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Orange in the brain (a short poem)


The rind of an orange, abandoned, on a radiator
the smell numbs my nostrils; the smell, like a sword,
opens a vivid vision of oranges' trees.....
My brain rejoices
Then one by one my senses, alerted,awake.
And I'm my fingers touching that orange and seraching its life
I'm my toungue sucking that juice sweet and sour
I'm my nose smelling the fresh and my eyes immerged in its
bright colour. And my heart beats faster …
And there's no more house, no more dark
And my feelings are hurricanes twirling
they are winds shacking deeply my nerves.


A cat, looking for warmth, sends me back
to the house, to the dark,
and my brain is no more than usually grey.
And the rind but some waste on the floor.

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Hello dudes, last time I said I'd have posted the all album of the author whom I posted a song. That was my intention, but many things happened and are happening here in Italy and all over the world; I guess that is why few days ago while I was listening to this song I thought this rap was nearer to my current feelings. I hope you enjoy it and that you can see the irony and sarcasm in it … it is a rap, actually a weird one here's the link .underneath the translation. Your comments will be welcome


Until you are on time fire

but don't aim wrong

probably the target you see

is just an illusion of whom from behind hopes

you try again

'cause at the end of the day thye only need an excuse

the dud is it's always someone else paying

and there's someone investigating

to root out the curse

but then who knows why whatever it happens

far in the palace none turns a hair

a head it's needed to fall and then who cares

the first dickhead you find on the road

a head it's needed to fall and then who cares

the first dickhead you find on the road

if you are on time fire

but don't aim wrong

probaly the target you see

is just an illusion of whom from behind swears

to have a pure conscience

but under that paint there are squalid walls

there's a dictatorship but you don't know where it is

you can't see it from here you can't see it from here

there's a dictatorship but you don't know where it is

you can't see it from here you can't see it from here

My enemy has no uniform

they love weapons but don't use them

into their case they keep visa cards

and when they kill they don't apologise (2)

and if you don't have moral

and if you have passion

if no doubt assails you

because the only reason you are interested in

is the company name

especially if you have some damned war to make

don't make it in my name

don't make it in my name

for you never asked for my consent

if you'll “defend” yourself

don't make it my name

don't make it in my name

for you never asked my opinion

until you are on time fire

(shoot Peter shoot him now)

but don't aim wrong

(shoot Peter shoot him now)

My enemy has no uniform

they love weapons but don't use them

into their case they keep visa cards

and when they kill they don't apologise (2)

My enemy has no name

not even religion

and power doesn't wear them out

power doesn't wear them out

my enemy resembles me

they are like me

they love their family

that is why they take more than they give

and they won't go wrong

but if they will someone else will pay

and the power doesn't wear them out

power doesn't wear them out.


*in this rap there's a reference to another song (La guerra di Piero, Peter's war) by the author who wrote the song I posted last time.

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Hello dudes,

this time I want to share with you something different then my feelings, even if my feelings are involved; in fact I'm gonna share with you some italian songs I particulary like. They are inspired bye an American book “Spoon River Anthology”; I'm not a big fan of poetry though this sequel of epithaf desribing the people not only of that village but of America in general enamoured me. The songs keep the same level sometime almost litterary translating a particular poem other putting together more than one. So mine is the translation of the songs … here is the first(under the link the translation)


Where has gone Elmer who let a fever kill him? Where Herman burnt in a mine?

Where are Bert and Tom , the first died in a brawl, and the other who came out of jail dead already?

And what happened to Charlie, who felt while working and from a bridge he flied on the road?

They sleep, they sleep, on the hill.(2)

Where are Ella and Keth, both died for a mistake one because of an abortion the other because of one love?

And Jenny murdered, in a brothel by a brute stroking her to death ,and Nancy frazzled by a weird disease?

And Lizzy, following her life far away and from England was sent back to this span of land?

They sleep, they sleep, on the hill.(2)

Where are generals decorating themselves in battles with cementery of cross on their breast?

Where are the sons of war who leaved for an ideal, for a fraud, or for a love ending in tears?

They sent their corpses back into flags, knot tight in way they seemed to be entired.

They sleep, they sleep, on the hill.(2)

Where is Jones, the whistle player, who was surprised in his 90s and who would have played with life already?

He who offered his face to wind, his throat to wine, and never a thought to money, love or heaven? It seems you can already hear him talking about filth he looks for on the road during unfitting hours, it seems you can already hear him saying to the liquors mechant “ You who sell it what do you buy better?

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Hello to the all of you  dudes and dudettes,

today I want to talk about english; in particular about the use of games you can do with words, are they useful? are they appropriate for a main room on a site where to learn english as ec is?

I will give my answers to these 2 questions and I'd like to see which are your opinions about. Ah it is may be better if I first define what games with words are, at least after me; of course the usual guessing games, the games where you have to start a word with the final letters of the previous one, the games where you add a prefix or a suffix to the words, and those where you change consonants with an only one previously chosen or the vowels, etc.

I think these are useful games; they require people to focus on the words, to check the dictionary and they help to remember the words. On a chat as the one of english club they should be allow and not considered as foreign languages ... they are useful and this isn't but a chat not the class of a course. These are my point of view summarised, I wait for yours. Hugs and kisses to the most of you shake hand with the other and as any actoress exiting the scene does bows

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Hello you all,

here is a passage of the book "Women Who Run With Wolves" by CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTES; I will read the book for now I only read this passage I've immediatly loved and decided to share it with you. Share your thoughts about it, I think it will be interesting to see which are the reactions and to see if and how differently women and men react to it. I want to thank all the people that add me on the main room particulary Lucinka, Rystzard, TheUltimate(sorry Ate I couldn't remember where you got capital), VBlueman and JK. The order of names istotally random:D

There isn't a greater blessing that a mother can give to her daughter than a reliable sense of truthfullness of her  own intuition.
Intuition passes from parents to children in the easiest way “ You got a good ability of judgement. What do you think it is hidden behind all this? “ Instead of defining intuition as a way of escape-irrational and defective- it is defined as the speaking voice of the soul.
Intuintion feels the directions to take, it preserves the ego, it understands reasons and intentions underneath.  Intuition chose the minor fragmentation in the psyche.
 What does this wild intuition do for women?
As the wolf, intuition has claws that butched and clasped, it has eyes able to see beyond the characters' armour ears to hear beyond small talks.
 With these formidable psychical tools the woman acquires an animal awareness acute and even forseeing, deepening her femininity and sharpening her capability to move in the outside world.
Of what use is to a woman to find herself in the desert of a metropolis or of everyday life if she can't listen and trust the voice of “ She who knows” ?
This is the thing to pass from woman to woman, this happy connection and nurrishement of intuition.
Let's strengthen our link with our intuitive nature listening to our inner self at each turn of the road. “Do I take this or that direction? Do I stop or do I go on? Do I have to resist or be flexible? Do I have to run away or to run torwards? This person, this event, this adventure are true or false?”
The separation of the bond between a woman and her wild intuition it is often misunderstood, it is thought about as if the intuition is broken. It isn't so.
It is broken instead the happy matri-lineal passage of the trust in intuition, between a woman and all the females of her lineage that preceded her, that long river of women that has been embanked.
 A woman can have a weak vision of her intuitive wisdom, but practicing it will come back and will fully reveal itself again.

Vassillissa* had started with what can be defined a featureless and comformtable  personality.
It is exactly “superpersonality” passing over ourselves fearfulness when our life is routine, a lifeless life, that's what encourage the forgetfullness of intuition, producing it turn the lack of light in the psyche. Then we have to do something, to penetrate the wood, going to look for the frightened woman, otherwise one day, while we are walking our way, a manhole will burst open  and we will be taken from an uncoscious thing that will wave us as a duster, merrily or in some other way, but with forseeable consequences.
Many women are recovering from amiability complex that induced them, when they felt anyone in anyway attacked  them, to react with great lovableness.
If by day, they smiled by night they grind their teeth. The extreme adaptility, too much amiable in women it is often  given when women are scared to idea of being deprived of all privelegy or to be considered useless.
To face the wild power in ourselves it means to reach the inner feminine's multitude of facets. They belong us since we were born, and we can decide to live in one of them, the one we need more, at any moment.
The wild nature and all womanly creatures and aspects that culture considers horribles, are actually sacred and blessed parts that women have to recover and let come to the surface.
To be strong doesn't mean to have pumped muscles, it means to go torwards one’s own spirituality without running away; to live  actively with the wild nature in one’s own way. It means to be able to learn, to be able to stand what we know.
Until not too long ago, women were deeply involved in the rhythms of life and death. They inspired the smell of iron in the fresh blood of birth. They, also, washed the cold bodies of the dead.
Modern woman's psyche, especially in idustrial and technological cultures, is deprived of these closed experiences, basics and blessed. It is indispensable to learn and discriminate, dividing a thing from the other with subtle discernment, learning how to make fine distinction in judgement. To observe the power of the unconscious and the way it acts even when the ego is unaware. To learn more about life and death. Many  women are sensitive as the sand is susceptible to the wave, as the trees are susceptibles to the quality of the air, as a she-wolf can perceive another creature that, a kilometer far, is penetrating her territory.
The wonderful gift of women who are "tuned"  is to see, hear, feel, receive, and convey images ideas and  sempsations as quick as light. For the most part, women can feel the least change in someone else mood, they can read faces and bodies (and this is called intuition), in a plethora of the smaller clues melting to confirm her she knows what's on in other people minds.
To use all these wild talents, women keep being open to everything. But this open-mindedness makes their edges vulnerables, exposing them  to spirit's blessures.
The point is not the fight to reach saintliness, but to know when to act in an absolute and wild way.
Usually wolves avoid confrontation, but when they need to defend their territory, when something or someone constantly menaces them, or when they are put on the spot, then they burst. It seldom happens, but the ability to express this anger is part of  their repertoire, and should be part of our too.
In her instinctive mind, a woman has the power, when provoked, to be angry in a sensible way, and this is mighty.
Anger is one of her inbreed way to succeed creating and keeping the  balances that are dears to her, all what she really loves.
It is her right and in certain moment and under some circumstances, a moral duty of her. To women it means that there is a moment when to grind their teeth, the great ability of protecting  the territory, to say: “Limits have been gained and can't be trespassed. He-goat must not go further. And, wait, I got somthing to tell you, things must decisely change”.

*Vassilissa is the character of a russian fairy tales: In one version she was given by baba-jaga three missions to accomplish and she could do it only thanks to a doll with red shoes her mother gave her afore.
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Hello friend,

I'm pissed off and disgusted. I was on chat today and someone was using hitler pic as avatar. This is inadmissible and what worse for all the others on main it was how to say ..unimportant. I was said he is a good boy.

So what's going on? Where is the memory? How can someone think that is enough to ignore this? How can you blame a swear and at the same time justify this? 

Explain me please. If I weren't so upset I could may be find this sad...nope that's a lie I couldn't find it just sad. Just remember hitler was considered a poor and inoffensive guy and most part of nazis were gentle dudes loving good music and arts.

Wait forward for your replies.

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Hello to the all of you,those who know me know as well how much I hate the idea of banning people. I think this should be the very last resource and that should be used only in very GRAVE cases. I therefore recognise my yardsticks are quite differents from the majority ones (ie I don't think a bad word or a series of should lead to banning, but tht behaviours judge as polite some time should). But if I can understand the parameters (even if not sharing them) I CAN'T understand the censoring way it is going on. Why a blog of complaining must be deleted? Wouldn't be easier to answer? Moderators aren't but human being not gods descended on ec to unlightened us; as human beings theyr words can be put in discussion as theyr behaviour and ideas. I like ec, I'm friend with some in here, well quite a lot, but I won't worship anyone being them moderators, teachers and well also creator in/of ec.Shouldn't someone that has been banned had the right to say theyr point of views before to be banned? Here people arguing just say "I'm telling the moderators I'll have you ban ( which I find frankly childish) so that nothing can be said but having the sword of banning pending on your head, ok welcome to it...These are some of my ideas badly espress and messy as usual ... I hope you have understood me all the same and I hope you'll share your opininions about with me.See you all on main kisses and hugs :D
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Writing Challenge #26: A Gingerbread Mystery

Hello, yeah nice to see you too miss, I was waiting for you to call me actually;

who told you I'm guilty?Kitty? Ok, ok you say you would have payed me questions

anyway, though Kitty has told you I am guilty, hasn't she? And, after all, I'm the bad

boy of the house so...Anyway it hasn't been me. It would be easy, enjoyable to

most of the people living in the house, but it isn't so. I've said I would have taken

all of that crap and thrown it into the garbage, sure I have;, for me it was crap and

probably I would have done it. Someone else has been quicker, may be someone

who likes that crap? There have been gossips around, on how unfair it was that Gyngey

dressed so well, that she didnt deserve, and so on...gossips. As I've always said

this house is full of them. A name? You ask me for a name, well, why not? Daysy.

Why? She IS vain, and she likes that stuff. Can I go now? My music and friends are

waiting for me.What? Wasn't that on Monday? AHAHAHAHA. You want to know why

am I laughing? I'm laughing because it is one of the few days in my life I have an alibi;

here is where I was miss .

Can you see all those people? They have all seen me. They have all seen Hamburger,

the bad and stupid and good for nothing Hamburger, to dance and to win the prize.

I think it's all, isnt it? Ah, can you just pay me a favour, please? Can you tell Kitty to

watch her back and Nibs to leave my books where they are? I read them, and I don't

want them to stink of that horrid perfume he wears. So bye miiiiz good luck AHAHAHAHA



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