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Sandeep's Music Workshop - 2012

Hello Everybody,

This is my Music Workshop.

Let me introduce you first, about my music knowledge and background.

Why I do not like singing?

Because singing and dancing is prohibited in my family. Every time when I try to sing in my childhood my parents s

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Garbage thoughts...

1. No doubts honesty pays, but lying brings more satisfactions. Why?

2. If there are two islands in this world. First Island exists with one man and 99 women. Second Island exists with 99 men and 1 woman. What will happen after 10 years when they get

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Interesting fact!

Go to Members -> Advanced Search

Total number of peoples in MyEC. - 55419

Male -    32,415
Female - 23,004

Male:     3,557
Female:    986

Male:      1151
Female:   1115

Male:      1,660
Female:     895

Male:       1448
Female:     773


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