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  • Hi Windy

    English is very important language today .Most of in your carrier i want improve my English.can you guide me how to improve my English Language.My Skype id :-sachinmore33 

  • hello windy i'm a member of Englishclub and i wanna improve my skills my u add me in your skype my address is

  • Hi sandy here from India , like to be your friend n love to talk to u—so we can make our English strong n hope to make smile on each other face , so add me in skype sandy.t26

  • skype id moideen7 

    please add

  • NinaEnglishClub is my skype account
    we can be good friends and practice our English
  • Hi, Welcome to EC! would u like to be my friend? i'm cambodia too^^...
  • Hello Windy,
    I have had to give this a lot of thought and this is what I have come up with.
    What you need to do is to see either words or letters that you can practise quickly that will help your memory.
    I had a long talk about your problem with my oldest son who is teaching in Hanoi in Vietnam and we both agree that the best way for you to help your memory will be for you to practise reading car, truck or motor scooter registration number plates, as they are all different and the repertition of the letters will help you to concerntrate and improve your memory slowly to the foreign letters. The only other possibility is to buy English speaking/printed newspapers and practise reading them.
    Good Luck and if you have any more problems get back to me when you have to, OK!
  • Hello Windy,
    The best way to lear to speak English is to concerntrate on the th, al, el, w and f sounds, as the are all made with the lips and the "th" sound is made by putting your tongue between your teeth and then blowing through your mouth and teeth together, then you slide your tounge back into your mouth and the sound is the "th". This is the problem foreign teachers have because they have never learnt to teach their pupils properly because they do not understand what the problems are. OK
    Good Luck
  • Welcome to MyEC! Check out MyEC Guide to learn more about what you can do. I hope you will make many friends here, and you are welcome to invite other friends to join MyEnglishClub.
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