Happy National Black Cat Day!

Today is National Black Cat Day. Black cats need a bit of TLC at this time of year, because they are traditionally associated with witchcraft and evil. Some people think it's bad luck if a black cat crosses your path. Of course, black cats are…

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Tara Benwell commented on Grace's video
"Heartwarming! "
Jun 24, 2019
Tara Benwell commented on Robbie's video
"This song sure is getting a lot of airplay here in Canada! What is it about this song that makes…"
Jun 24, 2019
Tara Benwell commented on ESL Teacher LJ's video
"For those who learn best by reading, check out the Lay or Lie? page on EnglishClub, and try…"
Jun 24, 2019
Tara Benwell commented on Tara Benwell's video
"This video is now on Vimeo for anyone who can't access YouTube. "
Jun 24, 2019
Tara Benwell commented on Tara Benwell's video
"Hi Onee-chan. Gimme is very informal in most English-speaking countries, but in Jamaica it is quite…"
Jun 24, 2019
Tara Benwell commented on Shoaib Yunus's video
"Excellent video and tips about the importance of speaking practice! Thank you for taking the time…"
Jun 24, 2019
Tara Benwell commented on Tara Benwell's video
"@Expector, you can't see it on FB, right? I've uploaded the actual video there rather than the YT…"
Jun 24, 2019
Tara Benwell commented on Tara Benwell's video
"@Marie, I think you can still order one here: http://www.cafepress.com/englishclub"
Jun 24, 2019

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  • Hi Tara,
    I want to thank you and moderators for adding me to the list of top members. It's an honour for me!
    Have a good time with your family and your writing!

  • Hey, I think you mean " a live",, it should be "alive" sorry but looks like the " a " had a fight with " live". Cheers.
  • Ha Haa Hollywood is too much lol, Thank you very much for your support Tara :) I believe I can fly.
    MyEC Idol, Sounds a good idea, why not making it alive?? as a side challenge, or monthly best song singing. This is very helpful to improve English language. To record my voice singing was an old idea, Because of your poetry voice recorded challenge it became a live, and I felt I must do it. That is all because of your support and bright ideas. Thank you so much. And If you want to make MyEC idols please let me know, so I can share with you some ideas, this thing needs a good advertisement.Yours.Night
  • Hi Tara,
    Welcome to our group. Our main goals here are to have some fun while learning a few things new to us, and of course, getting some good English practice. I hope you will enjoy some of our quizzes and short articles relating to tools (which by definition includes almost anything made by humans), industry in general, and process equipment. Of course we have a lot of leeway with our topics and some wonderful minds who will surprise everyone with some good topics. : - ) Bob
  • vancouver is the third larger town in canada bigger than ottaw and smaller than montreal , but the question is , do you leave near to me or something
  • Hi dear Tara ...

    How are you doing ?I hope that everything is going on great over there ...
    Thanks for notifying me of your new writing challenge ...
    I enjoyed it so much ...Thanks for sharing your nice ideas with us ...

    About the pic atop my wall....That is not my family in the pic ...It is a pic of an Iranian movie called "Tala o Mes " meaning "copper and gold" ...It has sorta traditional Iranian theme ...It is about a family which is somewhat poor but they live on by creating deep love among themselves ...
    As I liked the movie ,I put that picture atop my wall ...

    Anyway ,again thanks for your new writing challenge ...this month ,I thought you won't publish it since we had a reading-together challenge as you mentioned ...I enjoy reading your posts which help us collaborate and have a good time together with all other members ...You keep our club alive and full of energy ...Thanks ...

    Have a great time
  • so thanks to accept my friendship i really appreciate it . i am from Sudan it's an area in Africa and middle east in same time . i from the capital khartoum it's very big town larger than toronto . it's consist of three cities umdurman , bahri . khartoum. i leave in the first it's the older . but i am working in the third . i am working as call center agent in communication company that's why i always like to improve beside i love English language . and now i am learning french . i am not going to ask you to tell me about canada because i know huge information about it,but just give me a little hint about your home town(the name) thanks again , and i wish to hear from you soon
  • I face a problem with chat room, would you please see this blog.
  • hi Tara Benwell ,nice to meet you , sure I'll not be alone when I become a member of this club. thanks a lot ! best wish for you!
  • Hi Tara,
    I only just saw your comment - Many thanks :)
    Hope you enjoyed the latest film!
    Best wishes,
This reply was deleted.