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I heard people from Jalna district a district place about 60 kms from Aurangabad where I reside (also a district place) get drinking water from corporation once in 15 days. Last few months we are getting it once in two days.

I was talking to a friends from a beer producing company. He said 70% of the water supply is cut. company cannot afford water supplies by tankers and it is feared that these companies would look for alternate places which means there will be loss of jobs for people working in these companies.

In 1972 there was drought here which was worst and people had to migrate. same is feared again. Some fear third world war will be due to water crisis only. We may feel a beginning.

Seasons are changing, rainy season is not the same as it was earlier. so, whats going wrong? Are we going far off from nature and trying to be in a concrete jungle.

Can we find out some solutions and share it across?

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Welcoming New Year

Hi all, about 27 hours from now on (in India), we will be entering into 2013. So many centuries have passed by, generations have witnessed these unique entries in the new year. Millions of SMSes are ready to shoot, emails have pulled up their sleeves, shops are lighted to attract customers, hotels are being booked to boos, eat and dance, people are ready to forget negative events happened in 2012 and are wishing to have positive thoughts flowing across the globe. 

There is great economic impact of the arrival of new year. Businesses of hotels, breweries (bars), greetings, gifts, cakes, electrification make a great business and earn huge in just a day.

While all can enjoy this, there are few who cannot enjoy it, the way people in general do. They are doctors attending emergencies, they are patients who are admitted in the hospitals, they who lost their beloved ones just recently and THE SOLDIERS of all countries who provide us secured life.

Lets us wish them all a great new year. I wish all EC members & their families a very happy and prosperous new year. 

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In my earlier blog I had a mention of trying to think about world peace by bloggers as a contribution through blogging. How can it be done? One of the effective ways would be `sharing ideas` of `how` can this be achieved. 

I am trying to share one here:

WP idea 1: Help people to open up

Peace is difficult to achieve if our expressions are pending. each of us are very happy when we are able to openly share any thing we wish to. Few of us can do it, however, most of us cannot not due to many reasons like illiteracy, cultural impact, social issues like females not allowed to express their views openly in some communities.

expressions can be verbal or non verbal. They are stress relievers. In fact, in our personality or career counseling sessions, we give first importance to the aspect of `open and complete` expressions. This can be promoted within families, educational institutions (more important), companies and all such places.

ll negative actions we come across like theft, rapes, corruption, depression, stress are the results of incomplete expressions.

Can we on EP provide a platform for all those who wish to open up their heart and share their problems, and we all try to provide solutions. It can be EP - Open Expressions Platform.

Share your views, it can be a very good contribution on the eve of 2013.



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Christmas is approaching, preparations are on large scale, irrespective of many blows people are ready to welcome the thoughts of Jesus Christ. 

Lets imagine what would happen if all GOD like personalities like Jesus, Krishna, Allah, Buddha & many more take birth again to check what has happened to their work across the world. They will obviously focus on what is going wrong as they are not worried about whats going in the right way. May be they will come across the following: (there can be exceptions to whatever is mentioned):

1. Their teaching is misused by the very people who are suppose to protect it. 

2. Religion is wrongly connected with spirituality while they are entirely `different` by its nature and practice. Religion which was supposed to `unite`has in fact `divided` people.  

3. Rulers have used religion to amass a great wealth and reputation.

4. The holy places have become the `trade` centers. While these places are the richest, there are poor, just near to these places, who are struggling to meet both ends.

5. Development of science and technology has created more `destruction` than `construction`. 

6. Human values are last priority.

7. Honesty has become an act of pretending,

8. The gap between the rich and the poor is widening day by day.

9. Black & white, male & female discrimination still persists.

10. Water scarcity is about to become a reason for third world war and very less is happening to protect it.

11. Educated people have lost their power to help struggling community. they are more selfish now.

12. Under the name of `knowledge` only `information` is shared by educational institutions.  

13. Media is over acting.

14. In places like India, Politics is of the lowest quality and it has become a matter of `mockery`

15. earth temperature is growing and has become a threat.

16. pollution is also threatening lives.

17. Communities are fighting within. 

18. Prayers are becoming a formality. 

In short `peace` is at stake and `prosperity` is superficial. They would all think `what really went wrong in our teaching`.

Merry Christmas ! 

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I have located a strong correlation between personality development and economic theories as a part of Xplore Theory. (This theory is kept as open source on EC for people to use and experiment). Following is an exercise to check if we can locate any / many points related with personality development and economics. You may try to share, when you locate.

Definition of Robbins:

  • Economic is a science which studies human behavior as a relationship between ends (wants) and scares means which have alternative uses. 

I will share its analysis after two-three days to establish a correlation.

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we can think of promoting `world peace` as single most key value to bring in `real` prosperity to not only mankind but also to the entire living being. 

Peace has a power much bigger than violence. No once likes violence except `the rulers`. violence is `man made (or `ruler made` to be specific)  and peace is `natural`. There are many brains carrying great ideas about `how` world peace can be achieved. Some are openly fighting the mighty rulers, some are writing books and poems, some are planning to die for it. Blogs can certainly do it, in much better way. 

Ideas are greatest wealth and bloggers can create this wealth. can we think of this (world peace ideas) on EC?

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replace `problem` by `challenge`

This is a very small experiment, which we introduced in our learning programs. 

We often comment or come across the dialog "I have a problem, there are many problems we are facing in the company, the person is really a problem, how to solve this problem, when can I come out from financial problems, our government itself is a big problem, machine is problematic one.

Just try to replace the word `problem` by `challenge` for the simple reason that `problem` represents negative energies and `challenge` a positive one. `Problem` creates stress, `challenge helps to forget stress.

Try it out and share your experiences. 

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Good morning

All mornings are good..naturally & spiritually. Personally, professionally and socially they can be `good or bad`as `bad` is `absence of good`. Wishing `good morning` is sharing happiness again gaining energies. So, keep doing it to as many people as possible.

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Blogging for a cause

Hello all,

In continuation with the suggestion blog `blogging for a cause`, can we try to locate a common cause for which we can write on EC which also suits EC objectives.

Some common issues can be (a) rising temperature (b) pollution (c) world peace (d) health care (e) sharing about people who are taking efforts to address some social cause (f) Solutions to employability problems (g) Language skills etc.

EC members can try to finalize the list and take up few (say 2) issues as `priority` after voted by members as `priority`.

You all may like to suggest.

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Dear all, just a reminder. reading skills results into analyzing skills, helping us in achieving better success in whatever career we select.

Analysis of the thought under title:

  1. Up to a certain age (say 15), we are dependent on parents and society in general to make progress.
  2. It is expected, particularly if we are gaining academic education, that we take over our own development from others (parents).  
  3. This requires great deal of understanding of self. This awareness is the responsibility of families and educational institutions as well.
  4. It is seen that many are dependent on their parents till late in their age. They feel that it is always the responsibility of parents and society (government) to feed them for the whole life.
  5. Few families develop this feeling in young minds by not allowing to get exposure to external world. 
  6. There are examples of young ones who take responsibility to take care of their family, they realize this in their early age `the need` for doing something constructive.
  7. while doing this they are very much aware that this is going to contribute in their future life.. 
  8. This feeling of being `responsible` renders great professional and personal skills and makes life safer.
  9. `Today` represents current state of our degree of success versus what we have planed or dreamed while `what` represents the current status of our personal or professional life.
  10. example: If I am a good successful entrepreneur, i am responsible for it, if not, then also I am responsible for it (exceptions can be failures due to natural calamities, however, there are examples of successful entrepreneurs who could plan for it). If I am good performing employee, I am responsible for it. If I am a good successful `president` of a country with positive contributions in life of citizens, I am responsible for it. 
  11. The phrase gets replaced with `we` in place of `I` when it comes to families and nations.  It becomes `we are responsible for what we are able today` pointing towards responsibilities of `teams`, teams of family members, teams of employees, teams of citizen and in today's context `teams of globizens`. 
  12. This means that we will be responsible for tolerating non sense going on in families, companies, cities in which we stay and nations (governing non sense) of which we are important part. 

Enjoy xploring analitical skills..

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Good morning (In India now) - Yesterday onward I started sharing Xplore Theory which is informal, in the sense that this theory is not an outcome of an academic exercise, but due to habit of Xplorations. (reading earlier blog on theory contents will connect readers properly with this one)

As kids, from day 1 of our birth we start our Xplorations..we try to learn small things. right from trying to hold any small object in hand to lift heavy objects, all happens through these xplorations..we enjoy while doing it..there is no fear of failure, there is no stress (stress is on others), however, we learn, we learn it to a certain degree of accuracy. This in Xplore theory is `informal learning` experience. It is also seen that we do what we love and like to & we also get it. (example chocolates) 

Suddenly, after we start going to formal education called school, we pull ourselves back from this great experience of Xplorations (there can be some exceptions)..more because, we are compelled to learn some subjects which we love & like while some which we hate..  

The subjects which we love and like are natural inclinations of ours. They give us POWERS (talents). Its possible that some subjects we start loving later part of academics.

Xplore theory does not blame academic syllabus or people, however, it challenges the way it is conducted..and the way natural inclinations are suppressed or oppressed.

Whenever, our natural inclinations are suppressed or oppressed, stress is ready to enter into our life. Other way round, Xplore theory says that if any one is carrying any stress, try to locate where natural inclinations are at stake and try to reach out to them. However, with a system..

As an xplore exercise, readers may try to locate their natural inclinations. Find out what degree of these inclinations are practiced in real life. If it is less, find out what is the method to improve its degree of practice in real life..slowly you will find world is changing for you, stress is going down, confidence is up, themes and concepts are flowing and the like.

Enjoy Xplorations..


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Dear all,

As committed in my earlier blog, I intend to share my invention, an informal theory `Xplore`. The aim is to help many to use this theory and achieve success in life. It is not copy righted as theory is based on `natural powers` bestowed by nature on human. This is because the theory is based on direct and indirect contributions by many since my birth till date, including books.  Here are some points as an extract of the theory. (A book is being written on this)

1. `Xplore` assumes ignorance (micro and macro) as `root cause` of all human sufferings and knowledge as the only remedy on removing it. Example poverty is a result of `large scale ignorance`. (to understand `ignorance` we use `sanskrit` word `Gyan).

2.  `Xplore` also makes distinction between `knowledge and information`. Unfortunately, today these word are used as synonyms by many creating lot of confusions, conflicts and stresses.

3. when we receive an academic degree, we carry information. After the information gained is processed properly, we reach a state of `enlightenment` (remember Archimedes's UREKKA in the bath room !), this is `knowledge`.

4. Theory has used two dictionary meanings of the verb `to explore`. (a) to travel over to learn more (interpreted as `thirst of knowledge` example man reached on moon to gain knowledge shows the degree of this thirst and its result)  . (b) examine thoroughly (micro learning of the subject we love and like, this is seen in research people or scientists).

5. Xplore talks about natural powers nature has bestowed on human (living in general) by way of talents, right during the time when mother was conceiving us in a seed form. Hence, we do not have to gain these powers (talents) as we already have them. we only have to feel it through risk free experiments.  

6. Theory also comments that had these powers not been there, we would not have grown in womb itself and later in full human body. The power of seed is manifested by fully grown tree,  an expression of the natural power. (I suggest to watch videos like `believe it or not` to get a feel of these powers.) 

7. To gain this theory, I have selected about 18 topics which are imparted as training followed by experiments and projects. I intend to share this knowledge set on EC for members. I was inspired by benefits derived by students taking on this theory as a course. Many fresh concepts have come up which we are launching as business. the theory has now taken a shape of a private limited company. I am sure the same progress would take place for those who are keen in learning it.

The free sharing of this theory aims at achieving a state of `principled, prosperous and peaceful` life, as the essence of human life. (This slogan is derived from a great work done by a person in India and is now in the form of a movement to change economic systems under the banner `Arthakranti Pratishthan`. You may visit to get an idea of this work). 

I use `Enjoy` as code word as a product of this theory. This word has great energy in it. so... enjoy `Xplore`. 


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Just to reinforce, reading for analysis is one of the most important skills any student or employee should possess to see better success in selected career. There thousands of books which can give us opportunity for this skill. Here is an analysis of the thought under title:

1. We often feel that there has to some positive change in our life.

2. This change can be taken as `difference`. difference can be positive or negative. example: a person smoking two cigarettes a day can go for 4 a day. this is difference, however, negative one. 

3. This thought focuses on positive change. 

4. Many a times we feel that what I can do alone? This is negative thought. The history shows that all great `differences` in the society have been brought by a single person, most of the times. (some times they are negative changes). Take all names; Gods like Krishna, Jesus Christ, prophet mohammad, Gautam Buddha. Others would be Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekanand, Bill Gates, Jamshetji TATA, Carl Marx. We will come across at least one name in all fields.

5. All these names show that yes `one man can make a difference`.  However, important thing is to transfer ownership from `one` to `me or I`. I should be able to say `Yes, I can make a positive difference, in me first, and then in other areas`.

6. Many a times we try to change others without changing self, making things very difficult to achieve.

7. It is also important that we focus on one need based (priority based) small difference in self so that it can be `seen` by self an others. In short, we must try to have small but visible changes, instead of planning for a BIG change in the society.

8. One small visible difference results in to great confidence building for further `difference` creations.

So, plan a very small `difference` for self today. It is possible to declare this on this blog about such changes (planned and achieved) or help in planning for it.

Enjoy `reading for analysis`.  

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Blogging for a cause


Blogging has some great can entertain, build knowledge and build friends. A thought just came `can we all think of blogging for a cause? 

Many of us are busy in our own profession, at the same time many of us wish that things need to improve for people around us and we try to find opportunities where we can contribute. Blogging can help us a lot in (a) deciding issues to be taken up (b) trying to provide solutions through blogging. We cannot perhaps have any solution to financial problems, however, we can provide moral support solutions. 

I can contribute in subjects like personality, job related problems, learning problems, some topics which I share during training programs i conduct, interview answers, tips to reduce stress, book reviews, creative solutions etc. 

In fact I wish my theory called `Xplore` to put on the blog, the extract of which can be used by many. we do some informal research work in learning processes and can be shared. I am sure this will help many.

I will try to share all these things, one by one,  as soon as possible.

You may like to share your views about it.


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No pain, No gain

This has been a title line on EC and I thought to use it for sharing. I work on career related issues and one of the most important orientations in career designing processes is ability to read `in between the lines` called as `reading for analysis`. Very few try to develop this ability and hence they miss many communications to be effective.

`Pain` can be projected as negative word, like hurting some one or `chest pain`..however, in the given phrase it has a positive connotation. It means `efforts`..efforts are never negative..they are energetic, they inspire us to reach to our life goals. so, if we take good efforts, we `gain`..its like `labor pains`, its very difficult to have them, however, the gain is great. A new life enters in the world..when we grow, we know how great this `gain` is out of `pain`.

So, enjoy the skills `reading for analysis` will help all for sure..age no bar.


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In one of the books on prayers I read about medical schools in US. In 1990, 3 out of 125 medical schools have courses where spirituality was addressed. The no went upto 90 in 2008 in which spiritual lessons were given to correlated spirituality and health. The findings are that the people who practice live longer than those who do not practice it. they have lower incidence of all major diseases.

I belong to India where spirituality is practiced from the word go. (more than 10 thousand years as per the history inputs). Today, for regret, what is achieved by American medical schools through giving importance to spiritual part is hardly seen in medical schools here. Really a very sad part.

Having said this, there are reasons and the main reason looks to be the way commercialization has taken grip over the minds of people here over last 30 odd years. The cooperation is replaced by competition and the need by GREED (the most dangerous enemy of spiritual life).

Religion and spiritual life has become synonyms, unfortunately. Religious people project them as spiritual ones..deteriorating further the essence of spiritual life. There are more followers than leaders, the followers who hardly know the nature and practice of spiritual life. 

Religion is definitely not a synonym of spirituality, `peace` surely is. I open this topic for discussion to attain better clarity and spend great life.. 



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Language & personality

Language skills have close relationship with personality nurturing. More often we try to groom many other part than language to groom our personality. Our language can win over many. Its easy, less expensive and result oriented. We just have to select proper words, dialog and responses along with time sense. People understand our intentions from the language and its expression. Englishclub looks to be great site to share experience of improvement in language vs benefits derived in personal and professional life. 

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