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God is crazy?

Hi all, 

You may feel crazy after reading this article. These are questions based on the actual things in the world. World means just not only educated guys like us but also many in the world not having a chance to attend any sort of education. 

Generally  men is ruling the world(Most) and women is supporting him. Most of the countries woman depends upon man for anything even in developed world too. On return, woman will take care of family, grow child and meet men's sexual desire(Woman's sexual desire too rarely- world is not just developed world). 

1 Why God created woman week(not always-generally)  but beautiful?

2. Most of the attack against women is due to sexual desire of man, Why God gave attractive body to women? 

3. God gave beautiful body to women for survival if nothing is working for her?

What you think ?

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Theyyam - A God form in Kerala

Hi all, 

Every locality will have some story to tell. Here, I am sharing a story of a Goddess. 

She born in a good family. She learned everything in this world. Nobody can win against her in any debate on any topics. All elderly people failed in front of her all debate. They were upset. 

One day one elderly scholar wanted to defeat her. He came for debate in front of all village people. 

He asked, " What is the happiest moment for a lady?"

She replied" Having sex with a man"

Next, he asked, " What is the painful moments for a lady?"

She replied" Giving Birth".

He questioned " How she knew this without experiencing it? She is not Virgin. He declared"

All Believed this and through her from the family. 

Later she became a Goddess for all people in the village. She is known as " MUchilodu Bhagavathi Theyyam". Kerala is having a lot of God and Goddess in every locality and each is having a story to share. They are generally known as Theyyam


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Why to invest your Money?

Hi All, Nice to see you here again. 

Just think you have $1000 in hand. This $1000 is money left with you after meeting your expenditure. I took $ 1000 as an example of easy calculation.

You went to market asked about the cost of the apple. You found the cost is $10 per kg.

With the money in your hand, you can buy a 100Kg apple. 

You kept the money in your home safely. 

The exact same day of next year you went to the shop again asked the cost. You found the cost increased to $15 /per kg. Now you can't buy 100kg with $1000. What happened, the value of your money reduced. 

Suppose you deposited this money to the bank, you will get this money with some interest after one year. Then you can buy apples for the interest amount also. It is better to keep your money in a bank rather than keeping in your hand. it is safe too. 

Also, the bank will give this money to the society who need it. In turn, the bank will get interest. Same time this money will be used for the development of the nation. Also, it will create a lot of job opportunities. 

Note: Some countries especially developed, those will not give interest on your deposit. Also, the apple cost remains the same there. 

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Motivational Story-Confident

John lost all his properties and money in business. He was totally depressed. He didn't know what to tell his family and friends. 

He was sitting in a park and thinking about his future plan. 

Suddenly a person came in business attire and told him  " Hi dear I knew everything about you and I am giving a blank cheque to you. You write the amount how much you want. But one condition you have to give me back the same amount after one year. The same day next year I will come here and collect the money. I trust you. 

Immediately he left the scene. 

John went to the home with some hope.  He immediately locked the cheque on a safe shelf and started thinking about the next plan. 

Next day, He went to the shop where he gets the materials for the production. He told his future plan and collected some materials without money. He was very confident because something happens to the plan, he is having a cheque with him, He can take the money from the bank and pay the money. 

The same day he went to the shop where he sold his products and collected some advance for the product supplies next week. Then he went to the shop who supplies the materials and paid some amount. 

Days went well, he started delivering the product. Business has grown and operated full fledge. That fine day what the person in business attire told to meet has come. He went to the park with the cheque. 

Suddenly he saw guards were holding the person in the business attire to a van. He asked the guards " where are you taking this man?" Guards told " He is the permeant problem in our the mental hospital. His problem is giving the blank cheque to the people." 

Our life also likes this, If we are assured somebody is there to help us from fall, we will do wonders. 

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Travel preference

Hi all, 

We all  like to travel to many places to see, to taste, to feel something new. I am doing a study on travel preference of individuals. I will not any specific personal details of you. It is purely anonymous.    Please help me by participating in the survey and sharing the link with your family and friends.  Thanks in advance for filling it. it will not take more than 2 min.



https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdErIfe15xRpBHkyEE1qJN4GIK0LLFRsvVgK2SEUPSQemrV1w/viewform?usp=sf_link ;

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Watsup World Cup Match 1

Hi all, Have fun ...play football below



1. Each participant will get 5 points for each match
2. Correct winner prediction 10 points
3. Correct Winner goal prediction 10 points
4.Correct Loser goal prediction 10 points
5. Who score maximum is Watsup world cup Winner
6.After each match winner will be announced 
7. Please share with friends and encourage to play
8.It is free




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Watsup World Cup Quiz 2


This time I am coming up with a bit duff one...


Please try. Tomorrow I am starting Watsup World Cup Game. You have to predict each game winner. 

Points are mentioned below. 

1. Participants 1 point

2.Winner correct 10 Points

3. Winner goal correct 10 points

4. Loser goal correct 10 points

Max points per game 31 points

Who score maximum will be Watsup World Cup champion 

Please participate and share maximum



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A app you must have in your Mobile

Year after year new new technologies are emerging. Our life became so easy due to technological improvements. In case mobile phone. It started as a simple device for making call. Now it became part of our life for everything. It replaced watch, camera, TV, Radio, scanner, dairy, alarm and so on. As a modern mobile phone 10000 time powerful than the initial one. 

Same time, our usage time also increased many folds. My question is the increase of usage is really making improvement in our

 lives. I am not the right person to answer this question. But it is really killed my many productive ours. 

If it is really killing your productive ours read further. 

A app helped to get out of mobile phone addiction. The app name called "Quality time". You can control your mobile phone usage by this app. You can set up break time(break from mobile use). Also it will calculate your usage time every day and give you a report. If your usage is more than 2 hours, be careful, very soon you will be loosing a lot of good thing in your life. You can set up a usage alert & phone locking number alert in the app. 

Please start using, you will control your phone usage and start seeing the beautiful world around you. 

Please share your view.

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What you think matters

Hi all, 

We are thinking about something always. We split the thinking into two areas. First one POSITIVE and second on is NEGATIVE. This thinking is not having any control on things happening around you. If you think POSITIVE, you will get more time to concentrate on day today actions at office, home etc. 

If you THINK negative, you will be more worried and losing interest on activities need to be done. You are further loosing. 

POSITIVE thinking will direct you to further good things due to your presence of mind. 

Now you decide what you want to think....What you think matters

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Eat Big Animals meat or Don't Eat

A good number of us eat non vegetarian food. It include egg(still in question whether Veg or Non Veg), fish, chicken and various meet. 

If you think every living thing in the world have same value. That means one human being is equal to a fish or a chicken. 

If we eat every time non veg, there is calculator it calculates  Sin value. One Sin value equal to one living thing. For example if you eat a fish, one Sin value will be recorded in your account. 

Suppose if you share a full chicken with three friends, sin value in the account will be 1/4=0.25.

If you eat red meat(goat, beef etc), the sin value will be lower. Definitely around 100 people will be sharing the one goat or beef meat, so the sin value will be 1/100= .01. 

It is clear from here, if you eat big animals your sin account value will be less. Also, the total sin value for your life term will be less. 

If you want to have less Sin in your account eat big animals or eat Vegetarian only. 

What is your view on this?

Share please

Note: adding following details for more clarity

Hi all, We have currency to evaluate your wealth, but we don't have scale to measure your crime towards our surroundings. The solution is Sin Evaluation System(SES)  I will give some more details on Sin Evaluation System(SES). We all born in this world with zero Sin value. When ever a living die due to you, you will be getting one Sin value in your account. It will keep on adding when ever a living thing die due to you. That may be for eating or unintentional killing like putting leg on army of ants. Your happiness will be inversely proportional to the your Sin account value. If you have less account value, you will be more happy.  

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End of the world

We have seen many predictions about world ends. Many are predicted world will end in 2000 then in 2012.

But nothing happened in this world. There are a lot of predictions are coming up. 

I have a question...what you mean by end of the world. 

Take a example of an individual. He believed word is going to end on a particular day. He started preparing for that. He met all his friends and relatives and had farewell party. Or if he is a negative man, He borrowed money from everybody and enjoyed the life for remaining days. 

On that fine day. He dead. 

World ends that day ? No. Only his life end.

So no world will end only we will end our life in one day. Our end is confirmed but world end is never going to happen. 

Just shared my view of world end. What is your view?

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Where are you going?

Everybody is running

Everybody is in rush

Everybody is chasing

Everybody is running.....


I don't know what is there

You don't know what is there

Nobody knows it

but everybody is running......


I also want it

you also want it

nobody don't want it

and everybody is running for it.....


I don't know where we are running

you also don't know where are we running

Nobody knows it

but everybody running....


Somebody reached before me

somebody is behind me

sure everybody will reach their.

What is it?

...............Our graveyard...................

* it is my attempt to write a poem....Please help me by giving your valuable feedback

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Important Organ in our body

This is a very important question. What is very important organ in our body?

I asked this question to many people and see their answers

Kid:- " Mouth is important with out that we can't eat, So we can't survive"

Teacher:-"Nose, with out that we can't exhale and inhale, so no life"

Doctor :- Lugs with out that we can't complete exhale and inhale

Writer:-Eyes,  without that world is dark

Football Player:- Legs, without that I can't play

Lady: Tongue, with this I can't talk, so no meaning of my lifeans

Couple : Sex organs, without this no sex

Engineer : Head, without this we can't think

Teenager told: Fingers, without this I can't operate my mobile phones

What is your answer...I am waiting

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What is the happiest moment in life?

What question? Can you answer this?

I asked many people this question. One person told " chewing the food that you like most".

Are you agree with this answer? No, then continue reading

Another man told " Drinks, that will give happiness" ,

Are you Ok with this answer? No, right go ahead

A Lady told " When I get costly ornaments or dress" 

I don't agree this answer. 

A man told " When ever I drive my Rolls-Royce Car" we will see what others tell

Another lady told " seeing face of baby first time after giving birth" I felt this is most painful time.

I asked a couple secretly " they told the time they" may be had sex" right.

I decided I will not ask further more. One last person. 

He told me that when he had not got a chance to pee for a long time and finally got a chance for it. That  time is the most happiest moment. 

What is your answer?

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Useful technique-If you are alone in Home

Hi brothers and sisters, 

Somebody told me that everybody in this world will have some stories to share. I met a person last week on the way to return from my office. I am using a sharing platform"quick ride" for my regular drives. I met more than 100 people through sharing app. I never keep quite while driving. I will be keep on asking something always. Many people respond to me and share their stories. A very few will show that they have a lot do in mobile!. 

I will come to the story. The person I met is Suresh. He was telling something about 10 years back. Civil authority conducted a course for self defense. He shared a technique he learned in that course.

If you are alone in the house and somebody(May be a thief-not sure) knocked the door or trying to enter inside some other manner. You are scared! He gave a technique. Everybody should keep a Siren(Kind of one police use-mouth blowing one). You should open one of the window of house that is far from the suspected person(may be a thief) standing and blow the siren. 

Two things will happen in this case

1. If it is a thief, he will ran away from the scene because he think the siren is from police

2. This siren sound will attract somebody in close vicinity to come to your house. 

I feel this technique can use any where. So we should carry a siren always. It will help you to self defend against odd events in your life. 

Thanks for reading. If you feel there is a improvement is language required, please share with me. Thanks for reading 

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Reason Behind Divorce

Hi All, 

Here I am trying to bring the reason behind the divorce and the solution. I felt many cases the "Ego" of the couples is the main reason. Both couples are having Ego and ready to compromise for anything. Finally it leads to separation.   If they are having kid or kids, they are going to impact worst.

How to prevent it?

Nature made all solutions for everything

Physical relationship between partners are a good medicine for bursting the ego. In physical relationship, Woman can't get full advantage without coming down in front of a man. Same time, Man will loose everything and surrender in front of woman at the end. If couples are ready to compromise for their physical needs,   definitely they will loose ego and enjoy both the life. Child will get great parents.To have long lasting relationships, couples should have physical relationship more frequently. 

What you think?

Happy reading

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Sharpen your Knife

All most all of us used knife for sometime for some purpose. Think about a new knife you purchased. How easily you can use it. After using it for sometime, its performance will go down. To get the same performance back. You have to sharpen it. Once you sharpen it, you will get the performance back as you bought first time. 

This principle is applicable for all of us. We learned many thing during our journey from a kid to know, If we are not revising or sharpening what we learned, we cannot use our knowledge for a use. So start sharpening your knowledge daily. 

What you mean by sharpening knowledge?

1. Learn something daily

2.Revise something you learned in your early life

3.Keep watch on technology changing around you

4.Keep watch on developments around you

These are few things as per me....Please share your thoughts

Happy reading

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