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  • Hey accept my gift
  • All women are witches to some extent
  • Hello dear Tanya am from Sudan an african country i wanna 2 progress my situation in english skill so am V. glad that i became amember of ur site. here in my country every thing in arabic so i need alot of time to improve tell me how can i do to speak fluant and practice it wz other friend tell me any plan to bigin really i need YOU more than i can say
    plz reply me coz i need yuor advise
    thanks from Sudan
  • Have a nice weekend!
  • Hi Tanya....
    Thanks for being my new friend
    I hope i can improve my english after i joined My English Club n have many friends in here..
    Nice to meet u, Tanya.....
  • hi tanya. I really want to have a time to learn English by face to face to improve my English speaking . So can you help me
  • hi tanya i want to speak fluent english so teach me ?????????
  • hey tanya,
    could you please tell me when we use the "do" or "did"
    before or after verbs,i mean in some occasion,the DO, DOES and DID accompany with other verbs, like this expample:"do credit me with little intelligence", in this sentenses both of "do" and "credit" embody verbs.
    thanks, :)
  • I am also glad that I can be here.
    Weather is really great!
    Gena also sends you a great-great greeting
  • Hello! How are you? I have been working the MyEnglishClub thanks to you for having advised me to connect Google Chrome. Thank you! And thanks for the postcard! I miss you too, by!
This reply was deleted.

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