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The dream

roads we can see are full of foot prints of so many pedestrians. what we see only about them are peripheral things. we can not see those dreams they are weaving by their steps. eyes of a person can say what the person is. the motion of one can be explained as how badly the person is going to build his or her dream by him or herself. the eye sight always says that the person is finding something efficient to his or her pathway.

we are dreamers going around but do not know how to evaluate other's dream.   

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what i heard about loneliness is being alone but i felt something  different. last some days i have been living alone in my room and every moment i have been passing through with pain or thinking about something. i need to state strongly that we never be alone as our life, soul, brain with us.

however, lonely places are good for manipulating anyone's time to think about something. 

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I am a student of engineering and i started my English practice from two years before. During this time i tried to gather vocabulary to shape my English but i failed because we do not have so many subjects to talk about in a typical day. One day one of my mentors told us, I and my friends were IELTS student, that we had to choose different topics for our practice and that was why we collected topics from Internet, not questions around those topics.

I found using vocabulary in effective way one of the art of a language. For that kind of skill we do need to learn vocab from renowned dictionary because of definition not meaning and using arena where it is perfect to use.  

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