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Writing challenge : My Father

A father, someone who has a big part of every people's life. Will leave memory that won't fade, love that will leave a trace, stories to tell, yes many stories... many stories...As an Asian, mostly in our culture, a father has a big part for his children. So do my father, he always thinking about his family, so much...A little about my father. He is a choleric-sanguine, very typical. He's so funny, my Mom sometimes almost pees her pants because of my Dad. He's bad tampered yet easily forget about it. He loves to watch boxing, circus, politics, and Mr. Bean. He's so religious, He gave most of his time for this. And especially, He is a hardworker. He's a conservative chinese, so you can imagine how he works. He was a poor children, he worked cleaning the church after school to get extra money to live. His father didn't really take care of him, with 13 children, man, he was even as the bread wienner in all his youth.He said to me, "I was grown without a father who really taking care and thinking about me, now, everything I do is to prepare for your future, that's my responsibility. I always wander, if God has been so gracious to me, and it's not because of me, but for you."Lately he's telling me, "only one more task, is to watch you to get married". (Oh man, that takes time. That's not even my top 5 list right now).He wasn't my favourite. Well, just like people say, as you grow older, you will understand more about your parent, and I've passed that phase. Sometimes, I enjoy to converse with him. Especially when he gives the crystalized of live, years of experience in a just few words, A wisdom that we can't find everywhere and we can't get forever. That's something I'm sure going to miss from him.Being a father is not easy. I promise, later, I will be my best.He is always a blessing in my life. I'm sure he will finish his 'journey' in this world with pride. What else does a Dad want than his children proud and love him. Yes, we are.
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Writing Chalenge : Life Hacks

Ah.. I guess everybody are very happy with this topic, and so curious to know how to make our life easier.. Even I know this life hacks, but have yet to do it... Not 100% guaranteed.

1. Heat a corn wrapped in a plastic in the microwave  
Put a corn inside a plastic, and heat it in a microwave, just in a couple of minutes you will get a very delicious steamed corn, you have to put it inside a plastic to keep it fresh, unless it will dry. I'm not sure about the safety.

2. Not to promote, but buy smartphones, espc apple products
Siri is my new love, she helps me to power nap, just tell her, "wake me up in 15 minutes". And there are many things in your life, you can do easier with smartphones. What's more interesting, you can do another hacks with your smartphones. Double hacks!

3. Roll a lemon/orange on the table before you juice it
Some says, it will be easier for you to juice it

4. Make sure you keep your dog eats dog food
If your dog eats another food beside dog foods, its poop will be so gross, and it'll be quite bothersome to clean it. Dog foods will make its poop solid, small, dry, and 'beautiful' compares to those who don't. Btw, in my country, some people give their dog rice to eat, can you imagine how are those dog poop look like, unbelievable.

5. Do more than on things at the same time
Especially when you wake up late for work, to make it quick, wash your hair while you "po**" and also brush your teeth at the same time, in 2 minutes, you did all the job, you can also do the grooming. That will save you extra time to read newspaper in a more convenient way. Lol, this is a story from my friend.

Okay, enough with the poo, my life hacks are so dull, btw, this is about writing chalenge guys!

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My new words - 1

Actually, please, don't bother yourself reading this blog. This is just my note, consist new words I found or learned today. As I'm trying to remember those words, I will put it here with its sentences...

My hope, if there's any native or anyone who finds my mistake, please correct me, or suggest a more proper sentence. Thanks a lot guys!

1. She is such a reckless girl, hoping the cursory glance she did at her text book could make her pass the exam. Perusal reading should bring her pass.

2. This is not a party, it's debauchery. 

3. Forgetting his petite posture, he throws a bowl to that big guy, right on his eye. That's what makes him so prominent among his friends.

4. To apply your admission to this university, there're some requirements you have to fulfill, one of those is your TOEFL score should be above 600.

5. A somewhat interesting from her is her aptitude to seduce polices.

6. Do you know the key to succeed, not IQ nor EQ, it's grit, fortitude, determination!

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Love is the antidote of envy

Who has ever get jealous with other people?

There's a painting on the wall of chapel in Pandua, made by Renaissance artist, named Giotto. He depicted envy as a creature with big and long ear, which can hear every bit of news of another's success, but also a tongue of a serpent to poison the reputation of the one of being envied.

And, what's even more interesting from that painting, the creature is blind, because the serpent bite its own eye, and destroying itself with its venomous evil.

When we envy people, that's exactly what we will do. But, without realize, It will put us in distress, unhappy, and make us forget about our own blessing. Put us in trouble and vexes. 

And, what's the antidote.. well, the answer is to love. Just like a mother who never envies her own children, but hopes the best for her children. She always shares in happiness with her children achievements, because she loves her.

Stop being envy, but love, and gratitude!

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To be fluent in english, we definetely have to use english everyday, at least we can be comfortable in using it, natural. One thing we can do is make a skype call with another member in EC!Yes, that's easy, really?Sometimes, I just don't know what to talk, really, sometimes it's going smooth, sometimes it's going hard. I'll feel bad if the conversation become dull or boring or awkward. But, you know, by making a call to a completely new person, that will increase our ability when we have to meet new person.Okay. The last call I made, we talk about family, job, activity, even politics.. It was about 45 minutes.So, guys, what do you usually talk at skype call, any some interesting subject you have or you usually use?My idea for this is to make a group conversation, and talking about some particular subjects, or some interesting newest hideline news. I think, the moderator here usually gives some great news to talk about.My skype is stephen.alx btw... :)
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Thank God for New Year - My resolution

Thank God for new year. NEW, yes, this perfect moment gives me another chance to start a new, brigther, better day ahead.My book of life hasn't over yet, the page is turned over to the next page... 2014 is my next chapter. I'll write a better story... Seriously...My resolution :1. I will not ever say 'lazy'. I won't lost another chance on my life because of stupid laziness and doing nothing. I will challenge my limit.2. Be more mature, with my decision and attitude.3. Be more serious in my religion4. Keep healthy! Do more sports than this year...5. Love my family and people more.I CAN DO IT! 2014 bring it on, I WILL enjoy every single day in 2014, no matter what the future brings, I believe, everything will be alright!!!Wish you all a great year ahead buddy!
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Writing chalenge : Why I write

Write to connect people.

I don't really like to write. But when I read some blogs, how a blog can be a micro and a simplified information, and how a blog could provide many great essays and information, I realise writing is an art and a tool to brighten and broaden people's mind. Just like a painter, who try to describe and put his emotion in his canvas, a writer with his creativity has to put an effort to choose a word, and make a clear picture that is on his mind. Good writer can describe things that seem can't be described. 

Written words connect our heart and mind to the readers so they could understand what is inside us. Word has power, power to connect, to change, to touch, to inform, to make people believe what we believe, feel what we feel, think like we think, to 'infect' them with us. To be abel to do that is addicting.

But writing also gives benefit to the writer. When we write something, it helps us to define a clearer perspective about something we know or understand. Being discipline in writing, helps us to have more constructed thinking. And, to keep being discpline in writing, we have to equip ourself with more resources, so, I'm sure a good writer is also a good reader.

In this case, I'm so glad about this chalenge, actually, this is a writting I wrote few weeks ago, but I just have the chance to post it today, thanks to Tara, this make me learn to write in English, you are one of the most creative person I know.

Let's writing!

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Indonesian's independence day

I don't know, but I love my country so much, despite all its brokeness and problems. Especially in this kind of moment, independence day.As a minority who is, until now, not treated quite well sometimes, but I still love my country. Of course, it's not the fault of my country.Indonesia is a very beautiful country. You have to remember this, Indonesia is the largest archipelago, with most tribes up to 700' and dialects, up to 550... And Indonesia is the highest smiling and highest greeting country in the world, (believe me, a research worldwide had been done, come here to get our smiles). We have soooo many beautiful national songs.How rich is my country's culture and can be so profitable if developed well. Yes, it's our responsibility as the next generation. Eventough, I have to admit that Indonesia's culture is not the best compare to other country, but it is one of the best.I'm so proud with all the soldiers who had fought for our independence. Their stories are so inspiring. They fight not because hate what is in front of them, but love what are behind them, this is our time to love and keep the independence and develop our country.My dream is to build schools and hospitals that are affordable, but have good quality and service, espc to help poor people. Hope I can do something more for my country. I always happy to see people who bring pride to my country, such as athlete, succesful person, great people who dedicate their life, etc.No matter where I'll go and will be, my heart will always in my country, the place where I born, where I grow. It is my pride.My love for you.My pray for you.Thank you Indonesia.
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What I do for learning English.

These are things that I've tried for learning English :1. Reading English writting, like books, articles, etc. And I think, almost up to 70% informations we read everyday nowadays are written in English, including textbooks.2. Listening to a song in English, and try to get those words before googling it out.3. Watching movies with or without the subtitle, to practice my hearing and correct my pronounciations.4. Join English-club, I mean the real one, where I could hang around with some natives, but because of my schedule, I couldn't attend the metting again.5. Participating in this site, well, this makes me improving my English (well, at least I feel it) a lot (maybe). Writting blogs in English, which I have never even thought to write, even in my own language. Commenting some blogs, participating in English learning activities, and enter the chat rooms. All those things are really helpful. You become use to express yourself or tell what's on your mind in English.That is what I think I do here, well, what I actually do is messing around, espc when you keep doing wrong things without you realise it, or learn from others which is also maybe wrong... At least I get wet.6. Trying to speak English, and record my own speaking to evaluate. Like, read an article, or re-tell the article we read.7. Translate what I heard (usually speech or sermon) to English dirrectly in my mind, and search the new words.8. Talking in English with my friends.9. Signing up to English podcasts.10. Listening to English radio, like BBC.11. Join skype, I meet several people with so much passion in learning English.12. Watching youtube English lesson. The latest activity that I found interesting is watching a recorded video of an English teacher who held a converence, there, you can learn a conversations with good topics and also listen some people answering it in English.13. Join some coursesEtc...I think the improvement is cannot be seen in days, but one time you'll realise how far you have gone. How about yours?*maybe some correction?
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Being honest is hard.

I think honesty, being candor, is one of the greatest quality a person can have. Being honest not only in what we say but also in what we do.I mean, sometimes we pretend to like someone, because we get benefit from them, because we work for them, or to get promotion. We are in a position where we have to like them because we need them. Or, maybe we act, or being such a hypocrite, pretending to be good, when actually we are not that kind of person.Sometimes, dishonesty comes because we don't care to tell truth. Telling the truth is putting us in a risk, crisis in relationship, and conflicts. So I think, there are not many honesty deeds in shallow relationship, because it tends to break easily.We can lie with your words, you can lie with your acts, attitude, or even with your advices, all the good things we do just to get respect or benefits.But dishonesty will be revealed soon or later, that's why after people get married, they discover many things they've never thought before from their couple,Being honest not just only when we try to say "you are kindda overweight", "that suit doesn't suit you", "I don't like with what you do" but be honest in everything we do everyday, and it is hard.
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Actually, this is a recent article from yahoo, and I totally agree with it, this is the link to the article and video..., I start working at 8a.m., I usually wake up in the morning, about 6a.m. to prepare some breakfast, read some news, etc, but I learn, I should read more useful resources like journals, etc... In my day off, I spend my day for some church activities, doing more exercise, or my hobbies, or hanging out with my friends.Sometimes I make a to do list, that helps a lot, keep my task done. I set it on my iPad app and check it regularly, but I think, I should list more tasks to do, espc long term goals... Hmmm, thinking about more goals, and idea.I eat lunch, but not always use my time for networking, that is not as easy to do btw, but I try my best having lunch, at least not alone...I count my calories intake, keep it balanced, protein, carbos, n fat, sometimes I lost it, haha... I'm doing exercise, at least 1-3 times a week.I should reduce my time on internet. I almost never watch TV lately, sometimes I watch it to learn English.I don't like gossiping, just like people say, great people talks about idea, ordinary people talks about weather, poor people talks about other. There is no benefit from talking about other.I join in some several organization, and doing some volunteering , but not too often, just occasional.It is all about daily habit, what do you everyday, and what I agree from that article, it's not just about being wealthy, but become a productive and useful person.So, how do you spend your day daily? Are you inspiring people with what you do everyday?
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People change

One day, I asked my friend "Why are you change lately? You are not like the same person I know before". I asked her that question because she has become a person I don't know and I don't like. She answered "you know, people change, sometimes life makes them change"She became a person who irritated easily, bad-tampered, full of vengeance, and what I don't like the most is the way she talks. In her words, sentences, I fell bitterness in it... What inside will come outside. And that hurts me because she changed in a bad way.She learned the hard ways about life. The last problem she had with her boyfriend, broke her to pieces. Stole her sweetness and changed her into bitterness. Revealed the real evil inside her, and unmasked her face, and what's sad she surrendered with that hardness.Yeah, people change so do we. Sometimes, we can't get along forever. Some people could stay longer, and at one point, we should leave from they life, because we are not compatible anymore. Some people grow, like a coccon to butterfly, or from a toadpole to frog, but some people failed, or perhaps we are growing in different ways. People should not only change, but progress, means become better.Yeah, even a bestfriend grows apart, just keep the memories...
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Sometimes life is not easy, sometimes we don't take it easy

Sometimes life is hard, but even harder to walk in others shoes

Sometimes we have to give our shoulder when we actually need one

Sometimes we have to try to be a rainbow, when we are in the middle of rainy cloud

Sometimes we are the candle, who burn ourselves to light the way

Sometimes the better way to live is to love than to be loved

Take it easy...

Sometimes, some time is a perfect time, why don't we live it more often sometime?

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Learn new local language (dialect)

Tomorrow, I'll start my duty, internship program as a doctor in one remote area for 1 year. I'm so interested with this, as a person who born and live in a big city all his life. One requirement I should do is learning their language. It's not a hard language. It doesn't have different grammar with our national language, but I still have to learn many new vocabs.What interesting from this is, this language has different level for wome words, means, the same word we use to friend, is different to adults.Like "dahar" for eat, It's a verb we use to friend, but when we talk to adult, or in more polite form, we say "tuang" or "neda". But for animal, which is very rude is "lebok". So I have to learn 4 more words for one new word (instead of learning English, Chinese, French, and many more useful language, I have to learn this language, oh my! A language I'll never use again after finished this program).But it is not a hard dialect, so I'll master it because I can practice it everyday with the locals. That is the best way to learn a new language. :)
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Native's epic fail!

I have a funny experience with an American native who delivered a speech in my language, Indonesian.It was a formal confference, and he had to deliver some speech. It was as formal as inaugural speech, and he had to give a testimony about one great person, and he began the speech. It was a wonderful speech indeed, heartwarming, and touched everyone. He is really good in speaking in Indonesian btw, and he has lived in Indonesia for years!But, what was shocking is, when he said "he is a very good person, and he wears no pant!".What did he say? What did he mean with wearing no pants?He said that the man wears no pant instead of flawless... It should be, "he has no flaw/ flawless (bercela), but he said he wears no pant (bercelana), in front of thousand of people. Flaw (bercela) VS wears no pants (bercelana)It should be a very serious moment, but all the audiences began to laughing in instance. All his effort to build the heartwarming and tearful environment, just BROKE in second. Mood droop. I giggled also, no I was laughing actually. Oh mister, that was so wrong... But because of that, many people still remember his speech.If anyone found my mistake, please fell free to correct it.
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Unity in Diversity

My country has a profound motto that is taught to every single student since they started school, the motto is “Unity in Diversity”, or in ancient local language is “Bhinekka Tunggal Ika”. And those words are written in our country’s symbol, the strong bird, Garuda.

I’m blessed to be born in a beautiful country, Indonesia. Indonesia is an archipelago compromising thousands of islands, blessed with fertile lands with so many vegetative. Many cultures, many languages, traditions, and of course with diversity in social classes of people.

Mostly are Moslems, and the others from the most are, Christians, Catholics, Buddhas, Hindus, and other religions. In my country, where some people have already gone abroad, study in top universities, but more people are uneducated, with low education, or even can not read, something is uncommon in developed country. And this kind of diversity you still can find in the capital city, moreover in small city. Nearly 50% are in adequate, but there are people who only earn below $1/day, and they have to feed their family. Some places are developed with great buildings, but some place even don’t have electricity, and they don’t know about modern clothes. Many people are really modern, but there are also people who live a simple live, in simple way, and with a simple mind. 

That is why, Indonesia has that motto. Our country is big, so many people. We are different, not the same, but deep in our heart, we have to learn to unite despite of our differences, and contribute together for this country.

That is why our people love festival. From the culture to religion festival. Because at that moment we forget about our social and economic status and everybody join in the fun with the festive.
Although, it cannot be denied, there are still racism, pressure to the minority. But from what I see, my country is struggling to be more democratic, and respect differences and see them as the value of our country. Not much, but I hope so it will.

- Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you could correct all my mistakes here. Thanks forum! :)

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When we were young, we often didn't care with all the advices given. Since you have passed that time, and (maybe) have realized all the wrong things or good things you had done, what advice would you give, or encouragement...

I hope what all of you will post here can become my lesson too...

Special thanks to my friend Dayne who has helped me for this discussion...

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