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Jonathan comes running down the path to where everyone was standing , Marcus , Suzanne and Alpha looked at Jonathan as the look of Shock appear on their faces , Jonathan glances at them and mix emotions of happiness and sadness can be seen on his face , the three of them broke down into tears.

Marcus: We are so so Sorry Jonathan , we are so sorry , we did hurt your feelings , i hate my self for this.

Alpha: Every word i uttered from my mouth in your disrespect , i deserved to be punished for that.

Suzzanne: I miss you Jonathan , i miss you a lot brother , i m so sorry , i want to tell you that little Ben is fine and so is Stacy , she misses you a lot , i call her everyday and she always remembers you.

Jonathan : I miss you all so much , and i love you all , and indeed i forgive you all , where is Timmy , i dont see him here , where is Timmy ?

Suzzanne: A lot has happened since u were gone and its a long story but Timmy is trapped here and we are finding a way to rescue him. 

Marcus: We need your help Jonathan , rescue us from here , you must know a way , please .

MAXIS : did someone say forgiveness ? 

Jonathan looked ahead in the shadow , a large figure standing , A look of astonishment on Jonathan's face appeared and he didn't have any words to utter but to stand still for a while , after the persistence of silence , the silence broke !

Jonathan: Maxis ? What is going on here , you are my brother , i have feelings of shock and happiness , you are all at one place but what's happening , why is Timmy trapped and why did the voice told me that everyone is in danger here ?

MAXIS : Let me Explain , The answer is simple , the balance , maintaining the balance of arrogance means the balance of the worlds are maintained and the possible cause is you for the growth of arrogance of your young siblings because you didn't stop them when they were wrong with you which allowed their ignorance to grow , i m not your sibling but i m the Rebellion King , it is my Realm and i maintain the balance of arrogance when it comes to Humans , if the balance shall no longer exist than the Devil shall cause enmity and shall strengthen , it is we all who combine our might to maintain the balance of the seven worlds , My realm , The realm where you came from , The Realm of the Kingdom , The Realm of the Devil , the Realm of the Angels , The Realm of the Humans and The unknown vast Realm , Thus the problem Lies when one doesn't acknowledge their duty and as Humans spread ignorance and arrogance which forces us to intervene and establish discipline , your continuous forgiveness has caused Problems Jonathan , if you could have been sensible since the beginning in controlling ur Siblings , The situation wouldn't have worsen , but i must say that you are a Good Soul but your lack of concentration on this matter has caused a lot of Problems.

Jonathan: So that is why Timmy is trapped , due to his ignorance ? ok i admit that i did a big mistake and i should have disciplined them all but what right does that give you to trap him and torture his Soul !.

MAXIS : It is amazing how you have forgotten those hard times when Timmy used to show you his arrogance and rough behaviour at a time when u needed him the most , that is your mistake , you still are the same even everything that they did , that is a pity indeed !

Jonathan:Because they are my siblings , i understand what you said and i find it true but i want my little brother back Maxis.

MAXIS: Pretty interesting , here you go , as the dungeon opens , you can enter and rescue your baby brother.

Jonathan:You were my brother as well , have you forgotten ?

MAXIS: HAHAAHAH , that was nothing but an illusion , i am the Rebellion King and I have no interest in any relation with you Humans , Sycan will escort you towards the worm hole after you rescue Timmy , Farewell.

Sycan smiles at Stryker and whispers '' In case you are wondering , that was only a tiny glimpse of my power which u just witnessed '' , Stryker glares at him and then him and his team mates start to walk with the group to the dungeon , Suddenly Timmy comes out running , all shattered , his soul in Pain , he starts crying after seeing Jonathan.

Timmy: i am so sorry brother , i have been so arrogant , please forgive me for what i have done , please.

Jonathan becomes emotional and Hugs him.

Jonathan: I forgive you Timmy , its time now that you people go home.

As Sycan escorts them to the worm hole , everyone says their last emotional Good bye to Jonathan and then they returned back to the Human Realm , its been now years and life continues but this unforgettable event will always remain in everyone's Mind.

----------------------- THE END -------------------------


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Where is Paula ?

Has Anybody Seen the comment left by a user named Nadeem on Paula's page recently , the comment is as follows :

“I’m so sick… I need to go to hospital…Quinn taking me to hospital….he thinks I am having a heart attack”.

 '' I have received this text from Paula on 16th April through WhatsApp, and since then her cellphone , email box, WhatsApp and Facebook are not responding. I am extremely worried about Paula’s health. Kindly share her current health condition, if anybody knows or can know, please! ''

Her cellphone number is also mentioned in the comment but i have removed from the above due to privacy issues.

Can anybody update on Paula's Situation ?

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The Marching steps stopped at a distance , A man dressed in full armour with long brown hair and a cape was standing and staring at the group , a cunning smile on his face with a proud look , on the other side Striker and his two friends were standing Vigilantly , Panic can be seen on the faces of Suzanne , Marcus and Alpha , The On going Silence was building extreme tension.

Sycan:Its fun to look at the fear on ur faces ahahah , but oh well , dont stress much because its ALL GOING TO BE OVER SOON !

Striker : Over confidence always shatters ones expectations , like they will shatters yours. !

An energy sparked from Striker which can be felt by everyone , Striker builds green fire on his left hand and his left eye turns green and he builds up blue fire on his right hand and right eye also turned blue , Striker combines both his hands which resulted in the formation of a heavy energy ball , energy flowing was massive and then striker strikes the ball towards Sycan with full force ! , the ball was flowing towards Sycan with a burst of energy and suddenly a smile on Sycan's face appeared and Sycan hits the energy ball bare handed to his left side and a loud explosion was witnessed , everyone was shocked including Striker and his team mates .

Sycan: Thats it , thats all you got you little brat AHAHAAHAH , let me demonstrate my power a tiny bit , i m having fun of my life time here.!

Sycan slowly takes out his sword , an evil smile appears on his face and the energy spark is off the charts ! , the whole place starts to shake , the feeling of depression increases and then an image of a massive long haired skull face forms behind Sycan , this was a nightmare , a living nightmare !.

Striker : I want you all to stay calm as i may have to use my full force , the enemy is indeed powerful , here , this is the seal which will push you back to the human world , run now as fast as u can and save yourselves, i have been chasing these spirits for 10 years and finally now is my chance to stop them and use the technique which i have been practising for years , farewell .

Striker's team mates transferred energy to him, a blue right wing appears and a left green wing appears on his back , Striker levitates in the air , on the other side Sycan smiles and orders some of his soldiers to block the pathway preventing the group from running back.

Sycan:Before i finish you all , let me reveal to you something which you deserve to know , that i would admit , so u must be thinking where is ur brother timmy , the answer is , he is in the dungeon behind me , let me reveal something to you which will baffle you all hhahaah , your brother Jonathan's imaginary friend or i would say whom he considered as a brother , hahaahah .................................................. he is our rebellion demon king and he is in indeed a reality , King Maxis. !

Marcus , Suzanne and Alpha had a shocking expression on their faces following with a complete silence .

Marcus : this is impossible , no , no , no way , this isnt real , cant be , so Jonathan was normal and we considered him to be a mad person.

Alpha : And we always considered him to be mad , but what choice did we had considering the situation .

Suzanne: At least what we could have done was to help him a little or at least respect and acknowledge his hard work since our childhood.

On the other side , in the human world , Stacy cries on the grave of Jonathan , she asks him to save his family and then a tear drops on the spirit world and on to Jonathan 

Jonathan: Whats going , whats happening !.

A voice comes " Its ur wife requesting you to rescue your family from the dark world ''

Jonathan: oh my , how can i , whats happening.

'' You may enter the dark world , but be careful , this way has dangerous obstacles , here you go , the way is open "

Jonathan rushes towards the way entering into the dark world. 

Now on the other side.

Sycan: So there you have it , the ultimate truth , by putting your arrogance down , we felt really good , thats what we do haahah and you deserved that , now , lets finish this. !



A voice comes from behind and then a large figure with a hooded cape and a long dress appeared out of nowhere , he was standing still, his face cannot be seen under the hood , Sycan smiled at him and welcomed him.!




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Striker casts a spell and a doorway opens , it seemed like a Black hole , everyone looked at it in an astonishing manner , Striker asks everyone to enter , everyone was hesitating especially Marcus , Striker posed a smile on his face and gave a little confident look .

Striker : Its Okay , we are with you , this is the only way and we have to do this .

A look of relief appeared on Marcus's face and the he entered the doorway, following him everyone entered and in the last Striker entered and closed the doorway.

A Dark Place was in front of them , no light , just complete darkness surrounding all corners , the white magicians castes a spell , their hands looked like flaring fire , a white fire , they shoot the white fire in all corners and then Striker slams the hollow surface and light flickers a bit but then it disappears again .

Striker: Well this shows that they are quite near , this is a circle of protection , and we must stay inside it as we proceed further .

Marcus was shivering and so was Suzanne , Alpha was looking here and there in astonishment , as the group was moving more further the more serious expressions begin to appear on Striker's face and so thus suddenly a voice came .....


The group stopped moving suddenly and Marcus and Alpha begin to panic as Suzanne holds on to her nerves , the voice continues 


Striker : There is no reason for you to hide , come out if you have what it takes ! 


Suddenly a flash back comes to Suzanne's mind about the dream she saw , in which she saw the medieval commander preparing to punish the prisoners , as Suzanne was thinking about her dream a sudden force hit the defense wall and the light flickered , Striker suddenly jumped and hit the floor again to regenerate the defense circle 

Striker: It seems like the defense circle has been damaged.

Suddenly a second strike of energy HITS ! and the white light scatters and vanishes .


Striker: Your dealing with me now !

Striker jumps forward and a complete silence surrounds and then a vivid image of a large figure can be seen walking towards the group , the marching steps were loud and then they stop in some distance. ! 



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Mobile Phone Rings ! , Alpha picks up the call , on the other side of the phone there is Marcus , He explains the situation completely to Alpha regarding the White magic experts , Alpha Acknowledges the situation and starts preparations to leave for Timmy's house , Marcus gets back to check how the experts were doing in Timmy's room , both the experts were sitting still in a state of meditation as though they were assessing the environment , Marcus was watching the experts meditation when suddenly the door bell rang , Marcus went to check through the camera and saw another hooded man standing outside the house , thinking that there might be a third member of the experts Marcus opened the door and the hooded man came through the door quickly inside , Marcus could see his face a bit under the hood , his left eye was blue and right eye was green which seemed quite a unique phenomena in itself , Marcus avoided any question and lead the third member straight into Timmy's room.

Third expert member : Hello Marcus , i think its time to break some silence. 

Marcus : its very nice to hear something from one of you after long hours of silence. 

Third expert member : '' Smiles '' well u know somethings are necessary and are hard to explain sometimes. 

Marcus : yes i understand and u know that how stressful the situation is and i have a lot of questions right now.

Third expert member : I completely understand your situation , for introduction , my name is Striker , and these two are my friends , we are the White magicians though nobody believes this but we are who we are , We have been chasing after this strange sinister energy and we have encountered it many times and now that u mentioned the incident of your brother , this assures us that this energy is responsible for that.

Marcus : But Where did my brother Timmy go ?

Striker : Probably in another dimension , we can't see it unless we unleash the barrier and then pass through it and for additional info , those things living in that dimension , they can see us !

Marcus sees Striker's face with a frightening look. 

Striker : ''Smiles'' I would suggest you to hold onto your nerves because this may get a little rough , the step we are about to take , this may cause a little havoc , don't underestimate them and their powers.

Door bell rings again, Suzanne and Alpha are at the door , Marcus Leads them to Timmy's room , Timmy's wife also enters the room , Marcus introduces everyone of them to Striker and his friends , After a while Striker walks in the middle of the room and closes his eyes and after a while opens them.

Striker : there is no question about it , it is surely them .

Striker turns around stares at everyone intensely.

Striker : this is going to get real rough , prepare yourselves because this is it , we are going to get face to face with them !!! 


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Marcus went to his friend who was an expert in Spiritual Studies , he was the reason why Marcus had a little believe in the other dimension and spirits , his friend told him about two spiritual experts skill full in white magic , though white magic is a folklore for the world , they are said to be in possession of it , he asked Marcus to visit them , they lived in the forest and had very less contact with the world , there was a hope that they may help resolve this complication.

Marcus went to the forest near the valley mountains , it was a 4 hour drive , the fog was very thick , a house can be seen vividly through the fog and Marcus stopped the car , he slowly approached the house which looked quite abandoned , he slowly stepped up to the main door and knocked it , there wasn't any answer , he knocked again and the door opened slowly but there was no one , only a glimpse of darkness inside , then suddenly came a heavy voice, 




Marcus told them everything and requested for immediate help,

There was silence for a minute but then the respond came,




After hearing the reply , Marcus wanted to ask some more questions regarding when they will arrive but the door was slammed shut at that very moment.


After a long journey back, Marcus went to Timmy’s house and told his wife about the situation and as he reached he saw two men in brown coloured long clothing with a cape and their faces were hidden under the hood and were standing outside Timmy's house , Marcus was quite shocked to see them arrive this quick which was quite a strange phenomena, Marcus approached them quickly and they told Marcus that a shadow from the other dimension took away Timmy’s soul and he is being kept as a captive, both the men agreed to help and further questions from Marcus were decline by the two men again , even when Marcus asked their names , they refused to tell and asked Marcus to be quiet for a period of time if he intends to rescue his brother's soul , they also asked Marcus to close down the house completely except Timmy's room, having not much of a choice in this situation as previously no conclusions were reached, Marcus agreed to them and he also called Suzanne at Timmy’s house. 


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Thanks to Paula for enhancing the chapter i wrote through her amazing writing expressions and phrases , this gave the chapter a lot more betterment.

Timmy was (seriously stressed due to the events that had taken place) The brothers decided to remain patient until the official investigation (had reached) a conclusion.

Timmy called some of his friends to (ask their thoughts on the ) happenings (The) night after the conference call (feeling exhausted) he (fell asleep early in the evening).  (Later in the midst of) Timmy's(sleep his) body slowly started rising from the bed  () levitating towards the ceiling Silently floating in mid-air Timmy was totally unaware of his predicament , the silence continued and then  without warning Timmy's body  was flung violently to the bed , a loud blasting sound filled the room and Timmy's wife who was in the lounge (ran) towards the room , the horrifying scene which she witnessed after throwing open the bedroom door, left her in shock .The large antique bed she and Timmy shared lay in pieces,scattered () around the room that was now totally destroyed. Timmy lay unconscious in the mess .  How she dialled the phone for the ambulance that rushed her husband's broken body to the hospital is a miracle in itself. There his brothers waited after receiving a hysterical and nonsensical call from Timmy's wife as well.  Now in a coma () the doctors were hurriedly trying to gather more information through every means available to them. Suzanne also rushed to the hospital concerned for her brother.

That same night, Timmy woke up and immediately stood confused and in shock as to where he was. But when he turned around, he saw himself lying on what appeared to be a hospital bed.  It felt as if he was looking at himself through a mirror.  A heavy, deep voice interrupted his muddled brain and Timmy turned and saw a tall black shadowy figure () standing behind him. He jumped back in horror and within a split second that figure stood in front of him saying'' You dont want to keep him waiting '' , Timmy wanted to speak but was unable to utter any words (). The (s)hadowy figure grabbed him and they both disappeared .

It's been a month since Timmy fell into a coma.  Marcus() somewhat superstitious, out of all the brothers, sensed that the chain of events might be signalling () a problem much different than first suspected.  Especially once realizing no conclusion concerning any event could be explained.  Marcus decided to take a different approach and this time it wasn't () law enforcement but something that deals in the matters of another dimension.

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Situation was now getting really stressful , Timmy was really frustrated because of the events that took place , the brothers decided to remain patient until the official investigation from the police reaches a conclusion.

Timmy called some of his friends to take some advice as to what can be the cause of these happenings , that night after the conference call he went to sleep , in the midst of night Timmy's body slowly started rising from the bed into the air and was levitating towards the ceiling and then it stopped in mid air , it was floating and there was complete silence , Timmy was totally unaware due to his sleep , the silence continued and then Timmy's Body was struck to the bed with extreme heavy force , a loud blasting sound came and Timmy's wife who was in the lounge rush towards the room , the horrifying scene which she witnessed with her eyes left her in shock , the bed wasn't there any more , pieces of wood being scattered everywhere around the room with most of the things around the room destroyed , Timmy was laying unconscious between all the mess , Timmy was rushed to the hospital where the brothers arrived too , Timmy was now in coma and the doctors were gathering more information through appropriate tests , Suzanne also came by to visit and see that what was the situation .

At Night at the hospital , Timmy woke up and immediately stood up and was in shock as to where he was but when he turned around he saw himself laying , it was like seeing a mirror , a heavy voice came and Timmy turned around , a black tall shadowy figure was standing behind him , Timmy jumped back in horror and within a split second that figure came in front of him and said '' You dont want to keep him waiting '' , Timmy wanted to speak but was unable to utter any words and was in despair . The Shadowy figure grabbed him and they both disappeared .

Its been now a month since Timmy was in coma ,  Marcus was somewhat superstitious out of all the brothers and he sensed that the chain of events may be signalling towards a problem that is different and seeing all these events reaching no conclusion for a longer period of time made Marcus to take a different step and this time it wasn't the law enforcement but something that deals in the other dimension matters .






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Days have passed and the life was going normal but for everyone Only except Stacy as she was indeed having many problems after Jonathan and she had now the responsibility of bearing the expenses and taking care of Ben , Alone .

Suzanne left and went back to her husband and the days were passing normal , One night she saw another dream , she saw a group of Knights with heavy armour and swords in their hands standing in the hallway , there were 3 people chained in front of them which were knee down and looking down on the ground in despair , another knight came towards the entrance of the hallway and said , make way , Sire Sycan is coming , after a few moments , a man in a knights armour with a cape , red brownish long hair and a fearless attitude on his face,  came walking down the hallway towards the prisoner and some knights were behind him , He came in front of the prisoners , smiled and said to the knight on the right '' Go on and finish them Jerald , Now ! '' , the knight Nodded and said , ''Yes Sire'' , and as the knight was approaching the prisoners the view of Suzanne changed from this scene to a place which is quite dark and she is standing in front of a big throne with a large figure sitting on the throne , those red eyes were glaring at Suzanne which were sending her chills , the figure said '' Are you witnessing this ? , sister ! .

Suzanne woke in shock , she was all sweaty , but she didn't bother much to all this what she saw , she took it as a horror dream but she was somewhat thinking in depth of to what was all this about.

On the other hand Marcus , Alpha and Timmy had joined hands to form a partnership to expand the car business further , Meeting was Held at Timmy's house and suddenly their cars caught fire all together , investigation suggested the sparking of wires but strange fact was it happening to all the cars together , Police were further investigating when news reached of the car shipment containers , which sank into the sea leading to a huge loss , Timmy was out of control and was blaming continuously on various competitors which he deemed to be his enemies and suggested that its their jealousy and their doings .

On One Night , the security guard Phoned Timmy telling him that his farm house has caught fire , burning whole acres of land and the infrastructure in it , the farm house was huge and was partnered with Alpha and Marcus , their partitions also burned down and everything turned into embers , Police were inspecting the case in more depth now and were suspecting these doings of an enemy group , investigations took months , and no conclusions were drawn even after investigating many people which Timmy was suspecting to be the culprits.

Please Share you thoughts on the incidents and the dream.


Thank You . 

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Readers Discretion Advised

A Month has Passed , the sadness persists of Jonathan's Death , Stacy being depressed all the time but pushes her self to go forward in life , She had to do something for her son , Little Ben as we all know , she was the only guardian he had , she had to take a stand and with Suzanne helping her she was receiving support financially and emotionally , On the other side , Timmy and Marcus got indulged in some business deals related to the Sports car imports and tailor made customizations , they never looked back much on their big brothers household situations , Alpha had the same response and he too was busy in Making his life a heaven that he forgot what was happening on the other side of the door . Stacy assembled all the remaining stuff , clothings and essentials which Jonathan used and closed the room where he used to spend time and talk with Maxis which according to him was their 6th unseen sibling , Stacy was struggling to find a suitable Job where on the other side a Lavish look of the life can be seen on the younger brothers side , a sad situation , Stacy never asked for their help , it is them who should turn towards her enquiring her and Ben's needs , after several reminders from Suzanne , They were still the same , worldly wealth had covered their brains like smog forgetting some important aspects of life. 

One Day and this is the day where it all started to unfold , Timmy Saw a dream , he saw himself walking down the Path with Smog on his left and smog on his right  , he couldn't see anything except what was ahead of him , and then he arrives at the point where he can see a blurry Red Castle and its vision becomes clear and he reaches at the door where some Knights with heavy armour are standing in discipline , Timmy was shivering as he saw such darkness and those knights and the castle , he suddenly woke up , short of breadth , he splashed some water on his face and forgot it as a horror dream but when Marcus told him a dream which was somewhat identical to what Timmy saw , it was indeed a serious thing to be considered but Timmy showed a non serious attitude describing it as a co incidence.

Suzanne too saw the dream and discussed it with Stacy , she saw her self inside a hallway with a lot of seats , Seems it was a courtroom with a medieval vibe to it , the torches were lighten up , she hid behind the seats when she heard the heavy footsteps of some individuals approaching and her dream ended , she was frightened but the effect was over after some days , dreams seemed inter related , Suzanne didn't contact the brothers so they didn't know this happening with Suzanne , what could these dreams mean , are the really a co incidence or are they a sign of something which is unpleasant , share you valuable views in the comments and stay tuned for Chapter 5 which is around the corner .

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This Blog is dedicated to my amazing friend Eman , this story came to my mind when we were reading an article about an 8 inch long centipede . 

That day Nobody was at home , Eman decided to watch a movie to pass the time in a manner of fun , all snacks ready , but as she was passing by the dinning room , she saw the bathroom door opened , so she went to close it , but as she was closing the door , she caught a mare glimpse of an 8 inch creature on the wall , so she turned on the bathroom light and saw a centipede , she was looking at the centipede , centipede was looking at her .

Centipede - what are you looking at ha !


Eman closed the door , her hands were shivering , she said , OMG i must call father and mother , OMG that thing can talk .

well quite terrified she went to picked the phone up and the then another voice came from the bathroom centipede said , Open the door girl , when Eman heard this she got even more terrified and dropped her mobile .

as even things werent worse enough , a batch of 15 cockroaches emerged from under the carpet , Eman shouted so loud that even the doors started shivering .

Cockroaches - March ahead , we shall take down the centipede , march , march .

Eman - OMGGGGG , am i watching a dream.

Cockroaches - you dont like us , dont you , if we defeat the centipede , would u accept us.

Eman didnt have much choice and she agreed and said that she will happily be friends with the cockroaches , she said , OMG YESSSSSSS WE WILL BE FRIENDSSSSS .

the cockroaches smiled and marched towards the centipede , the battle continued until the centipede died and Eman and the cockroaches became friends and lived happily like great buddies. 

i hope u liked the story , just pop up in my mind so decided to write 

Thank you :D


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I Welcome every person to this Blog , whether Muslim or non Muslim , to develop a mutual understanding of making the world a better place , The Month of Ramadan comes as a reminder and wakes us up to realise and to come towards peace and Mercy of Allah , The blessings we have , the mind , every body part is indeed a gift , and when our Lord gives us this important blessing he also commands us to care for each other , Most important thing is to first realise that everyone is equal and that World is a temporary place , A place where pleasures are temporary , you feel pleasure and the next moment its gone but what remains are the deeds and what are deeds actually , even a smallest deed hold a special place in how content you are to perform it , we should look upon those who need help , around the year we should feel content towards the needy , if we all contribute a little towards someone who needs and cut off our wants which are temporary , we can help Mankind and which will increase Love , understanding and bonds of friendship , making the bonds of kinship stronger , this will make a society like no other , a society where people care for each other , now think that is this pleasure and deeds are better or the ones we take which are a temporary fun and we have this emptiness inside of us that something is missing after all these years , what this emptiness is the lack of care in society for each other , thank you for reading this and please share your opinions on making world a much better place .

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Readers Discretion Advised 

Its been now 7 years , Jonathan was now suffering from Cardiac disease and a kidney failure , Stacy was with him side by side , he was admitted in the hospital and the doctors weren't very sure of the amount of time he had left ,  Stacy had messaged the brothers several times , they usually talk through texts and never arrived once explaining as an excuse that they are obliged to stay at their places due to their professional work , Timmy messaged only once , Suzanne was schedule to arrive through the flight , she had now a baby with her and was happily married , on the other side the lives of the brothers were unknown till the fact that Timmy had left his first wife and married another girl , thats what Suzanne only knew and forwarded this incident to Stacy.

Jonathan's childhood friend Stuart always used to visit hospital some times in a week , Jonathan was always waiting for him to visit by to share with him his concerns , Stuart came by one day 

Jonathan- Finally Stuart your here 

Stuart - well pal nice to see you smiling , your the only one after my family that sees me and smiles haha

Jonathan- why should i not smile , you remind me of those golden times we spent together in the childhood till we grew up 

Stuart - Ah , of course , who can even forget that time , that time when no worry surrounded us 

Jonathan - Indeed , you know , i wish i remained a kid , i never knew that would end that bad when i will grow up , all the struggles i made , i am happy that i didn't hurt anyone , i tried my best to accommodate my siblings .

Stuart - i know everything Pal , you are the man of honour , a brave individual , you have to fight through this and i am with you , your wife , your son , everyone

Jonathan- i m tired now stuart , i think my time will be soon , but am happy that i met you and later on someone who became my sibling

Stuart - well whos the person , u never told me 

Jonathan - hes here with us , standing beside me but he wont reveal , another little brother , named Maxis 

Stuart - haha , well quite interesting , seriously Jonathan your act of making stories surprises me

Jonathan - No , Stuart , i m not making a story , this is real , besides , why would i make this up .

suddenly Stacy enters and says , oh yeah , we are happy to find maxis ,gives a gesture to Stuart to come out , later on Stacy told Stuart about the Maxis situation and how Jonathan has made up a imaginary friend but gets hurt if no one believes him , Stuart agrees and after a while enters back into the room to say good bye , smiles and and stood next to Jonathan 

Stuart - Its time for me to go big guy , eat much and yeah , chill and watch some movies and yeah i wanted to say good bye to maxis as well , is he still here ? 

Jonathan - Well , Stuart , it was great to see u again and yes , maxis is over there behind you sitting on the sofa .

Stuart waves his hand at the couch behind him saying good bye to maxis and leaves the hospital 

At Night Jonathan feels pain at the side of the heart , he grabs the chest and mourns and screams to Stacy, doctors come in to help 

Jonathan - Dont Leave me Stacy , you and Maxis have always been at my side , send loves to Suzanne , Stacy stay , ahhh , i .....

Stacy - i m with you , nothing will happen , i m with you , please please dont go , stay please

Jonathan - Take care of Ben please Stacy ..... Maxis .... my brother ..... thank you , i .... i ......

the heart beat of Jonathan drops ,  the doctor delivers de fibrillation as a hope to revive him but the long beep sounds and Jonathan is now no more , after several shocks the attempt was unsuccessful , life that was once in Jonathan was no more and gone , Stacy burst into tears 

Later that day during the grave ritual Alpha , Timmy and Marcus arrived , sobbing , there was silence all around .



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Days passed and little Ben grew up , who is the son of Jonathan , in this time of hardship Jonathan was trying his best to accommodate the expenses of Ben , Jonathan was saving his family from any kind of stress and he was taking upon himself , he used tor return house smiling , but behind that smile was the sorrow he was facing.

Stacy -  welcome home , you must be tired , dinner is ready , did u receive any interview call from the other restaurant where u applied. 

Jonathan - no luck , i have dropped the resume in many places , i hope of receiving call soon someday , process takes time.

Jonathan smiles and sits on the couch acquiring about ben , stacy knew that what he was going through so she tried her best to made him feel comfortable by talking in a positive manner.

The next day was going usual until Stacy received the principals call which made her face pale and white , she trembled when she heard that ben had an accident with a bus and was in a serious condition in a nearby hospital , they took ben immediately in emergency ward , stacy rushed towards the hospital and called jonathan

Stacy(crying) - Jonathan , Please come 

she bursted into tears and Jonathan was still confused on call and he kept asking whats happening

Stacy (crying) - Ben ! , is in hospital , please come

Jonathan rushed towards the hospital , acquiring from the hospital counter , stacy rushed towards jonathan and hugged him and started crying and told him about the condition ben was in , a serious injury to the kidney and rib cage , Jonathan rushed to find the doctor , the doctor told him about the situation

Jonathan(in panic) - Will Ben be fine , please doctor tell me , please i need to see him , look at his mother crying , we need to see our son

Doctor - Mr Jonathan , ur son is in a critical condition , i would like to tell you in a straight forward manner , we need to operate right away 

doctor told the expenses of around $20,000 in total , Jonathan confirmed the doctor and rushed to arrange some money , stacy called suzzane and told her everything , she managed to give money but neither of the brothers were picking the call and finally Alpha picked and reached the spot , he contributed some money , Jonathan got the car on auction and so on until the sum was fully arranged , timmy and marcus were no where to be seen , Alpha managed a small sum more for other variable expenses that might occur , they were all worried and the operation went successful after all and ben was discharged after a month of care

timmy and marcus came to visit ben at home where they confront suzanne .

Suzanne - i am done with you all , u all should have some shame and a little sympathy with Jonathan , what are you doing here now , seriously , you people are brothers , Alpha u bought a business in auction and u contributed to the treatment a sum of 3000 dollars only and timmy and marcus , you and you luxury life style and look at ben lying here , where is the humanity .

Timmy - Look , first of all , talk with some respect , i am elder , i dont know about these two , how the hell they are listening to your attitude like this , i told you i was stuck and that is final , what should i do now , give you proof or what , you better know your place and watch your tongue

Suzzane - the boy whos lying here is your nephew !!! , what do u mean u people had no time , seriously like nothing happened , what have u people become 

Timmy opened the door and left in anger and banged it hard , marcus and alpha were sitting quietly and said nothing , suzanne also left and so after a while marcus and Alpha left too , Jonathan was sitting alone on the couch in the dinning room , in a sorrow condition , tears in his eyes , he didnt confront his brothers and he kept listening to the quarrel at that time .

Jonathan - what do you think Maxis , will everything be alright , i have no idea , all my dreams are shattering into little ashes , God bless suzzane , Alpha helped too atleast but i see no unity , what i dreamed of them like my children standing with me is become vivid and at this time i have no words to express my pain because they left , even without meeting me or saying some words of sympathy .






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the story and its contents are fictional and are written by me , i hope you all would have a great time reading .

Jonathan , the big brother , who came under the responsibility of his four younger siblings , Alpha , Timmy , Marcus and Suzanne , after the death of their beloved parents they came under the supervision of their big brother Jonathan , who loved them like his own children . parents didnt left any heritage so they were in an apartment on rent , Jonathan didnt have much education so for the sake of his siblings became motivated to work over time as a cashier in a nearby restaurant , he wanted his siblings to completer their education , in those hard time he found the love of his life , Stacy , they married and his siblings were happy to the extent as they found their mother , Stacy cooperated with him in those hard time , they all went to college , especially suzanne was more attached to her big brother , they had him as their last support and Jonathan was willing to do give them their all , as some years passed timmy , marcus and alpha graduated and suzanne planned to leave the country in search of opportunities regarding her field of economics , the fact that jonathan financed their needs led them into standing on the front and they were finally getting somewhere in their lives with their jobs.

Jonathan also had a son , little ben , he was very dearer indeed , as time droves , summarizing the fact , the 3 brothers and suzanne were quite capable now , which was a fact of relaxation for jonathan and his wife stacy , they were quite happy now and suzanne used to visit but the younger brothers , they were nowhere to be seen for months , busy life , jonathan never minded much , but he always want them to atleast call , stacy called them when jonathan wasnt around and told them that their brother expects their contact and misses them .

stacy on the call 

stacy - you know very well timmy that your brother misses you 

timmy - well stacy , you know what , you better take him to treatment because he scares me now 

stacy - and why is that , why are you saying like this 

timmy - well , you act like u know nothing but u very well know that for years now , i am done of listening about his imaginary friend , nobody gives a damn , i m done hearing that name and i aint believing that

stacy - i know but i cannot force him , his heart will break , u need to support your brother

timmy - the guy has become a freak , am outta here , u better stay with him and his imaginary brother

Jonathan always in his dinning room used to talk to someone and called him the 4th little brother , Maxis , he took his siblings , and many times have said to greet your brother maxis , Suzanne has been kind but brothers have always messed up every time , saying to jonathan that hes a mad man , which broke him several times , his wife supported him and jonathan refused to go to the doctor , he said that what he witnesses is real and everyone must believe that , times were taking a drastic turn as jonathan was finding hard to the job because of backbone issues that developed over time .

Jonathan - you know stacy , my brothers dont visit me anymore but i m happy that my angelic brother maxis stays by my side , no hurt full feelings , at least maxis and you understand my pain.

stacy - dear honey , dont worry , i will be with you all the time , you dont need to stress 

jonathan - i dont wanna stress but i m too tired , ben is growing up and i have to find a new job , they are not accepting me anymore , we have so many expenses to bear , i m in fear

stacy - dont worry , i will work , as a waitress in the near by restaurant 

suzzane came to know about this so she called the brothers and none of them bats an eye , they said that everything is fine with them and that big brother only exaggerates situation due to his mental health , suzzane started helping by giving money to stacy silently so jonathan doesnt know 

Marcus came by to visit , in his luxurious ride , big brother was sitting and became quite excited to see marcus after many months 

jonathan - OH MY , marcus 

'' hugs marcus ''

marcus - yes jonathan , i am here , check out my new ride , cool isnt that , the new model , just out in the market 

jonathan - wow i am so happy for you marcus bcz that is what i dreamed of , seeing you well settled

marcus - well , there i am but see this , the tactics i developed to reach that high in such a short amount of time , if you have developed a little percent of these , i hope you have reached somewhere but well what can i say

jonathan - hahaha , well , you know our times 

marcis - times are all the same , brain should be used effectively , i m now going to the car showroom meeting , clients must be waiting , take care

jonathan - take care marcus , do visit again 

stacy came out and jonathan did hide his tears successfully , smiling at her , telling her that marcus came by and he was happy to see him well , stacy knew the tears but acted normal , jonathan was obviously shattered and hurt of his brother words after all he did , in his life , for his siblings whom he took care of like his own children .




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