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My 3rd experince speaks up!

Here I'm again to tell you about my 3rd erperince, I skip talking about the 2nd one because my friends are waiting for the 3rd one more. Therefore, I will talk about the 2nd one later on.

In the 2nd of July, I started teaching in an institute. I taught kids for about month and a half. They were divived into 2 levels: Safari 3 and 2. The number of Ss in Safari 3 were just 7 while they were more than 26 in Safari 2. There were 2 different courses for each Safari.

Before starting the courses, we made an open day. It was to let kids enjoy their time and to be familiar with the institute and its stuff.  

After meeting lots of kids, I felt happy and worried at the same time. It was because I really wanted to teach them in a different way. Teaching kids were not as easy as I thought. A teacher should keep much more energy to manage the class, explain the lesson, have fun with them and to discipline them corectly.

I used to peep on different sites and blogs and asking different teachers to get a complete idea about what I should do and how I could work successfully with my students. 

I was aware about something that NEVER TEACH KIDS WITHOUT LETTING THEM ENJOY. Therefore, I used to make them get the basics vocbularis through songs, games, and crafts. To make it more clear for you, I will add some pictures to let you get the idea that I were talking about..

Teaching kids basic lessons such as family, food, toys and alphabetic vocabularies should be in an Ostensively manner. I did my best to let my kids acquiring such lessons subconsciously. For instance, I asked the kids to bring their toys because I would bring them a surprise. The 2nd day, most of the kids brought their toys and I taught them the meaning of them by showing them each toy and saying its name chorally. Then, we played together. 

Another example is when the lesson was about food. Each one spoke about what she liked and what she didn't. Then, I suggested for them to make sandwiches and distribute them for the whole stuff. They were excited and each one was talking about the sandwich that she would make for the second day. 

The second day, each one was ready. They even were suggesting some ideas for reordering the tables of the class and the way they would present their sandwiches for the stuff. I was the 1st one who started and all were imitating me. Whatever I did, I said it in English and asked them to do the same. After we were done with them, we sat together eating and having fun.

Something that each teacher should be aware of it is it REWARDING. When a student did something good, a teacher should reward him to encourage him doing more and more. (I like rewarding and I consider it as a right for the one who deserves.)

Rewarding and encouraging were my friends in this course. I liked rewarding my students and showing them how I'm proud of them and their crafts or activities. I stock them on the wall, took some pictures and telling them that I would show my friend and family. They were so happy of that. They even kept asking me, "What did your family say about my painting, teacher?" I definitely told them they loved it. =)

One of their activity was to draw your friend. They had fun while doing it. They were much more happy when I took some pictures telling them I would share them with all via internet.

By the way, one of them drew me. I was so funny in her painting so that I didn't add it here. -_-

As the students in need to learn, they needed to have fun, therefore, their were 3 trips for the whole course. Two of them were planned for the purpose of teaching them from the real life. One trip was to the park and another was to the zoo. The students there were provided with the names of things and animals. They were pointing to the thing or animal while saying its name loudly. 

Finally, saying goodbye was the end of such a enjoyable course. There was a graduation party for them. he party involved a video for them, then they presented some of what they learnt. After that, each kid took her certificate and her/his present. Eating the cakes and saying goodbye were the end of that day..  ( I will add some Pics for that day later on.)

It was a great experience that brought me lots of things that I was not used to. I had fun and I knew lots of people there. I really enjoyed. =))

A great thanks for the teachers who were and still beside me such as Mr Bob, Mrs Ellen and Teacher Anele. Not only them, but also my friends who kept asking and pushing me up like my twin, Yasemin, Nida, and ulti. 

I'm sorry if I forget a name of anyone ... Just remind me and I will add your name with a big SORRY beside. =)

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My 1st experience of real teaching.

Recalling memories brings lots of happiness accompanied by smiles that may be invaded by some of giggling. That's me when I recall my practicum in a public school. =))

As I was a student of education faculty, I was imposed to teach for 3 weeks in the last year of studying. My bad luck, as I thought, was to teach in a remote city where I had for about 90 students in a class. Yes, 90 Ss in a one small class. You could imagine how difficult is to master such a huge numbers of Ss and how to teach them as well.

I was so nervous and afraid. My 1st real teaching would be in a very difficult situation. I wasn't only worried about how to master them, but I should even speak in English while majority of the students knew nothing about the language other than numbers and Abcs.

There was the challenge! I should do it. Let me confess that I was really in a bad mood those days. I even couldn't wear my smile while I was at home.. Yes, I cried a little when I thought I would fail. =)

First meeting was enthusiastic. I pushed the students up by narrating a real story about myself. The story was about how I learnt English language! =)

I made an agreement with them to work hard and be attention with me so that I would reward them. I could say all students responded to me except  little. Not all of them were excellent but at least they were responding and doing what I asked them to do.

Those students had desire, but such a bad atmosphere kept them down. I believed that students needed to feel that their teacher thought of them and payed an effort for them. I used to color my activities that I brought to them. ( it was so difficult to print colorful papers for such a huge number, so I divided an A4 paper into 2 parts. Also, I applied pair and group work). Coloring the papers attracted them. Once I wanted to delay the quiz, but they didn't agreed. Their love to the papers kicked quizzes' fear out.

I involved them to work together in designing the class, focused on the point of being it neat and clean is the most important thing. ( It wasn't that good design, but at least it brought a pretty happiness to my ss' hearts)

After a week, as I remembered, I made a little quiz which most of the students faild in. I felt so sad.   All my efforts didn't work well. I should do something!! I thought of rewarding those who worked hard and got good marks. Such thing might motivate others to work hard too.

The second day, I started the class with a strict lecture about my disappointments. Then, I made a poster which name of good students were hold on it. Also, I posted attractive stickers on their papers . Such things worked well in pushing my students up. After that, They asked me to repeat the quiz and I would find the change. They worked hard and I could say I saw a difference..


Time has gone so quickly, saying goodbye was needed. My students loved me as I did. They asked me not to leave. I tried to behave wisely to let my students keep going on without me. I worked on building a good relationship with them and their own teacher. I would not stay for them, but their teacher would do. They should love her and feel with the efforts that she paid too. I suggested to them to make a party for their teacher saying THANKS to her. Students loved the idea. (Students love parties and like doing any thing new and active)

We did a party for the teacher. I was surprised when my students made another party for me in my last day. I was about to cry. Not because of the party and the touched words they said, but because they wrote simple English sentences in the cards they had given to me. I was so proud of them   and I could say to myself, " YAY! I did it" =)

Thanks for taking time for reading such a detailed blog.. =))


P.S. the name which has written on the board is the name of their own teacher. =))

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Hello all MyEc members,

I'd like to give this challenge a try, but with my little adds. 

I'm going to show up my infographic about my friends' personalities in one blog. The surprise is that I'm going to start it by describing my personalty. 

I'm the pearl of Yemen.قلوب للمسن 2011 رموز قلوب

That is it. 

Yasemine is a hard working twin. She seeks to know everything can help her to stay firmly in this life. 

Expector Smith is a resourceful and helpful  friend who presents more in a gentle way.

The smartest use of a life is to spend it with inspirational  people whose impact will outlast forever. Fa is one of such ones.

Nadyiah is an ambitious friend who paln to achieve more.. 

A thoughtful girl who can pull us up by her philosophical views, she is Anele. 

Manal is my kind little sister. She is so friendly and loyal

Nora is optimistic and enthusiastic friend. I enjoy talking to her. 

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Hello all members,

We are gathered from different places and countries. Some of us joined EC while others know nothing about neither their countries nor the language they speak by, though we communicate and build up lots of friendship. The common thing between us is English language.

We have the same aim and willing to learn one language, it is an "English language". We owe to this awesome site which grants us such features and great members to communicate with. :)

The founder of the site, the admin, and the moderators keep helping us and providing lots of things to encourage us to learn and improve our skills.Therefore, we should show them that their efforts have not paid for nothing.

Let's make a collective video. Each member talks about the achievements he/she got in EC in less than 3 mintues. Then, we will join the videos of all in one video.

Let's me it as a yearly project. Who are the volunteers? :D

Hope all members share in such project, and all suggestions are welcomed. :)


The mission that you are required to do is:

- Record yourself from your PC and then upload it. Either Video or Audio. 


- Use the website for recording your voice.

Here are some site for recording your voices that Mrs. Tara talked about them before. "How to use Audioboo" and "How to use Vocaroo"

Nevertheless, Those who don't mind of adding their own pictures, they will upload a video for themselves, Like Tara does. They just need to open their cam. and record themselves, I will try to see If Tara has clarified that before. :)

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A star member!

While I was checking my email, I received an email from English Club telling me that my profile was featured.  <3 

Then, I swiftly opened MyEC to be ensured. :D

I kept looking at my name joyfully, gleefully and delightedly. :D 

I wished to send my thanks and pleasure to whom have chosen me, frustratingly I couldn't. 

Therefore, I'm grateful to all (either moderators or members). I hope to be a hard-working member so that I deserve being a star.. :)

I would like to congrats other members who are  stars too. :)


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Writing Challenge: Uncountable Nouns

Dear lovely students,

I do miss you hardly terribly. I hope you are doing great in this cold [weather].
I still remember your lovely [noise] that you've usually made. I still keep all your stuff we did together, they were golden old days, weren't they?

What about your continous complaint? Are you still escaping from your [homework]?

I'm proud of you. Miss. Manal keeps updating me with latest [news]. Remember! You are the [sunshine] of our future, so never keep your and our heads down.

I may catch up with you later.

Good [luck]!

With my [love],

Ymn Pearl


A correction has been made by @Tara. I add it to my blog because this is a common error! 

Note: Be careful how you use hardly. Most of the time this word means "barely" (almost not at all). I know that you meant "forcefully" but it's not common to use this with the word "miss". We usually say, "I miss you terribly" or "I miss you so much" or "I miss you like crazy!".  


Tips has been added by @Expector Smith

-"Noise" can be used as a countable or uncountable noun: a noise, noises, or noise.

-"Weather" is an uncountable noun, but in this phrase "in all weathers", you can see an "S" added to the word "weather".

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Old Sana’a ” 1st Part”

Sana'a is the capital of my homeland, Yemen. It is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. I found an article about “Old Sana’a“. I was attracted by the most wonderful pictures of that great town. Therefore, I decided to re-publish the article in my blog since the original article had been written in Arabic. Now, I'd like to share it with you. =)

Old Sana’a is one of the oldest cities in the world. It is also registered as one of the 25th most important historical landmark in the world by UNESCO. It features traditional architecture and beautiful buildings. Some of its buildings were built more than 500 years ago. They are still inhabited by people until today.

Old Sana’a is famous in multi- floors houses which may amount to seven floors. That depends on the economic situation and social status of the house’s owner.

In the past, the first floor of the house was usually as a storage for keeping their food and other things which was needed in the standard of living. Whereas the other floors was used for housing according to a particular system.

There are orchards among the old houses which are called “Maqashim

Decoration of outer walls of the houses is made by Lime
burnt Gypsum

Hope to enjoy reading and watching about one of the great city of my homeland. =)

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False Promise..!

O world, where is your promise

Which pushes me to cross boundaries

I wish No farewell for my lovers


The dreams, lure me to always draw

A perfect picture all my life through

With great alacrity without being tough


Since I hold my feather closing my eyes

the dreams in my mind flies

and becomes only part of memories


World revolves like a gyre

all things appear to be a mire

one must achieve one’s aims alone


but how to forsake smiles which I can’t do without

no warm feeling means no life

how can we open an oyster without a knife


why do you lie in granting happiness!

and make life a pool of sadness


O world, where is your promise

I can’t say no farewell for my lovers.



About the poem: This poem refers to my old days (not that old) while I was studying faraway form my beloved family. I wrote the poem when I visited them and then I was about leaving them again to complete my studying. I wrote it in the same day of the farewell day. :")

I have published the poem in a newspaper. My teacher has modified it as well.

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How I reached here!



First, welcome to myself! I hope to learn together and share each other our experiences. 

As many people, I was searching on a site which I could keep improving my English language. Once, I was searching on Twitter about something or someone that could guide me to what I'm looking for. I found this club. I found Tara's account too. I followed them and I sometimes read things which have been shared by them. I was attracted by Tara's way in teaching English. Then, I followed her in Google+. Finally, I decided to join this club to learn more and more. =)


I'm a member now and I wish to achieve what I'm willing to do. 


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