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Time Machine (Ingredient X)

If you were about to finish the first ever Real Time Machine, what would be the last and most important detail of it?



Don't sell it cheap as the time machine is anything but usual or simple thing and so is its main detail!

Describe the detail well, so

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Pet Names

What are the common pet names in your country? What are the weirdest pet names, you have ever heard? What are/were the names of your own pets?

In Ukraine the common pet names are:

For cats:

Female: Mas'ka, Mus'ka, Marusya, Siromanka, Frosya, Pryncesa,

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Por una Cabeza - Carlos Gardel

Hi there!

There is one song or better to say melody that I want to share with everyone here.

It's a famous song and I guess, you have already heard it somewhere.

But before listening to it, please read my story, connected with this song:

One day, about 3

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Numbness in hands

     Have you ever faced in your life something like numbness in your hands or any other part of your body? I mean that kind of numbness which you feel in the morning just after waking up (but to be honest, that numbness is actually the reason of our

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