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When I was a teenage girl. I saw everything through rose-coloured glasses. Life seems to be very easy because I don't take care of the cost of living. The only thing I have to worry about is my homework, test, examination. I am willing to do anything without fear of failure. The more I grow up, the more things I have to worry about. I face the unpleasant side of life. I see everything more realistic. When you see a problem realistically, you will evaluate failure rate and success rate. So you become hesitant, careful before deciding to do anything. You will make less mistakes but you are less courageous too. But if you always live in your rose-coloured world, you feel everything is well, so you don't want to improve it.

What do you think about this theme?

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Music is a magical medicine

I'm in a bad mood this morning. There are too many troubles about work, money, family that make me so tired. But like everyday, I have to go to office, open my laptop and start my assignment. When i play a music, lightly and deeply melody, I forgot momentarily upset. Then I realise that we face troubles everyday. Frustration does not solve anything. Let try to smile and face it. Music is truly a miracle medicine.

Have a nice day all.

The Vietnamese song I am listening 

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What do you love in your job?

Fist, I want to tell about my job.

I majored in Architecture at University for 5 years. When i was a high school student, It's difficult to choose a future major. The only reason that I decide to become an architect is nobody in my class choose it and I feel special. What a childish thought at that time. But now, I realise that It is an important quality when you work related to art that you always want to do everything in a special way.

What do you think about an Architect? You image to who always stay up late, have talent in painting, earn a lot of money or what? It's not about me. Like all other professions, there are only a few architects succeeded and become famous. I'm not a job lover but i love the way this job changed my mind. I was quite timid before. But now I become more sociable. I like observing everything and enjoy it. The saying I like best is "LESS IS MORE', the more simple the more beautiful. And I really love the feeling when people live in house is designed by me. My first design is my parent's house. I'm so happy when see how they proud of me. It was the most meaningful thing I did in my life.

There are also negative thing in my job. Sometimes you can't do what you like, you have to do what your clients or your boss like even if you think it's silly. I don't know in your country how people think about Architect but in my country the most of clients think that design is so easy, you just draw quickly and earn their money. 

What is your job? Let share about what you like or don't like in your job.

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Travel alone

When do you travel alone? When you have time and money to go, but your friends don't have. Or simply because you like.

I realise that when we start to work, earn money, our time fund is not the same. So it's difficult to plan a journey together. Initially. I did that because there was no choice but after all, it is all about myself.

Solo travel has many advantages. You do what you like when you want and where you go, you're on your own schedule. When you travel alone, you will focus on discovering the culture, architecture, art, nature... etc more than entertainment. You easily make friends with other travellers and locals. You find it more challenging, more surprises.

My nearest trip was Singapore-Malaysia trip in December this year. I experienced a very memorable trip because it is the first time I travel abroad alone. I plan all thing like choosing the destination, booking homestay and air ticket by myself. In my trip, I received special treatment of many kind people. After all, I'm not only known how to set up an effective plan but also broaden my knowledge about a new culture, have new friends.

How about you? Tell me about your memorable trip or tips to have an enjoyable trip.


Finally, thanks for reading. If I have any grammar mistake or have a better way to express, let leave your correction.


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How do your preferences change?

I feel that my favorite thing like kind of favorite music, kind of favorite movie, favorite colour..vv have changed so much compared to 2 years ago. When i was in college I like striking color because I want to look outstanding. But now i like pastel color or dark color such as moss, beige, ochre...vv. 
I think change of living enviroment will affect to your mind and also your preferences. When you change your job or change your accomodation and you meet other people, you will have new perspective on life.
This is about my opinion. How do you think about this?

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