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Hello everyone, I sometimes listen to youtube the most beautiful love songs to improve my general knowledge of English. For example, I listent when I am able to do it, I was born to love you, Somebody to love, Love of my life and then I feel myself more cheerful with other people and I think only in a positive way.

But if you are people who love to listen to English songs, what are your songs in which the singer (band or he/she) speaks of love for our health, for the Earth and so on? There're some songs that you like to the infinitive time?

If you want to reply me, please respect the object line thank you. See you soon.



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Hello my dear friends, I know that most of you have to write letters for business and sometimes in your native language these are full of words and you have also to write many pages.  But in English for business and for personal letters, there's a rule that I am going to explain to you in this post.

It's a rule based on three words that begins by the letter C: Clearness, Concision, Courtesy.

Now a little example could explain that.

I see on a newsletter received by email an offer of cosmetics that I use for myself and it says that if I need information about it, I have to reply forwarding another email to the sender's adress. So I start to write my reply but if I don't follow this rule, my message will be removed by the receiver. 

The first C we need is Courtesy. It means to be polite in opening and finishing to write something, but also when we speak to someone we have to use it.

Some examples:

Please Mr Brown, could you speak more slowly? I don't understand nothing of your words.   Please ladies and gentlemens, could you be quiet for ten minutes? We have to introduce the subject of the conference, thank you.

The second and the third C  we need are Concision and Clearness. It means that a letter of 10 pages could also be written in 10 lines and with a very high grade of clearness, because without them our letters or messages could be removed by the receiver.

Some examples:

Please could you send me your latest catalogue along with your latest price list of your products? If your offer could interest me I will send you an order.   I need some samples of your latest products along with your latest catalogue and price list. Could you send me them, please?

A final example of letter:

Dear Sirs, I found in today's edition of the New York Times your advertisement in which you offer a 50% discount on each order that is above of 500 $ but you forgot to indicate than in case the total amount of the order is less than 500 $ no discount will be applied and that if customers need some information, they have to write to you making clear what is the object of the information they need.

Could you please send me your latest catalogue and price list along with some samples of your products? If your products are competitive or of a good quality and your prices are good, I could also send you an order.

I hope to hear from you soon and I'm waiting for your reply. Thank you very much.

What do you think about the subject line? Are you interested in it or not? I'm waiting for your replies, thank you all. Have a nice weekend.....


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Hello, I hear from a lot of people that our life is very tiring and boring, but our ancestors had a life that was the hardiest we can image: in fact, when they were alive, there weren't all the services that we find today: health, for example, was much more hard to care and all the babies were born at home with the help of a midwife that for the first period after the birth helped their mother to take care of each one of them. There weren't fast cars as today, but only chariots and all the animals as horses, donkeys and also oxes were used to train them. Agriculture was the main support for everyone and the pennies they earned were to be saved for the future.

In modern times, we are full of services and we can also learn or teach by computer, internet or going to school  starting from the primary school to the university, we can rest ourselves at home or lying on a beach under the sun near to the sea....

There's only a thing I don't admit: complaying about our hard life. Yes, it's true that life is hard for everyone of us, but if our ancestors would be alive what they would say of their life? Do you think that your life is better than their life or not?

Please respect the object line, if you want to reply me, thank you in advance.

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