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Love Your Parents

This blog is dedicated to my friend & my sister whose parents had passed away a few years ago.

" It has been so long, a decade and a half. I'd say your memories are fresh in my mind, But they are not, they've started to fade as time goes by. I have forgotten the feel of the word "mom" on my tongue and my lips. I cannot say it anymore. It kills me to say this word!
I cannot recall your face, or the way you used to talk, whenever I think about you I have to recreate the images and the sound of your voice in my mind. I imagine what would you look like, if you were alive! What sort of a relationship we might have had? But even after all these years, in times of loneliness and desperation I call out your name, not intentionally. It just happens.
I wish I had gotten the chance to be with you a little longer, but I know that it's a good place that you are in now. I have two guardian angels in the heavens, looking out for me. Guiding me along the way, praying for me. Life would have been much better if these angels were here with me, in flesh and blood,
If I could touch them and hear their voice and feel their presence. I will always love you.

And I miss you both. Now more than ever! " 

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Yes you are alive!!!

In the silence of stars are

The untold stories

Being told,

The unsaid words

Being whispered,

The hidden truths

Being revealed,

The mystic tears

Being shed.

For the first time,

I feel my being

And smilingly

Shout to my soul,

Yes, you are alive!


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Happy Valentines Day

Most men think they are the best lovers in the world, well most of them do. But there are certain things that they happen to overlook (if you ask a woman she will say they overlook everything, are the most insensitive people and slow at picking hints, at least the ones that involve spending money) which usually gets them into trouble.


Women are always planning important days. Most women have already planned their wedding day down to what flowers will be put up at the entrance. And yes, they have been planning V-Day since last year. She hasn't forgotten (or forgiven) the lousy gift or restaurant that you took her to because you didn't have the money/time or both or because you couldn't be bothered to actually make an effort. So, if you know what is good for you, make an effort this year.

You know guys how my EC members are planning for Valentines day? here we go...

emm this time I am gonna start with Eric , he'll stay online and wait for the "HI" from someone who is very special -:)

Noaslpls sister is ready, AH_TK watch out -:)

My brother Dim dim how he'll celebrate this day -:)

Guys " Love the trees as you do love under the trees -:) hmm hmm but beware from the Robin hood of My EC you know what I mean -:) Miracle -:)

I did not forget Inna, -:) Actually she is busy in Sochi Olympics. We are praying for her that she'll win the gold medal for My EC  -:) anyhow she'll celebrate the day like this -:)

Barbare sister will enjoy the day like this -:)

Allen with Hair -:) this is how she'll celebrate the day -:)

Sisters! I know you are waiting for your turn so just enjoy the gifts those you'll receive. -:)

hmmm I 'll spend my day on phone with someone who is very special to me -:) hahaha


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When EC Members have visited the Zoo.


One Day EC members have visited the zoo. They used EC bus for this purpose.


Inna was sleeping that time when she woke up and heard that they left her so she started her journey by roller skating and reached to the zoo-:)


Shaheen and Stephane were also late so they decide to used their bike. -:)


When Dimas heard that he is in and he'll also visit the zoo. He started dancing with their friends -:)

At Last we reached at the zoo where NH started his conversation with the bear in idioms -:)



NED has enjoyed the time with her friends in the zoo -:)


Here is my sister _Sera with her friends -:)



When  Kai , Jah, Miracle were playing games in the zoo suddenly they saw a bear.Then darius said out loud " Yessssssssssssssssssssssss The Bear -:)

Seeker was capturing the beauty of the land where he found the crocodile , OMG  -:)


 Here is the Ash -:)

 Eric was playing with pebbles suddenly he found a bear too -:)

 When Giraffe ate all sister Loyal wafa 's chocolate -:) 

 Here are My sweet sisters SID, Ayesha Noor,Angel,Tika,Purple,Tehreem Fatima,Sima,Deepa,Little Tree,Kaizen,Bright Light,Eka,Sakshi, Akansha, Allen, rahayu ,Esma,Bala from India 

 Afroza sister wrote a blog about Amphibians and she showed to all the members -:)

 Oops have we forgot Mastermind and AH_TK ?.... Sorry they were fighting with each other that time -:)

So,here is the Mastermind -:)



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MY EC Are You Ready?

The 2014 Winter Olympics, officially known as the 22 Olympic Winter Games, are being held in Sochi, Russia, from February 6 to 23. Over 2,500 athletes representing 90 nations are competing for gold, silver and bronze medals in 98 events.

MY EC 's members are also preparing for these games. 

Inna is participating in Gymnastic. So she is trying hard to get the Gold medal in this Olympics.

Dimas I don't know about him -:) Is he running for cake or Gold ? -:)

Cheetah will participate in cycling -:)

Here is nixon, he'll participate in Table Tennis -:)

Miracle , Muhammad and Seeker will fight for the Gold medal in Running -:)

In Main we are practicing for ICE Hockey -:) We 'll get the Gold medal in this game. I am pretty sure about this -:)

Stephane wants gold medal in swimming -:)

My sweet sisters SID, Ayesha Noor,Angel,Tika,Purple,Tehreem Fatima,Abeer,Loyal Wafa,Meher Rehman, Sima,Afrooza,Deepa,Little Tree,-SERA,Kaizen,Bright Light,Eka,Sakshi, Akansha, Allen, rahayu ,Esma,Bala from India as the cheerleaders -:)

Lurkers are also ready for this -:) 

The Question is for rest of my EC members " Are you Ready?" -:)

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MY EC MY Story Season II

and the winner is mastermind -:)  

Suddenly something happened in the ring -:)

And the title goes too .... 

for sure not the mastermind :p

Why is it happened?  you know .. hmm I 'll tell you the name of the person who was behind this -:)

But we still have the champ here -:)

OMG what are you doing? .. you were my friend , I can't believe you -:)

 you are not the champ ... the title is here -:) 

you Know My friend!  I am the Game -:) the King of the Kings -:) 

Champ is still here -:) 

Guys please .. someone helps the king of kings -:)

thanks guys for the help -:)

is this how they helped you ?

Yup they helped me like this -:) 

do you know what happened after the match ?

after this match they visited mastermind at the hospital -:)

Opps And here you are -:) after this match they visited you at the hospital ;)

hahaha "this is not me am i >>


mastermind i have one question for you.

why do you open your mouth like this ...?

because you were crying -:) 

you got the title .. oops .. I mean you got  orton :p , take care of him and be a good father .. lol

Why are you using my kid's bicycle ?-:)

Use this -:) 

the pic of the day  goes to.......king of the ring and .. king of the kings Mastermind :p

Suddenly lurkers came -:)

OHMY! OHMY! What's going on between shah and AH_TK. It's like watching a very confusing movie.

take cover shah ...werecat is here and she is fully loaded

AH_TK be careful she is watching us -:)

Don't worry here we go -:) 

But Still champ is here -:) 

To be Continued ...

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Black Swan

Life had proven its instability in too many ways,
You think you're fully prepared or you think you have had enough,then again you get your biggest surprise ; not yet.
You still didn't fully get it,and you didn't have enough yet. All along the way, certain things will seem unfair,too much. Then again I suppose at another point certain things will seem more than what you deserve, and you'd feel lucky.
What will always be there,and what will hurt the most is that you enjoyed certain things but thought they are permanent only to realize that they're once in a lifetime after they are gone.
You do realize the value of people , but what you never thought of is the fact that one day they won't be here anymore.And even though you may already know all these things,you will keep on being shocked and depressed each and every time as if its your first. Since its not the knowledge that protects you from pain, for some pain is inevitable.

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MY EC MY Story (Part III)

This blog is dedicated to my sweet friend , my sister and my teacher Lady Anne. Lady Anne we are all missing you so much.Please come back we really need your presence.This is for you.

It was a very difficult time for us when noaslpls had left EC, then our EC members (I must say that they are well wishers of MY EC) had tried their best to convince my sister to rejoin My EC -:)

when My sweet sisters SID, Ayesha Noor,Angel,Tika,Purple,Tehreem Fatima,Abeer,Loyal Wafa,Meher Rehman, Sima,Afrooza,Deepa,Little Tree,-SERA,Kaizen,Bright Light,Eka,Sakshi, Akansha, Allen, rahayu ,Esma,Bala from India have decided that whether they join My EC or not. -:)

When NED has decided to join EC -:)

After joining My EC he shuang shuang ...

When Nixon, Sono, Memo,Nirzhor heard about the treasure of my EC they started digging everywhere then they found EC -:) 

This is how when Shaheen, stephane and ahmad salih have opened their account in my EC -:)

A person , famous for his games , male, live in tehran, yesssssssssssssss Darius -:) ....

and the winner is mastermind -:)  

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MY EC MY Story (Part II)

After the creation of my EC you know how people joined my EC ?

Hmm here they are :-


Inna and Kaxo joined like this -:)


Pearl ,Muhammad & Miracle at last find the place for ..... -:) you know what I mean -:)

This is how Hasi joined my EC -:)


When Eric realized that he is in MY EC's main room -:) 

When the seeker has come to know that EC is created, then he began his journey to My EC for joining.


When ASH decided to join my EC -:)

This is how sofia joined the main room -:) 

hah! This is my ever best friend NH when he joined my EC with the burden of idioms -:)


AH  1............2.........3.......... GO (you know this person -:) ) _TK

LaaLaa laaaaaaaa lalalal lalala you all know her -:)

To be Continued ...

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MY EC MY Story (Part I)

Hi guys! as you know what did we do before my EC ? in my previous post. -:)

Do you know that how did my EC came into being?

hmm I am gonna tell you the secret that how it exactly happened when my EC founded by the nice person.

One day Sir Josef Essberger thought that we should create a new and an informative platform for the people from all over the world for English Learning.

 Then, Sir Josef Essberger asked to T Mal that if he would join the EC as an EC Moderator? After the deep thinking T Mal said " Yes" to him -:)  

When they realized that we should start our work now. They said to Tara Benwell " Hey Tara! Now it is your turn to call every person to join My EC then she tried her best for the prosperity of EC.

They assigned the task to Ario that he has to take all the measurements of the Main room -:)

After that Robbie , Junco ,GraceExpector Smith joined My EC like this -:)

Then my Sister Nadira , sister Nafis joined the EC .

Now we have more than 100,000 members of My EC and our main room is looking like this -:)

To be Continued... -:)

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Princess of Bill Gates

If you want to do something big in your life, you must remember that shyness is only the mind". "If you think shy, you act shy. If you think confident you act confident. Therefore never let shyness conquer your mind.

Bill Gates wrote about her...

"Today is the black day of my life and same for Pakistan because I lost my princess colleague and Pakistan lost her Pakistani."
- Bill Gates.

May her soul rest in peace and a big heaven.

for more detail :-

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What did we do before My English Club?

Hi! Guys I am back. Sorry I was rather busy with my work. Happy new Year to All -:)

Hmmm.. What did we do before My English Club?

I 'll tell you some interesting facts that how they specially did before the EC.

Inna used to search her broom.

Time 4 A.M. he shuang shuang's breakfast time -:)

NH -:) used to chit chat with their friends like this -:)

Hasi spent his time in the streets during dark nights -:)

Kaxo used to do this -:)

AH hahahahaha… Noaslpls sister will tell us about this person _TK -:)

This is how WMW spend her time -:)

Hmm my sister Loyal Wafa & Sakshi -:)

Pearl Harbor, Miracle,Seeker passed their time liked this -:)

My sweet sisters SID, Ayesha Noor,Tika,Purple,Tehreem Fatima,Abeer,Meher Rehman, Sima,Afrooza,Deepa,Little Tree,-SERA,Kaizen, rahayu ,Esma,Bala from India used to pass their time in the kitchen.

Hmm Noaslpls spent her time by watching Discovery, National geographic Channels then she wrote the series “DID YOU KNOW THAT …? -:)

Farah -:) used to do this before My EC -:)

Mickey Sister was busy to deliver the Nikita’s letters to the captain -:) during the delivery, she read all her letters -:)

Dimas -:) My brother I know you -:)

Mmm Eric did nothing but looked busy -:)

Stephane had created his own chat room before -:)

Last but not least, "Shah" the master mind with the critics -:)

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I don’t know what I want to do with my life, I just know I want to do it. I want to see my world. I want to meet every single person breathing on this earth. I want to give everyone a hug or a handshake and I want to make someone’s life a little easier. I want to be different than the people I know because that’s what makes us beautiful.

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I Hate My Boss ... -:)

Dear Allah,

Give me the wisdom to understand my boss

Give me love to forgive him

Give me the patience to understand his deeds

But! Dearest Allah, don’t give me the power because if you give me power … I will break his head. -:)

Boss! Now that’s a word most of us are not at fond of. Just bunch of snobby superiors who have basically decided that everything we do is wrong. -:)

If they are early then we are late and if they are late then obviously we are early. Seeing their hostile faces every morning, now that is not what any person wants, but the only reason we have to tolerate their existence and laugh at their obnoxiously stupid jokes is that they are the reason that we have a job in the first place.

And so in order to butter up these devils (don’t say that out loud); ‘Boss day’ is celebrated annually on the 16th of October. The day is mainly observed in the United State and Canada, and was officially recognized in 1962. On this occasion, the employee tells their bosses the truth about how great they are?, and praised them for making their life a living hell and present them with gifts, which may include mugs that express their true feelings or a bouquets of flowers. As if mother’s day, father’s day and valentine‘s day were not enough to empty our pockets!

Thankfully, no such day is celebrated in Pakistan, but suppose the fad arrives here, it would be pretty safe bet to say that the flower shop would be short of black roses. -;)

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My English Club after 100 years?

Well if you compare now to 100 years ago, we have come a long way. I feel pretty good that we will have flying cars. I predict that the world will have a global economy rather than each country individually, we may even have an Earth president, rather than individual country leader. We will probably have colonies on other planets. TV's would be replaced with halo-gram projectors. The flying cars will get 100 miles per gallon of water, since we won't be using gas anymore -:)

What do you think will happen to the English Club after 100 years?

hmm hmm

EC Will celebrate on 100,000,000,000,000 Likes on Face book -:)


Inna will celebrate her 9899 Birthday -:)

Miracle and Pearl Harbor's fight will over in Main -:)

NU will complete her 1000 Marathons -:)

Mickey sister will complete Nikita's 98,999 letters to captain X -:)

Atlast noaslpls will stop to inform us, Did you know that.. ? -:)


Here is the group of Crazy Six -:) AH_TK,Dimas Prasetyo,AKANSHA,Allen,MUSKAN,SIMA -:)

Seeker will keep seeking for the knowledge -:)

Smile '' the youngest writer in the history of EC... mmm, I think youngest writer of the world -:) " will complete her 100020 blogs -:)

For Bright Light, Laddy Anne, Jasmine, Afroza,_sera,NED,Deepa, Sakshi,yasmeen,Yupa,Viviana D'Orìa,_Atoosa -:)

Hmm my dearest sisters will become like this -:) Escpecially for Loyal Wafa, Sid,tika,Tehreem Fatima,ABEER,PURPLE,meher rehman -:)


rajithakamireddy will set her avatar finally -:) 

Hmm I think i forgot something to write about ... ohhhh got it ... here are the lurkers -:)

Tara Benwell will say welcome to our 100,000,000,000 member of EC -:) 

ahhh here is the mastermind -:) its me -:) 

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He was and will always be,a source of inspiration and symbol of universal brotherhood and love, which tracends differences of color, caste and creed.

Mandela showed the world that man can imbue politics with moral and spirtual values. How desperately we need a man of his vision & stature in our society who can change our world view , which currently divides people rather than unites, promotes hatred rather than love, and sanctifies the delusion that we are the sole bearers of truth & that all other should be coerced to accept it.


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Why So Serious?

 When we look up at great people,and wish we could be like them. You look up at your role model and feel as though you can never be that good.

Have you ever paused to ask yourself "why"?
Why can't you be that great? 
Probably your answer will be something like "Look at what I did" "Look at what he does" "look at how he looks"
So its WHAT and DO that makes the difference.
Do you pause and think about how that great person used to BE? Or do you just see him as he is now? Or do you just assumed he was born great?
I suppose the most remarkable difference between you and that "great" person is that he got on, he got over all his mistakes,his past, what he had DONE and focused on what he is DOING.
We don't live back then,we don't live in what we did,we don't live in our past mistakes. We live now,on what we can do and be now. And the greatest mistake will be our deep belief that we can't be good enough because of something we have done or will do. Our greatness isn't define by a single act,word, or anything. Our greatness is defined by how we are? Everything we do. Including our mistakes.

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