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I am a prisoner.

I'm a prisoner in my own prison,
because I myself am the prison.
I am the prisoner of my mind;
the prisoner of my heart;
lost in the infinity of my soul.
Who hears the questions
and gives the answers?
Who hears the melody of my heart
and changes the tune?
Who finds the key to break the chains?
Who knows the way and sets me free?

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Dear EC members, Rys' article "Petroleum-free World" gave me the idea to post something.

The following story, I found on the internet and think it is worth publishing it here.
It is a post in German language and I translated it.

Just have a look:


The cashier at the cash register of a supermarket instructs an old woman, who takes a plastic bag for her shopping, that she should bring her shopping bag with her next shopping because plastic bags are bad for the environment.

"You're right," the old lady apologizes, "but unfortunately, I was in a hurry, and contrary to my habit, forgot my shopping bag at home."

The young woman replies: "Yes, but do you know? Our problem is that your generation has not given any thought to the poor condition in which the environment leaves us and future generations. Environmental protection is certainly a foreign word for you ".

"That's right," replies the old woman. "Our generation didn't know about environmental protection - it wasn't necessary, because we returned sparkling water and beer bottles to the shop where we bought them. From there they went to the manufacturer. The bottles had been washed, sterilized, and refilled. So each bottle could be used countless times.
We picked up the milk from the milk dealer in our own milk can...But you are right, we didn't know about environmental protection.

We used shopping nets for our vegetable purchases and our shopping bags for remaining purchases. If we had forgotten them, the dealer packed the shopping into brown paper bags, which we continued to use at home for many purposes, e.g. to pack the school books that the school has provided us with free of charge on condition that we treat them well. After the end of the school year, they collected the books to used them again in the next year if they were in good condition. are right...we didn't know about environmental protection.

We climbed stairs because there were no elevators or escalators like today in every department store or office building. We walked a few steps to the nearest grocery store and didn't use a 300 HP SUV. You're right, we didn't know about environmental protection.

Back then we washed the baby diapers because there were no disposable diapers. We didn't dry the laundry in a power-hungry dryer, but with wind and solar energy on the hemp clothesline. The clothes of the children always went to younger siblings, because we couldn't always afford new clothes. are right...we didn't know about environmental protection.

We had a single radio in the house and later a small television with a handkerchief screen. There were no electrical machines in the kitchen. Everything was cut, grated, peeled by hand. We used old newspapers, not styrofoam or plastic bubbles as cushioning material for parcels or parcels. The lawnmower was pushed by hand, made no noise, and no stench. That was our fitness training, which is why we didn't need gyms with electric treadmills and other energy-consuming nonsense. are right...we didn't know about environmental protection.

We drank the water from the tap and didn't need a plastic cup or bottle. Our empty fountain pens were refilled with ink instead of buying new ones. Paper was written on both sides. Blunt razor blades were replaced and a new razor was not immediately bought. are right...we didn't know about environmental protection.

At that time, our children went by bus, tram, bike, or walked to school. There was no 24-hour taxi service from the mother (by car). But we didn't know about environmental protection.

There was a power outlet in each room and no power strips for countless power guzzlers, and we didn't need a system controlled from a satellite 35,000 kilometers away to find the nearest takeaway. However, we did not know about environmental protection.

But think about it:
Is it sad when the young generation complains about how lavishly we old people lived just because we didn't know about environmental protection?
And you? Do you really think we old people need a lesson from a girl who can't even give me the change without asking the electronic till?
Have a good time…and don't forget about environmental protection!"


For your attention, I'm not accusing anyone of anything.
Everyone should look at their own actions and mistakes... Old and young... equally... everyone should not waste their time blaming each other.
Finding a way to make it better instead of blaming each other ... that is the task and the solution.


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Three Brain Teasers

Dear members of MyEC.

I have three brain teasers to solve.
Are you able to find the answers?

1) How can 666 be increased by half without changing it by an arithmetic operation?

2) How does a ferryman bring a goat, a wolf, and one head of cabbage across the river if he is only allowed to load one of the three on the ferry? He has to make sure that the goat doesn't eat the cabbage, and the wolf doesn't eat the goat!

3) A rich Arab leaves 17 camels to his 3 sons. In his will it is written that the eldest son should receive 1/2, the middle son 1/3, and the youngest son 1/9 of all camels.

How did the sons fulfill the father's wish?



Good luck!


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Be aware, there are sometimes people who try to cheat us.
Just look at this chat, it's about a chat I had this evening. I just continued that chat to show you all how they try it. In the end, I reported that member and blocked her.


Conversation with abiola bawuah saved on Feb 17th 2020 at 10:20pm
17th February, 2020:

abiola bawuah: hi (9:37 PM)
Me: hello (9:37 PM)
abiola bawuah: how are you doing today (9:37 PM)
Me: Thanks for asking, I am doing well. How about you? (9:38 PM)
abiola bawuah: i am well by his grace (9:38 PM)
abiola bawuah: where are u from (9:39 PM)
Me: That sounds good (9:39 PM)
Me: I am from Germany. (9:39 PM)
Me: Where are you come from? (9:39 PM)
abiola bawuah: wow is nice meeting you (9:39 PM)
abiola bawuah: your country people are many in my country (9:39 PM)
abiola bawuah: ghana (9:39 PM)
Me: nice to meet you, too. Its my pleasure. (9:39 PM)
abiola bawuah: you are highly welcome (9:40 PM)
abiola bawuah: what is your name (9:40 PM)
Me: Ghana is located in West Africa, isnt it? (9:40 PM)
Me: My name is Iris (9:41 PM)
Me: how about your name? (9:41 PM)
abiola bawuah: i am mrs abiola bawuah (9:41 PM)
abiola bawuah: is nice meeting you iris (9:41 PM)
abiola bawuah: are you married (9:41 PM)
Me: likewise (9:41 PM)
abiola bawuah: do you have kids (9:41 PM)
Me: yes, I am married. (9:41 PM)
Me: are you married, too? (9:42 PM)
abiola bawuah: wow is nice to hear that from u (9:42 PM)
abiola bawuah: i am married too (9:42 PM)
abiola bawuah: one son (9:42 PM)
abiola bawuah: and you too (9:42 PM)
Me: I have a son and a daughter (9:42 PM)
Me: And I also have grandchildren. (9:42 PM)
Me: what do you do for a living? (9:43 PM)
abiola bawuah: wow is nice you are a great man (9:43 PM)
abiola bawuah: where do you work iris (9:43 PM)
Me: I dont work anymore because I am retired. Before my retirement, I used to work in the IT business. (9:43 PM)
Me: what do you do? (9:44 PM)
abiola bawuah: i am a banker (9:44 PM)
Me: good job! (9:44 PM)
abiola bawuah: i work in uba bank of africa ghana (9:44 PM)
abiola bawuah: thank (9:44 PM)
Me: do you have any hobbies? (9:45 PM)
abiola bawuah: i came into this site to fine who i can trust (9:45 PM)
abiola bawuah: yes i love meeting people that matter most (9:45 PM)
abiola bawuah: i love reading too (9:45 PM)
abiola bawuah: and you too (9:45 PM)
Me: You can find good and evil people everywhere. (9:46 PM)
Me: It isnt easy to know whom you can trust or nt. (9:46 PM)
Me: *not (9:46 PM)
abiola bawuah: yes you are right iris (9:47 PM)
abiola bawuah: i have a business proposal (9:47 PM)
Me: I love reading, listening to musik, writing poems and short stories, gardening, traveling ..and so on. (9:47 PM)
abiola bawuah: wow nice (9:48 PM)
Me: having a business proposal, means for you, you want to improve your English skills for your job? (9:48 PM)
abiola bawuah: no i am ok with my english (9:51 PM)
abiola bawuah: my country is english speaking country (9:51 PM)
Me: Oh, sorry, I did not know (9:51 PM)
abiola bawuah: what i mean i have a secret i am looking for who i will trust so that i can share the secret with (9:52 PM)
Me: I see (9:52 PM)
abiola bawuah: then we can both run th deal togehter (9:52 PM)
abiola bawuah: that is why i am here (9:53 PM)
Me: what is your deal? (9:53 PM)
abiola bawuah: i am not here for english (9:53 PM)
abiola bawuah: i have a clint that deposited funds in my bank (9:54 PM)
abiola bawuah: i am the one streeting the account (9:54 PM)
abiola bawuah: now my clint is die (9:54 PM)
abiola bawuah: and when he was depositing the fund (9:54 PM)
Me: I see (9:55 PM)
abiola bawuah: no next of kin was mention (9:55 PM)
abiola bawuah: nobody in my bank know about the fund judt me alone (9:55 PM)
abiola bawuah: that is why i came online to see if i can see who i will trust that we stand as the next of kin to my clint (9:56 PM)
abiola bawuah: i have all the document that cover the transaction (9:56 PM)
Me: And why do you tell me that? (9:57 PM)
Me: what do you want ? (9:57 PM)
abiola bawuah: becuase i am looking for who will stand as the next of kin to my clint (9:58 PM)
abiola bawuah: so that the bank director can relaesae the funds to him (9:58 PM)
abiola bawuah: then we will share it 50/50 (9:58 PM)
abiola bawuah: the amount of the money is $4.4.millions (9:58 PM)
abiola bawuah: we will share it $2,2 each (9:59 PM)
Me: without knowing me, how can you be sure you may trust me? (9:59 PM)
abiola bawuah: its legal and legit transaction (9:59 PM)
Me: I am a stranger for you (9:59 PM)
abiola bawuah: it will take 5 to 7 working day only the transaction will be over (10:00 PM)
abiola bawuah: i will take my vacation to your country to collect my own share (10:00 PM)
Me: I see (10:01 PM)
abiola bawuah: is one day people meet each other (10:01 PM)
abiola bawuah: they become best of friends (10:01 PM)
Me: Do you know? You are not the first one who tries this trick. Meanwhile, people like you should have realized, we are not stupid and naive. Why should you give me so much money??? (10:03 PM)
abiola bawuah: can i trust u over the transaction (10:03 PM)
abiola bawuah: u are geting thing wrong iris (10:04 PM)
abiola bawuah: only me can not pull the fund alone (10:05 PM)
abiola bawuah: i need a outside (10:05 PM)
abiola bawuah: so that they will not know what is going on (10:05 PM)
Me: I see (10:06 PM)
abiola bawuah: i am telling you the true (10:07 PM)
Me: hmmm (10:07 PM)
Me: go on, please! (10:07 PM)
abiola bawuah: i mean it (10:07 PM)
abiola bawuah: i will like you to give your email address so that i can send you the full details of the transaction (10:08 PM)
abiola bawuah: okay (10:08 PM)


At this point, I stopped chatting. I think it's enough to show you how people try chaeting us.

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“Try to do” or “try doing”?


Do you know when you have to use 'try to do something' or 'try doing something'?
There is a slight difference in meaning between both.


When we try to do something, we attempt something difficult or even impossible, and although we have done the best we could, we probably fail. It's also used when we spak about to attempt or to make an effort.

She tried to win the Gold Medal at the Olympic Games, but she was not fast enough in the final.

I tried to call you this morning, but I did not find my mobile. I had left it at home when I went out.

My sister tried to quit smoking, but it only lasted for three days until she smoked again.

Sometimes, I try to watch horror movies, but they are too cruel and disgusting, that I never watched one till its end.

I always try to improve my English Grammar skills.

I try to do more sports, because I need to get fitter.


When we try doing something, it means like an experiment, something easy to do, and the result is unknown. We can also use it to suggest something, to test, to experiment something, to solve problems, or to correct mistakes.

For example:
If you don't reach me by phone in the morning, try calling me in the evening.

My dog did not stop barking, so I tried feeding him different kinds of dog food.

If you want to lose weight, try walking at least half an hour a day.

Speaker 1: "There must be a problem with my printer. It's not working".  Speaker 2:  " Have you tried plugging the plug...? Haha!"

I can't sleep well at the moment. I should try not drinking so much coffee in the evening.



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Using the verb "Stop"

Stop + -ing form or stop to-infinitive. How we have to use that verb?

Using the verb "stop" in the form stop + -ing (gerund) or stop to-infinitive, both of the verbs "stop" takes on a different meaning. 



Using "stop" + -ing form (gerund), means that action ends and will not continue. There is no causal relationship between the two verbs.


I had been smoking for many years when I stopped smoking last year. I am now a non-smoker.

She betrayed me. That's why I stopped meeting her. I don't see her anymore.

Could you stop feeding the dogs with sweets? It's not good for the dogs' health.

A couple of friends of mine stopped eating meat. Now, they are vegetarians.

Since the streets are too crowded with traffic, I stopped cycling. I take the bus to go to work because it's safer.



"Stop" + infinitive means to interrupt activity, to do something else.
The infinitive is used to express the purpose of stopping (interrupting).


I work for nine hours every day, but I stop to have lunch at noon.

It's difficult to focus on what you are doing if you have to stop to take a call every five minutes.

In the morning, we went for a stroll around the park. Sometimes, we stopped to look at the wildflowers which grow there.

After four hours of climbing, I stopped to take a break for some minutes. Then, I continued climbing.


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Once, SNR suggested to read a story or parts of books, to report and to post it here.

As far as I could see, no one took part in this challenge, until now, I'll try to be the first one.
I couldn't use the tool That SNR had suggested for voice recording because it isn't available here for me, but I recorded my voice on youtube.
I hope you can open the link.

I read the first chapter of the book "The Secret Garden" by Frances Hodgson Burnett".

Here is the link and the text:


The secret garden ... by Frances Hodgson Burnett
Chapter one

When Mary Lennox was sent to Misselthwaite Manor to live with her uncle everybody said she was the most disagreeable-looking child ever seen. It was true, too. She had a little thin face and a little thin body, thin light hair and a sour expression. Her hair was yellow, and her face was yellow because she had been born in India and had always been ill in one way or another.

Her father had held a position under the English Government and had always been busy and ill himself, and her mother had been a great beauty who cared only to go to parties and amuse herself with gay people. She had not wanted a little girl at all, and when Mary was born she handed her over to the care of an Ayah, who was made to understand that if she wished to please the Mem Sahib she must keep the child out of sight as much as possible.

So when she was a sickly, fretful, ugly little baby she was kept out of the way, and when she became a sickly, fretful, toddling thing she was kept out of the way also. She never remembered seeing familiarly anything but the dark faces of her Ayah and the other native servants, and as they always obeyed her and gave her her own way in everything, because the Mem Sahib would be angry if she was disturbed by her crying.

By the time she was six years old she was as tyrannical and selfish a little pig as ever lived. The young English governess who came to teach her to read and write disliked her so much that she gave up her place in three months, and when other governesses came to try to fill it they always went away in a shorter time than the first one. So if Mary had not chosen to really want to know how to read books she would never have learned her letters at all.

One frightfully hot morning, when she was about nine years old, she awakened feeling very cross, and she became crosser still when she saw that the servant who stood by her bedside was not her Ayah.
"Why did you come?" she said to the strange woman. "I will not let you stay. Send my Ayah to me."
The woman looked frightened, but she only stammered that the Ayah could not come and when Mary threw herself into a passion and beat and kicked her, she looked only more frightened and repeated that it was not possible for the Ayah to come to Missie Sahib.

There was something mysterious in the air that morning. Nothing was done in its regular order and several of the native servants seemed missing, while those whom Mary saw slunk or hurried about with ashy and scared faces. But no one would tell her anything and her Ayah did not come. She was actually left alone as the morning went on, and at last she wandered out into the garden and began to play by herself under a tree near the veranda. She pretended that she was making a flower-bed, and she stuck big scarlet hibiscus blossoms into little heaps of earth, all the time growing more and more angry and muttering to herself the things she would say and the names she would call Saidie when she returned.

"Pig! Pig! Daughter of Pigs!" she said, because to call a native a pig is the worst insult of all.
She was grinding her teeth and saying this over and over again when she heard her mother come out on the veranda with some one. She was with a fair young man and they stood talking together in low strange voices.

Mary knew the fair young man who looked like a boy. She had heard that he was a very young officer who had just come from England. The child stared at him, but she stared most at her mother.

She always did this when she had a chance to see her, because the Mem Sahib--Mary used to call her that oftener than anything else--was such a tall, slim, pretty person and wore such lovely clothes. Her hair was like curly silk and she had a delicate little nose which seemed to be disdaining things, and she had large laughing eyes. All her clothes were thin and floating, and Mary said they were "full of lace." They looked fuller of lace than ever this morning, but her eyes were not laughing at all. They were large and scared and lifted imploringly to the fair boy officer's face.

"Is it so very bad? Oh, is it?" Mary heard her say.
"Awfully," the young man answered in a trembling voice. "Awfully, Mrs. Lennox. You ought to have gone to the hills two weeks ago."
The Mem Sahib wrung her hands.
"Oh, I know I ought!" she cried. "I only stayed to go to that silly dinner party. What a fool I was!"

At that very moment such a loud sound of wailing broke out from the servants' quarters that she clutched the young man's arm, and Mary stood shivering from head to foot. The wailing grew wilder and wilder.

"What is it? What is it?" Mrs. Lennox gasped.
"Some one has died," answered the boy officer. "You did not say it had broken out among your servants."
"I did not know!" the Mem Sahib cried. "Come with me! Come with me!" and she turned and ran into the house.

After that, appalling things happened, and the mysteriousness of the morning was explained to Mary. The cholera had broken out in its most fatal form and people were dying like flies. The Ayah had been taken ill in the night, and it was because she had just died that the servants had wailed in the huts.

Before the next day three other servants were dead and others had run away in terror. There was panic on every side, and dying people in all the bungalows.

During the confusion and bewilderment of the second day Mary hid herself in the nursery and was forgotten by everyone. Nobody thought of her, nobody wanted her, and strange things happened of which she knew nothing. Mary alternately cried and slept through the hours. She only knew that people were ill and that she heard mysterious and tightening sounds. O

Once she crept into the dining-room and found it empty, though a partly finished meal was on the table and chairs and plates looked as if they had been hastily pushed back when the diners rose suddenly for some reason. The child ate some fruit and biscuits, and being thirsty she drank a glass of wine which stood nearly filled. It was sweet, and she did not know how strong it was. Very soon it made her intensely drowsy, and she went back to her nursery and shut herself in again, frightened by cries she heard in the huts and by the hurrying sound of feet.

The wine made her so sleepy that she could scarcely keep her eyes open and she lay down on her bed and knew nothing more for a long time.

Many things happened during the hours in which she slept so heavily, but she was not disturbed by the wails and the sound of things being carried in and out of the bungalow.

When she awakened she lay and stared at the wall. The house was perfectly still. She had never known it to be so silent before. She heard neither voices nor footsteps, and wondered if everybody had got well of the cholera and all the trouble was over. She wondered also who would take care of her now her Ayah was dead. There would be a new Ayah, and perhaps she would know some new stories. Mary had been rather tired of the old ones.

She did not cry because her nurse had died. She was not an affectionate child and had never cared much for any one.

The noise and hurrying about and wailing over the cholera had frightened her, and she had been angry because no one seemed to remember that she was alive. Everyone was too panic-stricken to think of a little girl no one was fond of. When people had the cholera it seemed that they remembered nothing but themselves. But if everyone had got well again, surely some one would remember and come to look for her.

But no one came, and as she lay waiting the house seemed to grow more and more silent. She heard something rustling on the matting and when she looked down she saw a little snake gliding along and watching her with eyes like jewels. She was not frightened, because he was a harmless little thing who would not hurt her and he seemed in a hurry to get out of the room. He slipped under the door as she watched him.

"How queer and quiet it is," she said. "It sounds as if there were no one in the bungalow but me and the snake."

Almost the next minute she heard footsteps in the compound, and then on the veranda. They were men's footsteps, and the men entered the bungalow and talked in low voices.

No one went to meet or speak to them and they seemed to open doors and look into rooms. "What desolation!" she heard one voice say. "That pretty, pretty woman! I suppose the child, too. I heard there was a child, though no one ever saw her."

Mary was standing in the middle of the nursery when they opened the door a few minutes later. She looked an ugly, cross little thing and was frowning because she was beginning to be hungry and feel disgracefully neglected.

The first man who came in was a large officer she had once seen talking to her father. He looked tired and troubled, but when he saw her he was so startled that he almost jumped back.
"Barney!" he cried out. "There is a child here! A child alone! In a place like this! Mercy on us, who is she!"

"I am Mary Lennox," the little girl said, drawing herself up stiffly.

She thought the man was very rude to call her father's bungalow "A place like this!" "I fell asleep when everyone had the cholera and I have only just wakened up. Why does nobody come?"

"It is the child no one ever saw!" exclaimed the man, turning to his companions. "She has actually been forgotten!"

"Why was I forgotten?" Mary said, stamping her foot. "Why does nobody come?"

The young man whose name was Barney looked at her very sadly. Mary even thought she saw him wink his eyes as if to wink tears away.

"Poor little kid!" he said. "There is nobody left to come."

It was in that strange and sudden way that Mary found out that she had neither father nor mother left; that they had died and been carried away in the night, and that the few native servants who had not died also had left the house as quickly as they could get out of it, none of them even remembering that there was a Missie Sahib. That was why the place was so quiet. It was true that there was no one in the bungalow but herself and the little rustling snake.

                                                                                                                               End of chapter one

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My New Year Wishes

All I want

I want to be kind and I want to keep straight,
I want to lose some kilos of weight.
I want to have a happy life with all my dears,
as well I want to lose all of my fears.

I want to visit many places on earth,
that is my dream since the day of my birth.
I want to stay healthy as long as possible,
the tune of life should be always audible.

I am still looking to find my right way,
I want to find friendship, not only to play.
I want to give my hand to someone who needs,
not only with words but always with deeds.

My life shouldn't be dull, it should be exciting.
If I want to be happy, I have to keep fighting.
I want to find the balance between busy and calm,
and if I feel sadness, I wish to find comfort and balm.

The next, we can't plan but we always may hope,
and maybe one day, we are going to cope,
to make our earth as the most peaceful place,
where no one cares about religion, origin, and race.

Even if we don't know how long it will take,
until all wars will be over and cured the ache.
But, someday, there will fly again the white dove,
to bring everyone peace, and freedom, and love.

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How to use the word "DEAR"

Hello, my dear members of MyEC.

Often, I see members here write or say,
"How are you, dear?"
"Come on dear!"
"Have a nice day, dear."
"What is going on, dear?"
... and so on and on.

A friend of mine, a native English speaker, told me once she does not understand why people say so. I had to smile because I knew why she found it crazy that people who are not close to each other (they are no lovers, family members or very close friends) do call someone in that way.

That made me write this post.

When we use "dear" without mentioning a name, "darling" has the meaning of "darling", "sweetheart", "love", "darling", "baby" ... I think you all know from what I speak.
In that case, "dear" is used as a noun and replaces, for example, the name of the beloved person.

We never would name someone "dear" in our native language when we are not in love with them in the sense of darling, love, sweetheart, do we?

In any other case, we should use "dear" as an adjective.

So we can say or write (just for example):
"How are you, dear friend?"
" What is going on, dear Rose?"
" Hello, dear Iris."
"Hello, my dear friend XXXXX:"
...and so on and on.

Imagine, you write a letter addressing a colleague "Hello, dear." instead of "Hello, dear colleague Xxxxxxxx.", it could be very embarrassing...LOL...Don't you think so?

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Was it just a dream?

It was early morning when I woke up in the middle of a beautiful flower meadow. Dew lay on the blades of grass and the blossoms of thousands of flowers. Where was I? How and when did I come here? I didn't remember.

I got up and heard a sound coming from the distance. There, a man was standing, upright, proud, and quite handsome. He smiled and waved me as if he was waiting for me.
I looked at him and wanted to go there, asking where I was and who he was, but with every single step I did, the distance did not shorten.

His smile was enchanting and his eyes looked seducing. His mouth seemed to speak. I couldn't hear it but read from his lips.
"Come to me," he said again and again, "come in my arms."
I tried to walk faster, but there was no chance of coming forward.

Suddenly, I heard a beautiful melody.
"Dance to him," a voice whispered to me. "Dance!"

Like a miracle, my feet began dancing, and I got fast forward. I danced with closed eyes.
I dizzied from dancing and fell.
Immediately, the music stopped, and the mysterious voice whispered: "this was your only chance, your only chance. You have missed missed it!"

"Your only chance...only chance...missed it...missed it," it echoed inside me.

I opened my eyes. "Oh no," I screamed, "don't go, please, don't go!"
He disappeared, slowly, very slowly, with sadness on his face into the fog, still reaching his waving hand to me.
"I'll come back once more," he said.
"When?", I asked, "when?"
"I don't know," he answered, "one day. Just wait for me."
He waved once more, then, he disappeared, completely.

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Is she a fool?

Sometimes she feels like living someone else's life.
Although looking at herself, it's as if she sees a stranger.
She sees someone who is lost.
She sees someone whose thoughts and actions do not match.
Everything she does she does for others.
She acts on reason, but her heart starves, and her soul weeps.
She knows her needs exactly but does not demand anything for herself.

Is she her own prisoner? A prisoner in a cage she made herself?
How could it come this far?
Why doesn't she try to escape?
Why doesn't she change anything?

She still believes in love.
She doesn't give up.

Is she a fool?

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