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The world of dolls!

Do you remember your favourite toy? On one day I was immersed in the world of childhood. I attended the exhibition "the art of dolls". It is one of the biggest exhibitions in the world. This is not the ordinary dolls, this is a real art. I felt myself like a child, so excited :) I had a wild time. I would like to share with you some pictures. It was really hard to choose ones, I made thousands shots.

Have a great time!


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I offer to your attention a small test...Refresh and renew your "brain".

I am not going to make you bored. Only 6 questions. Sure, the answers later.

The main condition: Don't use the internet or the other materialsCheck yourself.

How much do you know about the world in the 21st century??? :)

Well, let's go...Who will be the most clever member of MyEC?!!! :)  

 Good luck!!!

1. Which country has the most computers per person?

a. the USA

b. Canada

c. Italy

d. Japan

2. Which country has the most mobile phones per person?

a. the USA

b. the United Arab Emirates

c. Japan

d. Spain

3. Which country sells the most newspapers per person?

a. the UK

b. Iceland

c. New Zealand

d. Russia

4. Which country spends the most time eating and drinking every day?

a. Turkey

b. Spain

c. Thailand

d. France

5. Which country has the greatest number of tourists a year?

a. the UK

b. Egypt

c. Greece

d. France

6. Which country sleeps the most?

a. France

b. Morocco

c. Vietnam

d. Argentina


Thank you for participation!


The information is presented: "Pocket world in figures" 

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     "It may not be the most beautiful of tongues, but in this day and age, it’s indispensable", - says Jean-Paul Nerriere. Nerriere is a retired French businessman, a retired vice-president of IBM in the United States, who made an interesting discovery.

     Throughout his career, he conducted a lot of international business and realised he had an easier time talking to non-native English speakers than he did with actual business colleagues from England. And that’s why Nerriere invented "Globish". His two books, Don’t Speak English, Parlez Globish and Découvrez le Globish, became bestsellers in France and were also published in Spain, Italy, South Korea and Canada. They are also being translated into Japanese.


There are 615000 words in the Oxford English Dictionary. This is a collection of all the words that have been used in the English language. Very few native English speakers know more than 80000 of these words (on their best day). And though they may remember 80000 words, very few native English speakers will use more than 7500 English words in their communication.


The English Language can be extremely complicated if an English speaker or writer wants to show off all of its possibilities in words and structure to other English speakers. However, the form of English called Globish gives us a simpler, more universal tool to communicate with more than 5 times as many people.

      Globish is essentially a very basic version of English. It only has 1,500 words and its users must avoid humour, metaphor, abbreviation and anything else that can cause cross-cultural confusion. It has been invented for the practical purpose of communicating between cultures in a primitive, yet clear way.

     "It’s not a language, it’s a tool",  -  he says.  "A language is the vehicle of a culture. Globish doesn't want to be that at all. It’s only a means of communication."

     The simple goal of Globish is to reach only a level -- a common ground -- where everyone understands everyone else, everywhere in the world In the business world, there are more and more non-native English speakers that must communicate in English but just don’t have the level. For them, it’s much easier to learn Globish than it is to learn English. 


What do you think is it a good idea and will Globish become more important in the future or not?

If all the non-native speakers learn Globish, how is that going to affect native English speakers?

Do you think Globish will eventually give native Englishspeakers a disadvantage in the business world?


I am looking forward to your thoughts, ideas, opinions.



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English Language Day

English, along with French, is one of the two working languages of the United Nations, and one of the Organization's six official languages.

Because it is so widely spoken, English is often referred to as a "world language", or the lingua franca of the modern era.

English Language Day at the UN is celebrated on 23 April, the date traditionally observed as the birthday of William Shakespeare. The Day is the result of a 2010 initiative by the Department of Public Information, establishing language days for each of the Organization's six official languages. The purpose of the UN's language days is to celebrate multilingualism and cultural diversity as well as to promote equal use of all six official languages throughout the Organization.

Under the initiative, UN duty stations around the world celebrate six separate days, each dedicated to one of the Organization's six official languages.

The days are as follows:

  • Arabic (18 December)
  • Chinese (20 April)
  • English
  • French (20 March)
  • Russian (6 June)
  • Spanish (12 October)


It is the entirely our day, our holiday. Lets celebrate :) Express your love to English!

Because people speak English!
I wish YOU success in the learning and teaching English!

Take care!

Have a great weekend!


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The concert of Enrique Iglesias

     Now I am sitting at my university and have a break between my lections. Until my impressions are fresh I would like to share with you my past evening. I was on the concert of Enrique Iglesias. I’ll begin with next. Approximately a month before the concert was a really great agitation, about concert talked everywhere, you know, it sounded from “each iron” This tour in support of his album euphoria and Moscow was the last point in European tour.  I am not his big fan, but I know and like his some songs. And I decided to go because of an interest and a wish to see and compare. I like to attend such events.  I and my friend, we bought the tickets in the dance floor, I always buy only in a dance floor, I can’t imagine how on a concert can sit! :) The concert had to begin at 8 o’clock in the evening, but of couse like usual was delayed by 30 minutes.  But it was worth it. The stadium Olympic was full of people. People from other cities and even countries arrived to see him. The inception was like an exploded bomb, full of energy and drive. The audience was shrieking. He sang his old hits including new. It was really wow concert. I attended enough concerts and I can say he was the first who rocked the audience at once. You know, he likes to invite on the stage your fans from crowd, and this concert wasn’t exception. It was so funny like a comedy show. I laughed a lot :) He is really close to people, like to hug, kiss, take photographs, and sing together and so on :) His look was so simple, ordinary jeans, t-shirt, boots, cap, but so hot and sexy!

     In short, I don’t regret that I went; it was really awesome and stunning concert, perhaps after it I’ll become an admirer of his work. Come soon in Moscow! :) Only two minus: my feet still hurt and my voice hoarse:) My advice like of an independent expert, if he is in your city, Go!!! It was a life show!

     Here are some mine pictures

of course, very difficult to express all the impressions by photos. 

With best wishes and respect

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Slogan for MyEC!!!

Hello Dear friends and readers!!!


I am doing the project, develop PR-company. And one of the items, to make up a slogan. And I thought about our lovely English Club:)

I know my friends, you are very creative and imaginative.

Let’s make up a slogan with word “My English Club” or abbreviation “MyEC”.

I am waiting for your versions. And then, for example, we can vote for the best slogan!

What do you think?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here are mine:


You like MyEC! MyEC likes you!

My English Club a day helps you study, rest and play!

You are in Good Hands with MyEC.

Is it life, or it is MyEC?

Make MyEC yours!

And of course, we are here - Because people speak English!


With best wishes and respect.




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Who are you: lark or owl?

     Hello everybody! As all you know, there are two types of people when it comes to getting up and getting on with things. The larks are people who like to get up early and are at their best in the morning. Owls, by contrast, like to get up late and hit their best time in the evening or night. Of course we have also and third type of people, it is a dove, people who can adapt to any time and be active during all day. But let’s talk about lark and owl.

     Why do we have these two types? Anthropologists suggest that it is important for a society to have people who are alert and active all through the day, from the very early hours of the morning to the late hours of the night. But how does this basic fact of life translate into success for people at work?

     Being a morning lark or a night owl actually does impact on earning power. Larks, it seems, can expect to get better pay over the course of their careers than owls.

     But why does this make a difference to what people earn at work? Morning people get on better at work because they are more pro-active than evening people. Being seen early in the office seems to be taken as a sign that you are committed, eager, engaged and enthusiastic. Working late at night can be taken as a sign that you are not able to cope with your workload in normal working hours and something of a sign of failure. However, research shows that evening people are likely to be more creative, imaginative and reflective than morning people. They are also more likely to be humorous, intelligent and extroverted. This is why this type of person does well in creative industries like advertising where people are happy to socialise for long hours after work. Indeed, these are the places where people say they have their best ideas while enjoying the company of colleagues and work friends. Morning people by contrast are likely to be diligent, conscientious, goal-driven and optimistic.

     Dear Friends, What time is best for you? When do you feel yourself more active and productive? 

With respect and best wishes. 

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School years: paradise or hell?

     I recently looked through pictures from my prom and last call at school. Let’s look back at some time and remember our school years. For many of us, perhaps, it was the most beautiful period of life, and for other it was hell. And they still remember it with horror.

     What means for you school years? Was it paradise or hell?

     Do you remember the name of your first teacher? You can wake me at night and ask – I can answer without hesitation: Koroleva Lyubov Ivanovna :) And of course,  my form-master Khizhnyak Elena Mihailovna, who gave the ticket into adulthood. 

     What was your favourite subject?
     Were you good or bad pupil?

     Broken windows, broken doors, a visit to the director, forgery marks, signatures, a flood in class, chewing gum in a lock and cheers, spoiled a lesson and etc. I am sure many of us did it.
Perhaps you can remember and share with us your story.

     I remembered an explosion in chemistry class. I experimented with sulphuric acid (H2SO4) and then suddenly - boom. At first it was not funny after that incident, I just hated the experiments. But now remember it with a smile! It was first case in our school. Do not worry, all were alive :)

     In general, I was a good pupil. I participated in various competitions, Olympiads. Sometimes it drove me crazy. I was sick of it. And when I graduated school and I could breathe free. I was happy.

     Now do you often meet your classmates?
     Do you organize the meeting of classmates? (In Russia first Saturday of February is the meeting of classmates)

     Friends, share with us your recollections and even perhaps some pictures.

     This is my classmates and my teacher. (Last call at school). 















With best wishes,



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How not to die before you get old?


Hello friends!!! It’s my first blog. There is a short story that I read in a magazine here.

Chiako is active and healthy. She gets up at 7.00 a.m. every day and goes for a brisk walk. Three times a week she plays gate-ball - national sports - with her friends. There is nothing unusual about this, except that Chiako is 102 years old. She is not alone - there are hundreds of centenarians who lead healthy lives this in Okinawa.

Okinawa is a group of Japanese islands between Japan and Taiwan. Near the beach there is a large stone with the following proverb engraved on it: “At 70 you are still a child; at 80 you are just a youth; and at 80, if the ancestors invite into heaven, ask them to wait until you are 100 and then you might consider it”.

Okinawans manage to stay slim in old age by eating a low-calorie diet which consists of three quarter plant food and one quarter animal food.  They eat seven servings of fruit and vegetables every day and they stop eating when they are 80% full. They also keep physically active the natural way by dancing, walking, gardening and so on.

Okinawans have developed a stress-resistant personality. Nobody is in a hurry, timetables are non-existent and there is always tomorrow.

They have strong networks of friends. When someone is ill and doesn’t come to work, a neighbour will always knock on their door to find out how they are.

There’s no magiс pill. If you keep fit, if you have good friends, a healthy diet and a stress-free lifestyle, you will live longer. It’s as simple as that!


Thanks you very much for your attention. And if you find mistakes, please will correct.


Best wishes!


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