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HI Friends,

Thanks for your all reply and support of my post. I wish to all of them Wish u happy new year, enjoy the year 2013. Now i a go to ask every one, plz tell your once more days in life. That means every one have a great and unforgotable days in their life. For example some people will always rember there marriage day, birthday and friends get together days like that. Every one have their own "Once more day". So just share those days with my blog. Let c who will start this "Once more day". 

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This is my first blog post in EC

Hi EC, 

     This is my first post in the blog. I dont know what can i write about. OK now i welcome the year 2013 and also dont forgot the last year 2012. Because that year only i enter in EC. And chat with foriegn friends. Its very nice and intersting. Thanks EC.

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