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Our classes have ended. Exams are over. Ahhh... summer. I can finally feel it. No more projects, no more assignments, no more studying. I can play outside with friends and see the outdoors. I can finally relax. I want to enjoy every bit of summer. Wishing it as a never-ending event.... :)

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An Important Language

     Japan uses Nipongo as their language; China uses Mandarin; and my country, Philippines, uses Filipino language. There are 193 countries and each has their own language. Each language is hard to understand but it can be united using English language. Some may disagree that English is a universal language since some terms use it in different ways. Nevertheless, it really is a comprehensive language.  I am still in elementary level learning the basics. Yes, somehow, I am improving my communicative skills, because our school use it as the medium of instructions. My parents encourage me too to be able to communicate well. I believe that English is a bit complicated. But, if you keep on practicing, learning and speaking this language, you may find out that we should appreciate the importance of English Language.

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