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  • Hello Valentina! (Today is Valentina's day, again),

    My heart cheered when I read your message. You will come to here. It's cool!!! And amazing!!! But I understood. A day. Ok!
    You proposed me an interesting exercise: to make a tour plan when you to arrive here, right? Everyday I think in a tour plan for me.
    Ok, let's go!
    In my State the main attractives are connected with the nature, historical cities and the cookery. So, I always dreamed to live everything. We can catch the car and to travel around my Minas Gerais, for the "Royal Road Circuit". In this route we are going to see waterfalls, mountains, forests (don't has another way, we are going to walk a lot.), the historical cities like Diamantina, Congonhas do Campo, Ouro Preto, Mariana, São João Del Rey with their Churches and works of art (sculptures), it origined from "Barroco mineiro".
    Of course, depending of when you're going to come here, we can go to events and fairs.
    My city (Nova Lima) is not a great touristic point but has a nice nature. You are going to know also my friends and relatives. My friends are very nice. We love to have a barbecue. Do you like chicken, beef and pork?
    So, for me going to be a dream welcome you in my house, my city, my country. Of course, I'm going to worry because you have differents customs and I need to speak English better than today, after all, I going to be your interpreter with everyone. Right?
    So, when do you come along??? ;-)
    I'd want to return the question for you (What will you show me in Moscow? For me, only a coffee in a Cafe near the Red Square with you is more than enough.

    Take care,
    See you,

    Pedro Nahass
  • Hello Aleftina! (or Valentina? - Valentina's day. I love it!)
    I'm fine, thanks.
    Recently, I have had little time to visit this site too, but when I have a little time, I use my very best.
    I'd like to apologize because I am so anxious and excited, then I write a lot about differents things. I'm a bit crazy.
    So, sorry. I'll take care from now.
    So, I've liked of the opportunity to learn English with you and other friends of ideal. It's an unique and great chance.
    I fell that I am improving my English. I already began courses of English several times, but the last one have 10 months. Unfortunately I don't have many opportunities to practice English. I know many people that speak English but I am very shy. The time don't also help. I intend to get around it.
    So, my friend, thanks your precious attention.
    I'd like that you speak a bit about your moving from Germany to Russia. Could you?
    Best wishes,
    Take care,
    See you.
  • thanks for comments nice to be your freind

  • Hi Aleftina,don't worry ,we can communication by other way,not skype.have you been china ? ,may russian friends travel to sanya of the southeast china,there is the tropical city all years.
  • Hi Aleftina! Don't worry. I only hope that you have been always fine.
    I'm very, very impressed and delighted with the paisson in your words. Your country is truely a different world.
    Did you born in Germany? With how many years did you go to live in Russia? Where are your parents from? Do you speak German too? Do you have relatives there?
    Would be very spectacular I can visit the Red Square, at night and still snowing. I've never seen snow. The most small temperature here never pass down of 5ºC (41F) and the south is much to the south to this experience, hehe.
    Did you say that in Moscow is there a guard of honor equal in London? How much time they stand still?
    A thing that I envy of you, Europeans, is the ease to travel. You are very integrated, what become you people more sensible and interesting, an well of culture.
    Your knowledge about your country and question about my first travel to go abroad made me to reflect about my relationship with my country. I think that I need to know more my country. But, I don't running of the question, I don't sure where I would like to go firstly. Maybe the United Kingdom (England and Scotland mainly) because I've a great affection, liking for the English history and culture. I wouldn't get explain it. After I'd go through Portugal, Spain (for the Compostela's way), France (I'd take much time there too), Germany (Berlim), Italy (Roma and Vatican - a long time) and Russia (Stalingrado- Petersburg and Moscow - a lot, very, much, long time). In Russia I'd like to travel by train for the Transiberian (9200 km). What do you think about the last one? Maybe would be more interesting if I had visit Russia firstly.
    So, thank you for your words. It has made me to feel more near of Russia.
    I hope to have this great opportunity a day.
    Best wishes,
    Take care,
    See you!!!
  • Hello Aleftina. How are you?
    How are your study of English?
    Did already rain for there?
    For here the weather continues dry and cold.
    Have you liked My EC site? Have you improved your English?
    Take care,
    See you!
  • I had put the song "Seio de Minas" (Minas's breast).
    After I translate the lyric. Ok?
    Now are 12 p.m Sunday. I need to sleep. I'm going to wake up 6 a.m tomorrow morning, hehe.
    A great week for you.
    Take care.
    See you.
  • Hi Aleftina,

    nice to meet you too. can you let me have you skype? my skype ID is crystalsun36.i interest in Russian, and hope to learn Russian from you.
  • Hello Aleftina,

    If Had I already been in Russia? No, I hadn't. It's not because I didn't have will, because I desire a lot. In the truth, I never went out from Brazil. Did you already? I like a lot of History, mainly from Russia, Europe and US because had always much repercussion around the world. Reserches said that the education in Brazil is bad, but here we study, besides of the Brazilian History, Latin America History, North American, European, African, Russian and until Australian History. Sorry, I am confiding in you because if you ask for an North American what's the Brazil's Capital, he will answer Buenos Aires. It's a terrible offense. Ok, ok, sorry, I'm angry, hehe.
    So, in this comment I won't to transcript the second music because I'm in a hurry (I am working now. 4 p.m here. You must be sleeping now, so, I go speak softly, ok?)
    I would like to know what do you like in your country, State or city?
    When I to travel to Russia what couldn't I miss to visit?
    So, thanks for your attention and patience.
    Brazilian's regards!
    See you!

    "Live and Learn" ;-)
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