corrrect my mistakes grammer thank you  for reading 

i will write  the end  of this story  in another day 


It takes

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Tea seller

I was  born  in Karbala city this is Religious Cityو in iraq country  my childhood in Alleys old  of this town

A certain period   I was I selling pepper In the summer holidays and I had many  friends one of these friends was a tea seller  . he was a good person  but I wasn't good child . he was poor and  person. and he didnot have Scientific certificat 

my city has many Visitors  because a shrine of imam Hussain  Son of prophet Mohamed  many of these visitors were from   many countries   like Iran , India , Arabic  and other countries. my story with this person every time I wanted a tea and he don't give me because I did not give him money for cup of tea  i but a hot  pepper in  his teapot and when someone came and drink his tea , He feels that the strange taste and Blame him . he was liked me as your sons and he didn't want to hard me so he  decided  to give me  three cups of tea on the other hand.  I decided to help him and do not  annoy him  .  after many years I come to place that I  worked in past I didn't see him I asked about him , they said he become Politician  in one of  Political party.

i laughed  and i realize why in my country we can not become advanced country because we put The man inappropriate in place is important.

plz correct my mistakes in grammar and vocabulary  


Religious City

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Iraq people future

terror attaks in every place of my first country Iraq. they want to kill the life in this country. but the people want to life in any situation they take their children to park and play with them. in this time they don't know whether they will back to home or they will die by terror attacks but anyway the people in this country want to life seem the people in Europe or another country in this word. I always think about Nationalism of Iraq people and I think these people never be Arabic people since the dialect of this people never seem another dialect Arabic country and Fees and ethics of these people different from Arabic.

whatever I found many things in their dialect that take from Sumerian and Assyrian language and defend these people against terrors and brave of these people like of these brave that we read in Myth. many things in Iraq refer to we may see new Civilization that correct by hands of Iraq society

thank you for comments and correct my opinion and mistakes.

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one day

on the day when every soul will be confronted with all the good it has done,and all the evil it has done ,it will wish there were a great distance between it and its evil . but allah cautions you (remember )himself. and allah is full of kindness to thosse that serve him
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our society

evey day when i want to go to my office or to my collage i get up from my bed and my energy som day was fuul another day i didnot have any energy for work , but this is donot a final results in my dayes this is just a first moment in my dayes . then when i just opened the door and i see another people some times they give me apostive energy and another times i take a negative energy from them . this is accur when i thought about what other people say when they saw me.
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