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Hi everyone,

As a matter of fact, I want to give a suggestion here. Please share your opinion on it.

There is a part in here where we can leave our "status". But I think these statuses are not seen as they should be. I think one gives status when he/sh

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The First to Say Hi to


I hope that you're having a very good time.

Is it day or night at your place now? ha? Morning? Night? Afternoon? All of the above?

OK, OK! It's not the main question here.

When you wake up everyday in the morning, is there anybody around you? Mom? Da

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Are you successful?

Hi everyone. 

Do you feel that you've been successful so far?

Excavate through your experiences in life, in any field that might come to your mind, and see if you were ever successful. In art, physics, being neat, being polite, anything, were you succe

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The best deed of yours

Hi everyone.

How is everything going on?

I hope you're all right.

I have a question for you; what is the best thing you've ever done in your whole life? Why do you think that it was the best?

Thanks for participating, in advance.

Have a great time :)

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