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My Experience with EC

Hello Everyone,

I'm not very choosy when it comes to write. My EC have given us a great platform to improve our English. I remember I took so much time to write my 1st Blog.

It was about EC members, I dedicated that blog to some of my good friends in EC. I made so many friends in EC from different countries. It was a great experience.

I may not be good in writing but trust me I'm much better than before.

My friends helped me improving my English, we used to have conference calls on Skype. First time we talked with each other and figured out that some people are only poor in writing but they are good in speaking. And some people were only shy in speaking, so we decided to talk to each others when we're free. And after few time, we all had great improvement.

So this is my story with EC, I learnt so much through this website and had fun as well.

So I want you to write as much as you can, and try to speak as much as you can. Soon you'll have great improvement.

I'm sure people will find the mistakes i made in this blog. And I'll appreciate such response.

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My strange feelings

We're living in a 21st century, the time is running so fast. The competition is so tough, people are really working hard to earn a better living. So do I!

Sometimes I feel that I'm running and running, even I'm tired and exhausted but I am not stop running. I'm scared of something. And I keep running.

I'm tired, and I keep running. I'm carrying a lot of weight on my shoulders. It looks like my shoulders doesn't carry the weight anymore. I feel lot of burden on them. 

People say don't give up so easily, you do your best. You struggle and you keep struggling but in the end you find yourself no where. You find people laughing at you, they're surrounded by the people who tease you and discourage you. When you look around yourself, you find yourself alone. You don't give up and you ignore all the criticism and keep struggling. There are many more runners along with you, but they are not carrying any burden. 

People keep distracting me and discouraging me, they tell me the things i don't wanna hear. From their point of view they are encouraging me. But I don't need that.

Who am I to them?

No one

Then why they pretend like they care?

People say being bad is easy but being good and remain good is so difficult. I'm not lying i tried to hate people around me but couldn't really do so. I always tried bad things to become bad but couldn't become one. Maybe I'm bad for some but what I know that I'm not bad to all.

I'm keeping things in my heart which I want to throw out, therefore I've chosen to write a blog about it.

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I'm really glad to see that many people participated in luzzi writing challenge. That was really an interesting task.

I think we really enjoyed reading some blogs. Now it's time to move to another topic. I've chosen a tittle which is very interesting and the reason I've selected this tittle because I wanna read cherish and fun things.

Everyone who's interested should write a blog about below tittle, there is no limit of words. It's up to you how you attract the users.

One Special day 


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What do you need the very most at this moment?

A good education?

A good Job?

A carrier ?


Every individual goals are important to you, some are short terms and other's long. Yet not one of these is as important as breathing.

If you have been unable to breath for 39 seconds, you would have given up all your own in order to breath again. In other minute or so, you'd have lost consciousness . Brain death will follow in other 2 or 3 minutes. And your life will be an end.........................

Do we live our life like one day we've an end? 

We don't?

Who knows tomorrow could be your day.

Just keep in your mind and live everyday of your life like it's your last day. We don't really know that how closer we're to an end. So live your life in good, humble and peaceful way, don't rush for the things which are not really important.......

I'm not a philosopher or a big writer, you're old enough to understand the things. I don't have to tell you what life is, you all know very well. But perhaps you've forgotten.

_______________________________Thank You for reading ________________________________


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A Page from my diary

It was a tense situation for me, I was so much worried that night. I tried to fall asleep but couldn't, i set on a chair and started to think about my troubles. And I started to write on a white paper, I was talking to myself.

I shared my thoughts and feelings on a white paper, I had lost something very precious. No one was worried about me, I was alone and it was so hard to let go something which you had for years. 

I wanted to share my feelings with someone but with whom, there was no one to listen to me. 

I saw the clock, I made another attempt to sleep at 4 am but couldn't sleep then I decided to go outside. I took a shower at 4 am. I wore my warm clothes and drove my car to beach. And I bought coffee and sandwich from a shop which was on my way to beach. Now the view was really beautiful, the sun was rising.  I opened the trunk of my car and pull the chair out and I set on that chair.

Now I was feeling better, after the shower and having breakfast specially when you're so hungry makes you feel better.

And when sun started to smile at me, I forgot about my troubles for a while and I thought that still I've many things like a good health to enjoy a beautiful day. 

I set there almost for 3 hours. I got a call from my mom, she asked me if I'm OK. I told her I'm good, you don't worry. I didn't tell her that I have so much things to tell. I pretended like nothing changed.

to be continue......

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At first I thought about that who could be the one whom I want to invite at dinner. I'm not miser person but I think if you invite someone at your home for dinner. You should cook something at home otherwise you can take him/her to a restaurant. 

There is no one who ever impressed me, that's another fact that I love watching Shakira's dance, but never ever thought to spend or share time with her.

I love spending time with people with whom I can feel comfortable and enjoy my time by sharing ideas and laughter. 

So I'd like to invite the following EC members for dinner.





Michelle Yang

I don't really cook at home, I usually take my dinner at restaurant because I'm living alone. So These ladies will cook delicious food which we'll eat together. Because they're not just guest but good friends of mine. And I hope they'll not mind cooking :D at hosts or friend's home.

And also I'll eat home made food :D. I think that would be fun together. 

I'll wash the dishes, so no one can say that I took advantage of my guests :D

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Hello Everyone,

This is my participation in Garima's writing challenge, find below the beginning of the story by Garima.

Carrie Allen took a deep breath and sat down on the couch in the drawing room next to Brad, twin brother. She knew their father going to give them a bad news. She glanced at Brad who shook his head. He appeared just as shocked as she was that their father had called them into the room. Their father sat in the chair across from them with a serious look in his face.She didn't want to hear what he would say next but knew she didn't have a choice. She was aware of the ticking the grandfather clock in the corner of the room as she waited for him to speak.

"Brad, Carrie, that isn't easy to say", Their father paused. "I am bankrupt"...................................

Please find below my part of story to finish it.

Mr. Allen told his children not to tell their mom immediately about this disaster news, as she has left few days to live. Mrs. Allen was suffering from a disease and she was on last stage and Doctor informed them that she can live maximum 10 days. 

Mrs. Allen was a great lady who supported her family in all circumstances, but now she was tired and she knew that her time is close and soon she has to leave her family. Mrs. Allen taught good things to their children, she taught them about sharing things and distributing things in poor. She taught them that poor people are also human. They deserve everything we've. 

Mrs. Allen also played a big role to change his husband's attitude towards poor people. 

As they were talking to each other  suddenly Mrs. Allen entered in the room. She passed a smile to her family, everyone was happy as she doesn't know anything.

But she said, My sweet heart and my lovely children do you really think that such news can destroy our happiness. She looked at her husband and said. Oh my love, I'm so thankful to you for the beautiful life I've lived with you. I heard your discussion with each other.

Mr. Allen said to her wife, I can't really compete you. You are the greatest person I ever met and the most cute lady.

She said, I'm not greater than my husband neither cute like him. Whole family hugged each other.

Mr. Allen's family was popular among their friends and family not for their wealth but for their kind attitude. Mr. Allen decided to visit his uncle who invited them many times but due to the work load they couldn't manage to visit him.

Mr. Allen wanted to spend maximum time with her wife and he said such news can't change his mind or love for his wife.

Now all family went to visit their uncle and they told him everything about their wealth status and Mrs. Allen's health.

Mrs. Allen spent her last days with his loving husband. They never stop loving each other and even both kids never imagined to live without their mom. But Mrs. Allen died after few days. Mr. Allen and the kids realized that they lost their real asset. There was only one thing in everyone's mind and that was Mrs. Allen and her loving attitude. 

The kids never let Mrs. Allen die, Mr. Allen found all the good habits in his children. Children adopted good things from her mother. They started a new life, they had a believe that they can have everything back if they struggle except Mrs. Allen.



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I'm really touched with the blogs I've read about "my father". So I feel like sharing my feelings and the moments I had with my father. My father was a strict man, and I was stubborn kid.

We were very poor, it was really hard for him to fulfill my wishes. Even riding a bicycle was a dream for me, but he did everything what he could do for us. I used to complain every time to God for the things I don't have in my life. I was not mature to understand the things as well as I can understand today.

I remember that I told him that I'm gonna quit my study if he will not buy a bicycle for me.I said that without noticing the fact that it's really hard for him to make my dream come true. But any how he managed to buy a bicycle for me. My dreams were gone more bigger that his pocket, now I was little mature than before.

I could understand our financial problems, it was very hard for my father to bear the expenses of my education. He was working extra hours to complete our needs, but I never realized his contribution and efforts to fulfill our need. 

I had no idea about the world outside from home, my demands were getting bigger. I was the most stubborn among my siblings. I was grown up, I never had the dare to speak with my father. He was a strict person, i was like if i will say anything rubbish he's gonna punch right at my face. 

One day my father asked me to go somewhere with him, we started to walk. I had no idea where we were going. He said, Ali you're grown up! I'm tired, i can't handle your attitude anymore. Every day your mom complains about you. It's not a good thing that I beat you for your bad attitude with your siblings and with others. You're hell of a young guy, i never showed my bad attitude to my father. He was the one who used to understand my feelings. We were still walking, i felt comfortable with him and i thought that he's really in good mood today. I started to explain the things to him, i told him that my siblings do the things i don't like. They do the stuff I hate, and they keep doing it just to make me angry. And mom always take their side. I always saw his face like he's worried about something, but i never dare to ask him that what are his problems.

In 30th June 2007, My sister got a call from outside. She yelled and she started to cry, the phone was dropped from her hand. I immediately picked the phone and I came to know that my father is dead. I was 17 years old that time. Now I went to a flash back and realized his love for his family. He never talked about his dreams, he was very busy in completing his children dreams. 

I wish I could tell my father that how much I love him. And I'm sorry if i ever hurt your feelings. Please forgive me. Dad I'm taking care of your children, wherever you're please forgive your son. I hate myself dad, i hate when someone says that I'm a nice guy. I hate myself! Please forgive me. You are the best dad in this world. I'm so proud of you. I love you so much. 

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I am very angry.

I'm done being kind with everyone, I believe this is the most stupid thing I ever learned from the society. People advice me, don't use bad words, you're a nice person, be kind with others. Enough...........enough..........if i can't show my anger, then it will kill me. I can't keep everything in my heart, i need to tell someone I hate him, I hate him more than anyone on this world. I don't care whether he likes or not but it's true. I can't pretend to be a nice person every time.

There is a limit for everything, there is no one to listen to me when I'm angry. And I don't show my anger to anyone, i greet every colleague of mine with smile. I sent an email to product manager, rather than replying to my email. He came to my office and said, looks like you've too much free time to send emails. 

I said this is not an official response to my email, and how dare you said such thing to me. He asked me to slow down my volume, I said you've no idea what you said to me. I couldn't control myself, I'm proud of my service and my work has been a satisfactory to my management. 

Then this bank staff, I went to apply for a loan. They've Saudi Staff, they made many objections earlier. It was 7th time. Now everything was right according to their requirement, after waiting for several hours. I took a long breath and smiled and said. Now everything is Ok, please proceed my request. He said, I'm very busy could you please come tomorrow. I said I'm waiting for last three hours, please don't do this to me. He said if you can wait, then we can proceed your request. I waited for another hour then he said sorry I can't proceed your request you've to come tomorrow. How would you response to such guy, I said I'm not a free man, this is 7th time I came. This is how you treat your customers. He said it's better for you to come tomorrow, I said I don't need a loan......................It's better for me.....I teared all documents in front of him......Don't be kind with such people.....don't follow other's instruction.....This is your life, if you're angry show it to others.....Don't care about the shame you'll face.....

No need to live a perfect life....Sometimes anger brings a big positive change in your life.....stop living a puppet life....

You can't keep things in your heart every time.... Tell a person that you minded when he laughed ...I am happy when people call me crazy for my behavior...I helped people who needs my help I don't help greedy people...I'm angry......I paid like 300$ to mechanic because there was one sound coming from my car engine....When i drove my car to check if the problem is gone I found the problem is still there......I should be angry....I earn money with my efforts and hard work, I won't let anybody take it in vain. I do respect hard working people but I hate cheaters....

Time to smoke....please don't advice me to quit smoking this time.......if you need to write a your anger for advice no wise words....please..................................

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Hi Everyone, many members know me very well. I'm Syed Faisal Ali from Pakistan, but staying in Saudi Arabia for last six years. One of my classmate from my college, who is also working in Saudi Arabia. But he lives in a different city. So we never met before in Saudi Arabia until last Friday, he told me that he really wants to meet me and spend the whole day with me.

So we both agreed to meet on last Friday, he informed me that he will take a bus to reach me. The bust stop is 25 KM away from my apartment. 

He told me that he'll reach to the bus station at 6:00 P.M on Thursday, I was really busy on Thursday due to the work load and I realized that time that it's not possible to pick him in time. So I called another friend of mind who lives near to the bus station. I asked my friend if he can provide my friend pick up service as I'm very busy. He agreed, he picked my friend and took him straight to his apartment.

Now my friend informed me that I've already received your guest from bus station and now he's in my apartment. He asked me if I've to offer him food or you've another plan like dinning out?

I said, you're intelligent! Of course I've some another plans as he's my very old friend and I want to treat him in special way. I've arranged a BBQ party and you're invited as well.

Another friend of mine took care of arranging the BBQ party, i informed him that I cannot arrange anything just in a short time. So kindly arrange a BBQ party and invite all our friends. He said not to worry about anything, you can finalize all your issues and just be here at 11:00 P.M.

I reached to my friend apartment where my old friend was waiting for me, It was like 6 years since we met face to face. We were in touch through the help of Mobile. We hugged each other and we were really happy to see each other, the way we hugged each other. Another friend of mine said looks like two childhood friends are together after a long time. Then I introduced them to each other.

I was still wearing a suit, as I reached there straight from my office. But my clothes were in back trunk of my car, so I changed my clothes and we went to a cafe at 8:00 P.M. 

I ordered tea and another friend ordered tea as well, but my old friend ordered coffee. And I ordered french fries for everyone. Me and my old friend shared our epic moments and we laughed a lot while recalling that epic moments. We realized that the time has really changed us, we're very mature comparing the time which is gone and would never come back.

While having such wonderful conversation, we didn't realize that we've to be at friend's home before 11:00 P.M. The same time my friend called me and said, man it's almost 11:00 P.M and there is no sign of you. I said three of us are heading straight to your location and will reach there in maximum 15 minutes.

To Be continued ...... 

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