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I want to become a writer

Being a writer isn’t about writing perfectionism, but to write the problematic aspects of the society from my perspective.  That is a lot of inspiration to see the world from my point of view to write about.

In order to see the order of the world from one perspective in Christ, I will write everything that I see and experience from the chaos world as we are formed and work in progress to establish some kind of order in the world. For me and others that we are in progress making sense out of our chaos life to enter into some kind of order that was established by God in heaven. Don't expect perfectionism yet, but just think and reason it out first, because the world isn't in order yet.

By nature, we are in some kind of order. We might not know it yet, but we work in progress to establish that order in God.

Writer is a resource for the reader.

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My education in physics, mathematics, science, and high tech started with the love of curiosity since I was a child. My memoried when I was a child that my dad always work on machines to do farm work. When I was in high school, I took a lot of mathematics, chemistry and science classes. But I didn't take any physics class during my high school years. However, when I got to college, I took the first physics class and I got a good grade that the physics professor suggested me to major in physics which I did. It took me six years in college to graduate with Bachelor in Physics, but it all worth it. My inspiration is to help and support low-income students and underserved students to pursue higher education. I believe that education is the key to life success, and the door of opportunity open up for people on the journey of life. Education also help the students to broader their perspective about our society.

I am the first generation in America to pursue higher education in the United States of America. My family and I lived in Vietnam during the Vietnam War and my parent's dream and hoped is to guide us on the path of education. My mom was a teacher in Vietnam, and my dad was a farmer in Vietnam. My family and I migrated to the United States of America in 1993 and we settled in Portland, OR, USA since then. I attended Middle School in the United States with many struggled to learn English and adapt to the new society.

I always thought to myself that in order to help me to be a better person is to pursue education in America, and with all the hard work, I made it. That is, I graduated from Portland State University in 2004 with Bachelor degree in Physics.

Life is still fill with challenges after graduation, however, when one door close, another door of opportunity is open. That is, I landed a job in high tech company that helped me to realize what I always wonder most of what can I do with my degree in physics. That is, I noticed people who worked in high tech had degrees in bachelors, masters, and pHD, etc. That is always make me curious and I always wonder the power of education that help people grow into who they become.

Life is challenge in many aspect of life, especially when the world out there seem so colorful. I basically feel lost at some moment in my life. I lose the focus of where I want to go, and what I want to do. But in my heart and mind, I still strongly feel the best time of my life is when I am in school. That is the main reason I want to help younger students to realize their dream of pursue higher education at young.

Life throw at me with a lot of hardship throughout life. But I am certain that the time I worked so hard in school was the best time of my life that I experienced in my lifetime. The time that I was young and I felt empower by teachers, professors, peers, etc.

What is your story about pursue higher education?  

What is your inspiration that lead to you pursue higher education?

Please tell your story here.  Let's inspire one another to support higher education.

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Perspective of the world

I get to go around the world, and I should take that as a gift from God who delivers me to go where I go. Now that I have the opportunity to write up my life journey, imagine it and write the path of life that I experience and the will for me and others in Christ.
For instance, I got to travel to China and I visited the center of China in famous places such as the Temple of Heaven, Wall of China, Summer Palaces, etc. By knowing the will of the people who live there, and the missing ingredient in the life of the people there such as no freedom of religions, human rights violation, and no freedom at all. I can write about it as a resource for others to open up the world behind the closed doors. There are always people coming and going in the center of the country, and that the impact of their society influences others socially worldwide. But not necessarily their intentions are good for everyone throughout the world. Their dictatorship leadership was so much drama for many people who are suffering under their authority. What's wrong with their society from the perspective of sainthood direction for the country of China? Who should I ask for to fulfill my curiosity about the sainthood direction for the country of China? China isn't a freedom society, so what is wrong with the China society in their own astigmatism. The country put so many innocent life under their dictatorship leadership as prisoners that violate human rights. Who should be accountable for their wrong doing? What is the fate of their country as their intention of leadership for the world.
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Prayer upon Christ

I want to pray for me to realize my dream and hope and desire in God's will for me and others.  I need direction of where I am heading toward in the future.  I am certain that there are many people out there also feel that they need direction in life upon God.

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I still strongly think that we should have human rights representatives from all walk of life to speak their heart and mind regard to human rights issues that they are facing from where they are coming from all over the world.

I had a chance to serve on the committee of human rights advisority committee, Beaverton, OR, USA in 2012-2013.  My desire and hope is that there will be a human rights representatives from every nation or country around the world to come to present his/her own human rights issues that they are facing to the committees in freedom of speech, religions, cultures in dignity of human perspectives in peace and love of God.  

Can we talk about the human rights issues here as a discussion, comments, suggestion and critique? 

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Songwriters write song lyrics

The songwriters find his/her own voices in mind, and he/she writes his/her thought on papers.  Then the musicians make the song alive.


This audience is different than the song lyrics audiences.  His/her voices is a treasure to bring the song lyrics to life.

Listeners Audiences

The listeners audiences interpret songs and music based on his/her own view, and that they find the beauty in the song.


I want to build group of audiences base on their talents/gifts from each group:  Songwriters, Singers/Musicians, and Listeners.

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My name is Dan Vi Nguyen.  I originally came from Vietnam.  The land of war torn in the 60s and 70s.  I still remembered my daddy and the village of Vietnam at the time still defended for the last moment before the Fall of Saigon, Vietnam in 1975.  That day had made the history of our country's history, either one side of the people determined to win over the other. Follow the wave of people from Vietnam escaped the country to seek for freedom land and hope to build a new life on the land of the free.  My family and I were among the people who seek for freedom on the new land.


In 1993, my family and I settled in Oregon, United States of America.  At the time, I was just 7th grades in middle school. In my heart and mind, I only can think of one direction in life, that is, I must study hard in school.  My determination of being a good student in school. There were so much struggle that I faced like language barrier and cultural differences for me in the new life, new world.  But I made it to graduate with a recognition and certificate from middle school in 8th grade in America. Proud enough for me on the first step of entering the school academic achievement.

Entered high school with only hope and dream of education is the path to go in my life.  

I was in the English as a Second Language (ESL) program at the time.  I tried to study hard with all my heart and mind dedication to school.  My scored always to pass the class and at least I got B’s or A’s grade in school.

With all the support I got from family members, siblings, friends as well as school and the community.  I encouraged myself to do better in school.

By senior year in high school, I had a chance to visit Washington DC, USA whereas I met with politicians of America at the Capital of Washington DC, USA.  One of the politicians advised me and others: “Go home and serve the community.” Also, I got to see the monuments of America, and famous presidents quotes of America displaced in the capital of America.  That is when I realized the big picture of the country's vision and mission. I got inspired to write the song lyric: “All Colors With One Wish” because I noticed the American’s dream.

As I got home from the trip to Washington DC, USA, my mind still didn’t know what I want to do.  Then my best friend in high school suggested me to go to college for education. Then together we applied for college.  My friend and I got accepted into Portland State University, Portland, OR, USA. For the next six years of my life, I was on the road of pursuing education path on the land of America.

In college, I studied mathematics, science, physics, chemistry, and computer, etc.  I took general courses. But I didn’t know what I want to do with my education. But one thing kept reminding me that I must be a good student in school.  The four years in college, I decided to pursue physics as my major for graduation. With the help of professors and instructors at college, I made it to the end, that is, I graduated with Bachelor in Physics at Portland State University in 2004.  I felt so grateful and I thankful for everyone who helped me along the way to pursue my education path.

Now I want to help others to realize the education path as a journey in life to experience what out there that offer in life.

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All Colors With One Wish


Song Title:  All Colors With One Wish

By:  Vi Nguyen



I find the treasure of our Father

Who stand tall for his believe

Freedom for mankind leading the nation with no slaves

Wild rides with his ambition for the nation


All colors with one wish

No segregation when it comes to the colors of skin

We all the same in our heart

That we are special create under God’s image

We should respect each other once and for all

That we belong to one human race of mankind

Father once said, let freedom ring for all nation

Start with a dream where mankind is united as one

Under the protection of one nation under God

Mankind is free of his will to serve and love the Lord

Our Creator.


Three kings from the east

To visit the child born in Bethlehem

His skin color didn’t define

Who he really was in his time

But his treasure to find the sons of man

To come worship him.


Father once said let freedom ring for all nation

Start with a dream

Where mankind is united as one

Under the protection of one nation under God

Mankind is free of his will

To serve and love the Lord

Our Creator.


There is no boundary

For the love of mankind

From the old ages to the new ages

We are one human races

Father once said let freedom rings for all nations

Start with a dream where mankind is united as one

Under the protection of one nation under God

Mankind is freed of his will

To serve and love the Lord

Our Creator

Lord, Our Creator.

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When Eagles Fly High


Song Title:  When Eagles Fly High

By:  Vi Nguyen


God bless America

Empower his will upon the nation

Sow the seed of hope

For brighter future upon homeland

of the brave.


When eagle flies

Strike for strength and courage

Of nation under his wings

Fly high upon the blue sky

To scan for his enemies


When eagles fly high

A sign nature under his force

To swing his wings

Defend the nation under God

For the brave to fly high.


As the will of the nation

To pray for the peace of Jerusalem

Upon the King of Peace

We the people stand by

Strengthen our courage to be unite.

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