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Simple Cake



-Waffles with a lot of TINY holes

-Walnuts: 100g

-Cream Butter of a room temperature: 200g

-Boiled condensed milk: 300g

Required tools or devices:



-Mixing container (or a pan with high walls)

-Cake spatula (or a knife).


1) Grind walnuts, using a kitchen grinder or smash them with a knife.


2) Mix butter, using a mixer for about 1 minute to make it soft and fluffy.



3) Add boiled condensed milk to the container with mixed butter and mix it again for 1 minute.



4) Add walnuts and mix for 1 minute again.



5) Put some amount cream that you just made on the surface of the first waffle and spread it evenly, using a cake spatula or knife. 5.1) Remove the excessive amoung of cream, especially from the middle of waffle, otherwise cake can get uneven in the end.


6) Put next waffle on the top of creamy surface and press it a bit with your hands. Repeat step 5) till the last waffle.



-Don't put the cream on the top of the last waffle.


7) Cover the cake with something and put it in the fridge.


8) Put something light on the surface of the covered cake and leave in the fridge for about 3-5 hours.


8) Enjoy.




You can take any amount of any ingredient. For example 100g of walnuts, 200g or butter, 100g of boiled condensed milk. Or 300 gram of nuts, 100g of butter, 200g of boiled condensed milk (in this case you will have to finish mixing the cream, using a spoon because it will be to thick and dry).

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The Skype Call:

R: Hi, L! How have you been?

L: Hey, I am fine! I have just got a few free minutes and decided to open Skype. What about you?

R: I am not bad as well! I have just seen a cat, crossing the street and recalled the last topic of our previous conversation.

L: What is it?

R: We were talking about the pets last time.

L: Oh, really! You know, the cats have always been my favorite animals!

R: Mine too! They are so cute, funny and interesting!

L: Yeah, have you ever seen them playing with boxes?

R: Yes, I have seen that show a lot of times! But don't underestimate them. I have heard, some scientists came to conclusion that cats are the best hunters, because they hunt even when they are not hungry.

L: Well, I haven't heard about it, but it sounds logical. They like to play with everything, even if it is a prey. And they are so curious, they like to push the stuff off a table, just to look how it falls down and makes a noise :D

R: Yes, and there is one funny saying about cats! "If the Earth was flat, then cats would have pushed everything off it by now"

L: Haha, that's true! Okay, I have to go now, because my short break has almost ended. It was nice talking with you!

R: I have enjoyed our conversation too! See you later!

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Long time ago, when I was 14-15, I wanted my parents to buy me a mountain bike. That time I didn't know that real mountain bikes were 10-20 times more expensive than the regular ones, although they look almost the same.

There were no limits of my happiness and gratitude when I got my own bike on my birthday! But the bike's gear shift mechanism broke down on the next day. It didn't take much time to repair that mechanism, but I was not that excited anymore.

And guess what, I started to learn the stunts shortly thereafter! It is needless and impossible to count all the scars and traumas I had gotten, riding that bike. Sometimes I hit the trees with my forehead because of the slippery and muddy road. Sometimes I fell over the rudder, because of the branch of the tree, stuck in the front bike wheel.

Nowadays I miss riding the bike in the forest.

But there is no doubt, that bike has became my friend and every single ride on it, is my unforgettable moment!

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Thank you!

"Hello everyone!"

Does this phrase look useful for you? You can answer to this question in the comments, but I want to say that for me, it does. Well, not exactly this phrase, but it's variations. You can easily start any conversation with it. And for the last 365 days I used this phrase a lot!

I joined this site one year ago (actually one year and one month ago) and since that time I have faced either happy and sad moments. Oh my, there were so many, that I can't even recall all of them.

I know, time flies very fast, but right now, when I look one year back, I ask myself, "Has this all happened in just one year??? Is it possible?" because I feel like I have been here for the years! How weird it would not sound, but I feel like if I have posted my first blog here at least 5 years ago.

This place (MyEnglishClub) has become my second home! :) But only because of all the good people, that I have met here!

Now I would like to thank everyone, who somehow helped me on my way of learning English! And not only for that. I am so grateful to everyone who has been: teaching me, correcting me, chatting with me, talking with me, listening to me, teasing me, laughing with me, crying with me, sharing the secrets with me and simply spending the precious time with me. I would like to write the nicknames of all of YOU, my dear friends, but I am sorry. I am simply afraid to forget to mention somebody.

To sum it up, I have improved my English enough to be able to notice it! One year ago I was not even able to chat in English language without using Google Translator. Nowadays I can talk with the native English speakers almost freely. I met one British man at the city center last week. And we spent a lot of hours talking with him in a way, like if English was my native language!

When I decided to join MyEC, I wanted to learn English, but I learned MUCH MORE! I learned a lot about life! And I found many friends!

There is still an eternal amount of things to learn. But I know, we will do it together with YOU!

Thank you dear friends! (Crying) I can't express how much I love you! 


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Hello everyone!

Sorry for making you wait for so long. Some things went awry and I had to take another picture.

So, please leave your captions for this picture in the comments:

I will choose the winner in a week, on Monday 25 of June.

I am sure, you will surprise me with the lots of creative captions!

Good luck! :P

All the captions at this moment:


1) The Umbrella Pride Parade

2) It's Raining Umbrellas

3) Rihanna looking for her umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh...


1) shaded with Beauty


1) Let's decorate the world!


1. The sky doesn't need only clouds...let add us colors.

2. When we miss the rainbow...we have a substitute.

3. Take our dreams with you around the world without borders.

EC member:

1. Walking Under the Rainbow


1. Say  'NO'  to the drab! 


1. Umbrellas wished to be rainbow.

2. Flying umbrellas.

3. Why the raindrops turned to umbrellas !! :o :o

4. Rainbow becomes rain :o

5. Butterfly-umbrellas.

Okay, the time has come! I have to choose the best caption. And this time my favorite captions are:

- Svitlana: Let's Decorate the World

- EC member: Walking Under the Rainbow

- Oporazita: Rainbow Becomes Rain :o

I would like to choose them all, but this time the winner is:

Let's Decorate the World!

Congratulations, Svitlana! You are the next host! :)

Thanks to all the participants! Have a good time!

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One of My Dreams

People say that usually we forget 50% of the dream, we just had, right after waking up. And till the end of the day we forget 90-99% of that dream. But sometimes our dreams are so clear, realistic and unforgettable, that we remember them for many weeks months and even years.

This is one of those dreams, that I have had it one months ago.

WARNING, this story contains ugly, violent, dirty and just unpleasant scenes. So if you are eating right now or if your mental health is weak, then maybe it is not the best idea for you to read it!

One day I, my mom, my younger brother and my school-classmate, went to the market (bazar), to buy some meat. It doesn't matter, but (I have no idea why) we came to the market of some other city. That market was different from our market. Mostly because in our market we can't buy human legs, hands and other parts of body to cook them.

I barely didn't vomit after seeing all those bloody parts of human bodies. And with words, "What the hell?!?!?!?"  we rushed together towards the exit of the market. On the way back I noticed 2-3 guys with ugly, injured and wounded faces, by my side sight. And the alarming bells rang in my head.

"Something is going to start and that something is not a pool party!", I thought and pushed my mom, brother and classmate to move faster.

But it was too late. Suddenly those guys started to chase us and we heard from the loudspeakers, "CATCH THEM! THEY HAVE STOLEN SOME GOODS/PRODUCTS!!!!!", most likely that voice meant the parts of our OWN bodies

But to my surprise, we all easily got out from the market. But it turned to be, that instead of my mom, younger brother and classmate, there were my old good friends. And it doesn't matter, that I was seeing them for the first time in my life. In my dream they all were my old friends :D And at that moment we have had spent a lot of time together.

So, after leaving the market, we entered to the forest. It was not a big and dense forest, so we were able to run fast. And even if we couldn't see any of those ugly guys chasing us anymore, still we had that unpleasant feeling of approaching of the troubles.

And like a thunder in the clear sky, six or seven F-16 destroyers appeared over our heads. But we noticed them not because of that loud sound, that they create by their turbines. We noticed them because of their fiery bullets, which cut/pass through the trees like if there were no trees at all!

Those fiery bullets had the speed near to the speed of light. And they were making the pleasant, artificial, electrical or even robotic sound, while cutting the trees. But those F-16 were not the usual models. Each of them had the propellers, as if they were helicopters and F-16 at the same time. One of my friends got injured in his shoulder, but we continued to run, because the end of the forest was already visible and we noticed some buildings there.

But suddenly another one of my friends stopped and completely covered his face by the T-shirt. And with words, "Hey, guys, I got a plan", carved his nickname on his forearm, using a knife!

Being shocked by his actions, we asked him, "What the hell are you doing?!". And he answered with a poker face, "We can die here. But with those nicknames on our forearms people will be able to identify us. Plus we get more chances to survive, because we will became a team (he meant a team like in a popular computer game "Counter-Strike")".

And like in movies, time around the main characters (me and my friends) dramatically slowed down.

And silent pause came. Yes, for the short period of time, while F-16 were flying over the forest, trying to kill us, we all were just staring at each other, trying to comprehend his high-tactical plan. I didn't get any of his brilliant and lifesaving ideas. But we all except myself did what he said.

We continued to run and reached to the end of the forest. And it doesn't matter, that none of my friends was able to see, because their heads were completely covered by the T-shirts. We reached to the external edge of the city. And I was the first one, who entered to the building.

My friends followed me and inside building it gradually turned to be, that they were my family (My father, my mother, my younger brother and my elder brother). We were waiting there for maybe half an hour. And while waiting, we were looking through the windows. It seemed to be, that F-16 gradually gave up trying to find and annihilate us, and flew away.

While waiting, I noticed, that walls of the building gradually were turning thinner and thinner. And after maybe 40-45 minutes of waiting, the walls became so thin, that it was possible for us, to look through them. And 15 minutes later I noticed, that except myself and my family, there were present some people of our city and one my classmate (not that previous classmate). 

And finally we decided to go out of the building. But it was too early. One of F-16 was hidden on the roof of that building, so it showed up and started to shoot everyone!

I ran with my mom and brothers to the bombproof/shelter, that was situated deep under one of the buildings. It was dark, dirty and dusty inside, but we thought, it was safe.

We were wrong. That F-16 was able to fly through the winding and zigzag school corridors (Yes, it turned to be, that shelter was situated under the building of school!). But what was really interesting, that particular F-16 was insane. It wanted to kill us at any cost! If all the F-16 had eyes, the eyes of our F-16 definitely would be red!

So, we reached to the deadlock/impasse. No chances to survive left and F-16 showed up from the corner. I had the feeling, that he was laughing with that famous kind of laugh "HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!"

It shot and hit my elder brother, which fell down but remained alive. It came closer to us, shot again and hit my younger brother, which fell down but remained alive too. Then it wanted to shoot my mother, but suddenly walls fell down because it destroyed them by the blades of its propeller. And plus the walls were damaged by F-16's previous shoots. And the roof of the shelter came down, right on the head of F-16.

So we all survived. Our chaser F-16 was completely destroyed. And other F-16 were continuing to fly over the city and kill everyone with their fiery shoots. But it doesn't matter, because I woke up!


I have exaggerated some things a bit. But generally everything is exactly as I saw it in my dream.

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The Keyboards

Have you ever wondered, how different and interesting can be life of anyone from MyEC? The people, that you are chatting with them every day. We simply can't know it, but we can imagine it. And if not the all aspects of their life, then just as tiny thing as their keyboards. A tool, that they use it every day to express their feelings and thoughts. When they are sad or happy. Someone eats while typing the messages on the keyboard. Someone lies on the bed. But all of them have their own habits and ways of chatting.

So this is how would look the keyboards of some active MyEC members, based on their everyday activity :D








You can try to guess which keyboard belongs to which MyEC member in comments!

Or maybe someone will add the keyboards of the other people.

Enjoy! :D

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Happy Women's Day!

Dear Women!

I think, that men should cherish You everyday, not only one day a year.

That's why I blame myself because of posting this blog today.

My wishes are simple and short! :)

May this world be better for You!

If You like to walk on a road, lined by the petals of roses.

Then let there always be men, to spread those petals for You.

If You are afraid of the dark.

Then let the moonlight shine in the darkest moments and light Your way so brightly, that You would feel like You are on a podium.

Let men always respect You!

Let men always listen to You!

Let men always understand You and even Your weirdest actions!

Let men always trust You!

Let men always love You, without trying to change You. Because You are cool the way You are!

And let my wishes became a bonus cake on the top of your cake!

Like this:

And let both genders have equal rights!

Happy Women's Day!

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Mike was 24 years old. He lived in a small rented room, in a house close to the ramp. It was the only one ramp in the whole town. So Mike was very happy because he was a great tricky cyclist. Except cycling, Mike liked to do only two things: to paint the pictures and to ride a bicycle. But he gave up painting and dedicated all his free time to professional cycling.

Whenever he was training, everyone was watching at him with enthusiasm. Mike liked to do all those tricks in front of people. He was really enjoying their curious looks.

But Mike wanted to be not only a great tricky cyclist, but also a winner of the most prestigious world tricky cycling competition. That's why he spent all his money on a bicycle and it's accessories. Kids next door always got excited not only by his amazing tricks, but also by the coolest bicycle.

One day Mike took part in that competition and got the tenth place, as a result of the fall. He got not only disappointed, but also injured. There was no ends to his disappointment. He got upset and stayed home for three days, without going out. He felt not only depressed, but also wasted. He thought that it was the end, last stop, non-return point. And he was right.

In the morning of the fourth day, he went to the balcony and saw a wonderful sunrise. All the figures and structures of the ramp were illuminated by the picturesque shades of light. Suddenly Mike felt the brightest emotions and got a strong desire not only to enjoy contemplation of view, but also to paint it.

As Mike has not been painting since he was 14, he got amazed by his fresh picture and invited friends to see it. Everyone not only admired his painting skills, but also advised him to paint more and more. 

Mike started to paint professionally and finally it became his main job. At the same time, twice a week he gave the lessons of tricky bicycling for kids.

Three years later Mike opened his own art gallery and at the same year, one of his students won the most prestigious world tricky cycling competition.

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Happy New Year!

This year was so lucky, happy and wonderful for me! I met so many good people here in MyEC!

I didn't expect to find so many friends!

I just want to say THANK YOU! to everyone, I have met here! Because YOU taught me and opened my eyes to so many things...

I changed my views on life. I have faced a couple of "life changing situations". My life will never be the same.

I just want, in new year, our world became little bit better for living in it, for all the creatures!



Dear friends!

Let happiness and joy fall on your heads like rain during the rainy season!

Let your health and health of your relatives make you forget about the pills, medicines and clinics!

Let luck chase you, as your own shadow and lift your self esteem to the sky!

Let the new year lead you to the beautiful places and interesting meetings!

Let deep feelings fill our hearts with bright emotions!

Let good weather rise your mood!

Let love give you desire to live!!


Learn new useful things, find new fiends, enjoy life and LIVE TO FULL

Long days and pleasant nights!



Happy New Year!

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Here in my country some people are trying to travel to exotic countries. Because those countries attract them with lots of the interesting, unknown or unexpected things. People dream about those countries and think that it is a paradise to live there.

But often they get disappointed because of their zeal to get everything at the same time. They are eager to try, taste and experience everything new. Sometimes it is really useful, sometimes it is interesting and joyful, but sometimes it is even dangerous.

And interesting is one thing. All those exotic things are usual for the people, who live there. And they wonder, how the tourists can make so great efforts and with zeal find such normal and usual things.

And who knows, maybe for those foreign people, such ordinary and usual things as our snow seem to be exotic.

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Once Bux noticed that his daughter Sonny needs the new shoes.

He discussed it with Kuzyasha and they decided to buy the sneakers for little Sonny.

Kuzyasha wanted Sonny to go with them, to try the sneakers on. To see if the sneakers fit her in size. But Sonya was too lazy. That's why Sonya said that she feels bad and refused to go with parents.

Later in the sneakers store.

Kuzyasha was so excited to see that modern sneaker, that she didn't even think about it's size:)

Bux tried to knock to Kuzyasha's mind, but it was useless.

She didn't even listen to Bux...

And finally they bought that sneaker.

At home, Sonny tried that shoe on and get disappointed.

Because shoe size was too big for her.

And lately Kuzyasha and Bux decided that it will be a lesson for Sonny! And Kuzyasha will wear that shoe.

So little Sonny left without the new sneakers...

And at the end of the day, they all gathered together on the family coach.

Everyone was thinking about this day. And finally they all slept. All except little Sonny!

She spotted a fly over her head and spent the whole night, trying to catch it, interrupting Danny's and Tanya's sweet  dreams:)

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One night, many years ago, when I was ill with flu and was turning from side to side unable to fall asleep.

I don't remember that night clearly, but I just know that I saw one unknown woman in my room. She touched my shoulder like my mom does, smiled and said sleep. And when I closed my eyes she disappeared.

On the next day I told about that to my mom and she was shoked. Because nobody entered to my room that night. Now I realize that probably it was hallucination or just a dream. But I am not exaggerating, that then it seemed to be so true.

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Hello everybody! Welcome to my Wordless Wednesday blog!

You know the rules.

You have an imagination!

You have got the whole picture!

And only 7 days to have fun with it!

Here we go!

P.S.  If you don't know the rules:

You can write in your comments the captions to this picture. There are no limits of tries. I will put the Winner's Title as the Title of this Blog!

Lifeline is 29.11.2017


Yes, this is a place in my village...

Collection Of Captions:


1. Didn't I tell you that the grass there is greener


1. Hooray! It's time for a chicken party

Rosemary :):

1. Maybe they are afraid of something :D


1. Hooray! We felled the tree!

2. Are there hot roosters on the other side?

3. Let's rock the party! (After Robbie's similar caption)

4. We do not lay eggs today, we strike!

5. Come, we play tree, then nobody sees us.

6. Rooster: "Olala! Hot chickens! God, give me power!"

Glee - χαρά -:

1. Hens on a big queue waiting for the sales on Black Friday


1. No flourishing if you lose your 'roots.

Rahul Wazir:

1. Ladies, fast, get ready for the Selfie

2. Ladies, wait, let me see what is happening behind the wall


1. United hens – strong hens !

2. Yes, we can !

3. Brain reing , brawn stew a stone.. = "Hen on the ground is one who has some brain ))"


1. You know you shouldn't mess with hens when you see them breaking down f**king trees in your backyard

2. Damn! Another tree we brought down... Girls, I think it's time to go back on diet...

3. Coronel Kentucky's chickens some minutes before they let him know the meaning of the word 'Karma'


1. Gals, lets hit the road before becoming repast..


1. A broken branch...Let's Fuck it up

2. Let's play the fool all around

★ღ ˚ Paula✰ •* ˚:

1. OH GEEZ!!! We just had our nails done!!!!


1. Chickens' playground

2. Road sign: Caution! Chickens at play

3. "Jim, hey Jim. Let's jump to the other side"

4. Ready to jump to the other side


1. -Resting After a Big meal...

2. -Tired Of Waiting to be Free...

3. -Sad Chickens In Pleasant weather....^-^

4. -Need Some change...

Ok, it is already 29.11.2017 here in Ukraine! So it seems that we reached the lifeline!

First of all I am saying "Thank you!" to ELF-Noor for chosing me a winner of previous challenge!

Thanks to all the particiPANTS :D I hope you enjoyed and got fun!

About your captions:

1. I like that I got so many captions (31)! :P

2. I didn't expect that it can be so difficult to choose the winner...

I am confused because I like some deep and meaningful captions. And at the same time I am laughing after rereading some funny captions.

For example Rosemary's caption: "Maybe they are afraid of something :D" It makes me think that they were to scared of something or someone, that they felled the tree to look, what is hiding around. But what???? Gals, come one... If you are strong enough to fell the tree, what are you afraid of...

Ok, I think you have already guessed, who is it:D Yes, I chosen the Rosemary's caption "Maybe they are afraid of something :D"

My captions are: "Humans"  and "Hierarchy"

Congratulation Rosemary!

And thank you all again, I really like all the captions! Good luck and take care!!!

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Once, while feeding the goats in the forest, I met a woman. She was the weirdest creature I ever saw. And if you think that I am exaggerating, she had a shoe in one leg and another leg was bare!

And as I was afraid to talk to her, she came and said, "Hi, I am an alien unconscious woman! My shuttle broke down, so now I have to be going here and there for food, on this planet, until I will be able to go back to my home-planet." I said, "Wow! Nice to meet you!"

I lead the goats to home and returned back to that woman in the forest, where we continued to walk together, talking about her planet.

She: This your planet is so good. I can eat the branches everyday!

Me: Good to know that! But where is your shuttle, that you came here with it?

She: Listen to me. I am not a beginner in this case, because I am having a launch everyday. But this time something went wrong. Than's why my shuttle broke down. So, soon my family will send a new shuttle for me. If you want, I can show you my broken shuttle.

Me: Ok, let's go!

During our walk, she had been gathering the branches in her arms. So when we came to the shuttle, she opened it and dropped them (her arms) on the floor and said, "I felt my arms became numb..." I was amazed of this her possibility and I tried to ask, "What the..." But suddenly she took her brain out from the head, using her third leg and said, "Don't look at me with this shoked face... My brain needs some rest!"

Later we went further into the depths of the shuttle. And with each step in the direction to the Pilot's Cabin, I started to hear an endless and weird sound of the animals... So when we entered it, I saw that there were crowds of turkeys on the table, in the chairs and everywhere! It seemed that they help to control and operate the shuttle.

Suddenly she said, "Do you want to rest with a cup of coffee/tea?" I answered, "Well, yes, why not... I like green tea" And we went to the kitchen, where she said, "Bring my hands to the living room please and wait me there on the coach, until I make tea."

I did what she said, except the last part... There were five female coaches, which were lying on the couches and inviting me to lie on themselves. So I decided to stay away from them.

Finally, five minutes later she came with two cups of tea and well rested brain, sat down on one of those coaches and continued to tell me the stories about her beautiful planet, where one day her brother tried to ate her out.

Three hours later her new shuttle arrived and she promised to send me my own shuttle.

She said with loudspeaker from the inside of the shuttle, "I passed the date of September." I get it as "I will send your shuttle with a route to my planet  next September"

Then she said, "Be ready, bye!" and flew away.

The end!

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MEGAEC City had been covered by a huge wave of atrocities this weekend. Many dead discussions were dug from the discussion cemetery. Many people were stressed out because their mistakes had been pointed in a rude way. Panic began in the city. Many reports were written to the police department. That is why Special Agent Roman Squirrel (not clumsy one) had been appointed in order to investigate this case.

The traces of a cat claws were spotted at the crime scenes. Also some parts of the black hair were found by the Special Agent Roman Squirrel in some comments. That hair had been transferred to the laboratory. On the next day, it had been found that black hair and the traces from the crime scenes belongs to a cat-woman.

In the news it had been told "Most wanted! Cat-woman! Responds to the name MARY! Reward $! She is a very dangerous and angry! Be careful, don't out from the Main Chat Room without exteme need! And please, avoid eating "Ketchup", because it can cause her rage! Only a large dose of humor intravenously can reassure her. The witnesses said they saw her near the Roman's village".

In fact, the whole MEGAEC city had been saved by the cat-woman MARY, from the endless boredom. But nobody were carrying about that. So she was unfairly labeled as "Anti-hero". And the main page of the newspapers had been decorated by her portraits!

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This is a true story that happened with my mom one year ago.

One day, it was October or November, at 8-9 pm o`clock I was coming back from the city to home in the village. And as always the way to home was going through the forest. It was dark there. And in each hand I carried a bag, so I could not use a flashlight. It was very quiet inside forest, because of absence of wind.

And suddenly, right in the middle of my way to home, I heard the steps of 2-3 creatures behind me... I started to walk faster, but they raised their speed too! Then I started to run (with two big bags), but they were running too! I was about to shout.

There was nobody in the village in the morning of that day, except me and one neighbor Sasha. He was 40 years old man who liked to drink. But I wanted to go to the city, because my best friend Vira invited me to go shopping. So I asked Sasha to take care of my (3 black) goats. He said "Ok, don't be afraid, I will feed them in the forrest". I believed him and went to the city.

But unfortunately after noon arrived his good friend who brought vodka. But Sasha didn't give up and being drunk he led the goats to feed in the forest. And he fell asleep there.

My heart was beating a rhythm of the drums in very heavy metal song. I was exhausted and couldn't run further. So I stopped, turned back and came to know that those creatures were my goats:) I have never been so glad to see them!!! They just saw me and started to follow me, while I was thinking that some creatures are chasing me. Ah and Sasha was ok, he just woke up later and came home. On the next day he brought the cake and apologized.

Btw, this is the picture inside that forest, that I made, using flashlight in October at 07:00 pm.

People can see those white stickers on the trees, to follow the path. But it is almost impossible to recognize the goats in the dark forest, especially if they all are BLACK!

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In the middle of the night I woke up lying on the path in the dark forest. Suddenly I heard the steps coming - almost running to me. But I could not see him clear. Just two X-ray eyes on the background of the dark silhouette. Somebody was approaching me. My heart beat increased and fear took control of me. In a while it all stopped and I could finally see, who was in front of me.

Two legs were sticking out of the ground. And before I asked myself "What the -_-?", one eye on the each of them suddenly opened and "IT" started to move towards me. I tried to escape but it was impossible. Those two eyes like spotlights were chasing me. And the main thing that gave me heebie-jeebie was it's opportunity to MOVE QUICKLY!

I stumbled and fell down. And before that unbelievably ugly creature came close to me, I noticed that those legs were moving like if this monster was using them to push away the air instead of the ground. And the deep ditch behind it scared the hell out of me! It meant that this creature moves HALF UNDERGROUND!!! I just lay and could not believe that it really happens. But before this monster caught me, the light of it's eyes made me recall the events that happened before.

I opened the door of one house. That door was designed the way to make it look like the door of the coffin. It was huge Halloween party there. And the first thing that scared me, was downstairs which began right at the entrance. But I didn't pay much attention to it, because I felt that this place is somehow familiar to me.

There were a lot of masked people (very ugly and scary masked people) inside, but one of them was dressed as James Bond. There was nothing wrong with him, except two details. He was juggling with yo-yo and his face was distorted by never ending smile. And firstly I thought "hmmm "Are you kidding me? James Bond in his expensive black costume is juggling with yo-yo?... Ok, nothing wrong, let it be"

But with passing the time he started to be annoying. I said to him "Hey, James, enough... You can play with this yo-yo somewhere else." But he didn't listen to me. I came closer to him and suddenly everything around became quieter, except the sound of his yo-yo. And everyone's masks seemed to be their real faces that were watching at me. My heart went up my throat.

Suddenly "James" turned his face in my direction and said "little Heebie wants to go out!" I turned back to go out of there. But before, I came to the stairs, one picture "Juggernaut and Co", that was hung on the wall, grabbed my attention. There were depicted some weird and creepy things and creatures. One of them was little "baby James (but in his expensive black costume yet)". And in the middle of the picture stood Juggernaut (mighty, mercilessly, destructive and unstoppable monster) with "baby half-buried monster" on his hands. And in one of Juggernaut's hands, there was a leash attached to one of the legs of the monster.

I recalled everything and said "Wow, Heebie-jeebie! You just scared the hell out of me! Sit! Good boy! Let's go and make one's blood run COLD!!!!!!!!!"


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Since ancient times witches have been protecting and caring of nature. One of the main ways of protection and care of nature is the Sabbath but it can't be possible without a special ritual which includes cooking the powerful magic elixir and the main ingredient of the elixir is the fern flower.

"You are late... I have almost finished my decoctition. Where is the root of mandrake?" Asked Sabrina's mother Ophelia when young witch came home. Sabrina gave it to her mother and tried to escape as fast as it was possible. But Ophelia stopped her daughter and said "Give me the fern flower too, I will put it in safe untill the start of the Sabbath."

Cole came to the old almost fallen tree and hit it tree times with the magic wand. The bark of tree opened, he took two vessels and closed the tree. The young man put one of the vessels on the ground, came close to the pond and leaned down. Then he dipped the vessel into the surface of the pond and suddenly a green hand emerged from the water and drag him under it.

"Are you crazy? What did you think about when revealed yourself and entrusted this mission to him? Ophelia scolded her daughter. "But what is wrong with it? He will bring us the fern flower and everything will be OK!" Worried Sabrina replied, trying to defend herself. "At least that once per 4 years GM4 (Green monster) awakens in that pond. So right now this monster is awake and hungry and your "boyfriend" has no idea how to deal with it. This is enough to call it WRONG?" Ophelia made Sabrina afraid.

Cold pierced the whole surface of Cole's body. He found himself under the water. It was very dark there because the surface of the pond was covered by thick layer of green ALGAE. Something strong and scary was trying to strangle him. But despite of shock Cole opened his eyes and found small but shining brightly thing that he still held in his hand. It was the magic wand.

He didn't know what was he doing but just wanted to hit that monster with the magic wand. But in the moment when the wand touched monster's skin, magic light brightened the whole pond. Cole shoked again for a few seconds. Because he noticed that pond, that seemed shallow and even almost dried out from the outside, was very deep. But after that touch of the magic wand, monster got stunned for some time. Cole gathered the rest of his power and will and got out from the pond very fast.

After recognizing that monster was not chasing him, Cole took a deep breath. But now he didn't want to come close to the pond anymore. So, he tied a vessel to long branch by his shoelace and filled it with the water from the surface of the pond, by using this new handmade tool. And he opened that tree again to take a new vessel, because he droped one of them while falling down in the pond.

"He is not my boyfriend... Unfortunately..." Sadly said Sabrina. "Ok, probably he already reached to the pond, so now we can't help him. And good that I still have my last vessel of the fern flower in my safe." Said Ophelia but Sabrina stoped her by the words "Actually I took that last vessel of the fern flower few days ago to cook the love potion..."

Cole was going through the forest and was thinking "What a weird day! And what a comely girl Sabrina is. But probably I can't even think about to ask her for a date". So when he saw that stunningly beautiful blossomed fern flower (after pouring out the water from the pond on the bush of fern) he wasn't able to stand there and wait until it dried up. Cole tore off this flower to give it to Sabrina and went to her house following the blue signs on the trees.

"Don't you know that fern flower is not an ingredient of the love potion? Asked Ophelia her clumsy daughter during their flight on the brooms toward Cole. "I know but I thought that adding the fern flower will make it stronger." Answered Sabrina. "What a shame, the daughter of the main witch of the whole country is so stupid and clumsy! The love potion makes victim not free in his/her feelings, it belongs to the bad magic. And the fern flower is the pure blessing that belongs to the good magic, so it neutralized your love potion..." Explained Ophelia.

Sabrina sighed with relief, because it was good to realize that Cole likes her without love potion. But her mother returned young witch from heaven to earth "Don't forget, we will lose almost all our powers and almost everything, including my position if we don't get the fern flower. And other witches will compete to become the main witch."

At first two witches sighed with relief when they saw Cole alive. But their joy quickly disappeared when they came to know that he brought the literally a FLOWER, not the liquid fern flower. Cole gave this flower to Sabrina and said "I just wanted to say that you are more beautiful than any flower, including this one" Sabrina got confused because earlier she fell in love with him and now she just melted by his words. But at the same time she was afraid to show her feelings in front of her mother. 

But Ophelia just stood behind and looking at her daughter. Warm tears flowed over Sabrina's cheeks and she said "Thank you Cole but now we will lose everything that we have because we can't make successful Sabbath this year without that fern flower. My mom will lose her power and position of the main witch."

The silence lasted for one minute and Ophelia said "Actually no, I see that you both really love each other. And there are no magic greater than true love in this world! Sabrina, you will make a great Sabbath and become the main witch!" They created a broom for Cole and together flew to the house in the forest!

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A clean summer day. The trees and leaves are twinkling in front of the eyes. Scared birds scatter in different directions. The young witch flies on a flying broom. Ammm... young clumsy* witch.

Suddenly her broom catch the branch of the tree... And clumsy witch is falling down right on the anthill. While falling from the tree, she demolish one branch with green leaves that stuck in her hair near the ear.

Before Sabrina understand what happened, she felt ant bites and despite of pain in her back young witch jumped up and started to shudder. Because ants were everywhere, even at her nose.

Young man stood behind the tree with an opened mouth and didn't know what to do first, to wonder where she came from or to laugh because of her funny moves...

Cole came out and said "Do you need some help?" Sabrina was surpriced to see the stranger here, so she shuddered again. Then she said "Hurry! Find my handbag get the magic wand out of there and bring it to me!!!  He did what she said, so one minute later Sabrina took her magic wand and remove all the ants from her body by single spell.

"Who are you and how did you suddenly appear here from nowhere?" Asked Cole. "Grrrr... does it matter? I wanted to ask you the same question..." said young witch and evaluated him by one short look, while putting herself in order. "I am Cole from the near village. Two weeks ago our family bought a house there. So I came here to gather some mushrooms and suddenly I saw you fell down from nowhere, like something threw you out." said Cole.

"Ok, I am Sabrina from this forest, I fell down because of... bad quality of my broom. And as you can see, I am a witch..." young witch introduced herself and suddenly remembered that she is in a hurry. "I am late, my mother will kill me, because I should bring her the root of mandrake and a fern flower one hour ago"

Sabrina put her hand into handbag, pulled out broken vessel smeared with a strange brilliant liquid and said with noticeable concern "Omg, it is broken... The whole fern flower has outflow... I am dead now..." Cole asked "A fern flower? I thought it is just a fairytale and why is it liquid???"

Young witch immediately made a decision "You! Cole! Only you can save me now! Take my magic wand and run to the near pound. There you will see an old always almost fallen tree. Hit it with this magic wand three times and the tree will open. Take two vessels from that tree and collect the water from the surface of the pond in one of them. Hit the tree three times again, but with another end of the magic wand to close it.

Then pour the water from the pound on the first fern bush that you will see and it will blossom with stunningly beautiful flower. But you have to wait untill the flower will dry up and the fruit will appear. Take that fruit, make a hole in it with another end of the magic wand and fill the second vessel with fresh juice of that fruit. And then run as fast as you can, following blue signs at the trees. Do you see the signs?" 

But Cole didn't listen to her. Actually he was stunned by her beauty. The whole world was half-frozen while he was looking at Sabrina's face. The branch with green leaves was still in her hair and looked like a decoration while she was explaining him what to do. She noticed that something wrong with his attention and immediately understood why.

There was a potion of enthusiasm (love potion) in her handbag, which also smash down during her falling down. So Cole probably was affected with it.

Sabrina shout some bad words to express her dissatisfaction and asked him again "Do you see the signs?" Cole answered in half-dreaming state " I don..." Suddenly young witch waved the magic wand in Cole's direction. He broke out for one second, waved his head like being just awakened and started to look around because now some trees became marked with colored signs.

He said "N...nn... now I can see the signs!" Sabrina said "Ok, now take my magic wand and run!!!" Young man asked "Why can't you gather it by yourself?" She answered with relief because his question meant that he is still able to think "Because a fern flower can't be gathered by one person two times per year. Now hurry up bring it to me and meanwhile, I will bring my mother the root of mandrake."

Young witch sat down on her broom and flew away. To be continued...


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