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  • 2380811588?profile=originalThank you very much for the wishes valentine.. Its nice to be a friend of you. :)



  • 2380721850?profile=original


     Thanks for your real support.

  • Have a great Night! :)
  • Thanks Valentine! =)
  • 2380614088?profile=original

    Hello valentine,

    These flowers sky for you

    and thx for u nice comments on my wall

    Hug & love

  • 2380590299?profile=originalHello Valentine,

    I invite you to join Photo Challenge#5: A Gift to Yourself

    thank you for your participations



  • 2380508638?profile=originalI was in Tatarstan territory, and I visited moscow for two days.
  • Thanks for the greeting!
    Happy New Year, too..
  • Indian Summer in Moscow? Really? In Europe the things are very crazy! hehehehe. Here the sun always appear. Here we are in a period wich we have to put our watch forward one hour, called summer time, because the days are more long in the south hemisphere spring/summer. There in Russia I think has too, doesn’t it?
    So, my favourite Russian, I need to leave. I hope that you can forgive me and I desire that we can always count on each other.
    Only one question, please. Do you know the presenter and dancer Lola Melnick? She’s from Ukraine. I’m asking it because she appeared in this week in a interview’s program. She is very beautiful and funny, and she lives in Chile today. I imagined if all the girls from your region are like her.
    Best wishes,

    Pedro Nahass
  • Oh my dear! Thousand excuses.
    In the lastest weeks I’ve had many urgent things to solve. I am passing for changes in my work. I work in a electrical project office and we took big electrical project from other regions of Brazil, thanks God. For several times I began to write to you, but never got to finish the comments. Sorry. Now, I promise to make effort me more. I know what is happening. My social life, my entertainment are lousy, very bad. Help me! I need to live! hehehehe. But I don't complain because I know, I am building a great future. Beyond my work I study electrical engeneering, and end of year is always more complicated, isn't it? I've passed my English course to saturdays and now I am in the last stage, although I haven't felt it, hehe.
    Oh my God, I have to stop this crying. I'm happy, You are here. So, I've really very admiration for your life history. Maybe in Europe have parents of differents nationalities and to be born in other country be very common, but to me would be spetacular.
    About travelling around the Europe I imagine that although everything be more near, the worry with security is spliting the people, right? Is in Russia like this too? Because here, to come inside, until Osama Bin Laden autographing, hehe. So, don't upset, it's a necessary evil.
    I founded the Valentina's Day here, ok? hehe. But I never thought that I could take it so seriously, about to answer you one time a month, hehe. Valentina's Day to me is a moment of big joy. Ok?
    I have big curiosity about Skype, but I'm very shy too, and I believe that I am not prepare to use it yet. The time zone ask a good planning because while you are awake, I’m sleeping. While you are sleeping, I’m sleeping too, hehe. But I promise to prepare the Skype soon. Right?
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