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Men & women, boys & girls

As there were offered serious classical books lately, I'd like to suggest to the members of our group some other sort of literature :)


What does a woman wants? This question has been tried to answer men for many centures. This is because men and women

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Fifty Shades

this is my favorite novel, the author is E.L. James, consisted of 3 books, the first one is "fifty shades of grey", second is "fifty shades darker", and the last one is "fifty shades freed". its for matured and for liberated mind i think...the story

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wattpad is one of my favorite sites

That was a great pleasing moment when I discovered this site. Sometimes I enjoy it much more than EC. A simple smartphone can do all you want to do here. Their app is really fantastic. I have added a lots of books from that site and try readin those

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Stories of Nasiruddin Hodja

I think all of your childhood memories, like me, filled with reading stories of Nasiruddin Hodja. If you are going to read Hodja's stories, that's a real time of reading for pleasure. Hodja is considered a populist philosopher and wise man. He is alw

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Oh please do not get me wrong , I did not mean that :D

Oh let me explain for you . See ! you are judging so soon :))))

Can I explain ?

Ok, thanks for permission :*

I have read a book in Persian that if you wanna translate its name to English it will be 

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The debate about Pepsi is not new or old. What is the most distinguished about that drink? We have been using this drink for centuries. Does it really help to digest our food? Despite the most recent drinks, Pepsi is still number one with its unique

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