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Advice to learn #1

Advice to Learn #1


We always are looking for the best way to learn or improve our English, but of course it needs time. While more time we practice English is possible that we improve easily and quickly. Some people don't have time because they must work and always are busy. But there is a certain time everyday that we lost, we should try use those moments. Normaly we don't use the time when we go to work. When we are driving or going in a bus, we can use that time to practice english.


Almost everybody have a MP3 player or if you have a car you should have a CD player. We can use those devices to listen some podcast in English, although we are using that time when we go or come back to work.


For example: Normaly I should do a lot of things everyday, I have to visit clients, buy some materials, equipments, etc. Sometimes I have to drive a lot, so I would want to use that time, although I bought a couple of CD-RW (CD rewritable) and downloaded some podcast from Internet. Then copied some podcast on the Cds. I have those Cds in my car, so when I go to work, I put it and listen some podcasts. I listen every podcast two or three times up to understand it very well.


Since I have been using this method I improve my English so much. So I recommend you that you try listen podcast for a some time.


Here I want to share some podcast that I have found on Internet.








I hope that blog can be usefull for you and please write a comment.

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How will life be in 30 years

We are always going to make some kind of predictions, they will be difficult, even more if we are speaking about life. How will life be in 30 years? We could have a clue about it if we give a view to the last decade.


In the last decade we had a lot of advances on many diferents fields like medicine, electronic, technology, communications, etc.


We can use the last decade events like a clue to make predictions about how will be our life in 30 years. For example nowadays we are surrounded by electronic devices, almost everybody have a cellphone, a laptop or desktop computer, a TV, a DVD or Blueray player, a microwave and more. Some of these devices help us in our life and some others give us a way to entertain ourselves. So we could say that within 30 years we will have a lot of electronic devices in our life, those devices surely will have many kind of useful functions and they will be more much updated that we have now.



The communication is another important field that have been developing very fast. Actually there are many ways to communicate like using cellphones, telephones or Internet. We can communicate with anybody located anywhere, in real time with good service and low cost. Within 30 years from now we could see in front of us the image of the person with whom we are speaking to.


Another thing and not less important is the global warming. It is a big problem these days and therefore it will be in the future. However this problem has allowed us to develop new technologies to decrease the pollution. Within 30 years we will have created new energy sources and the way how to use it efficiently.


I think within 30 years we will have many good things like electronics devices, new energy sources and a lot of advances in many kind of fields. But also we will have a lot of problems, we should fight against pollution, global warming, natural desasters and strange diseases. But I am sure that we will do the best to solve all the problems.


Ricardo J. Concepción H.

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12 Secure jobs for the next decade

This week I have read an interesting article about the 12 secure jobs for the next decade. I think this article is very important specially for the young since they need to know which jobs will be available for the next years.


I think these jobs appearing in the US list are also applicable in some parts of the world not only in US. For example, the green engineering and construction is attracting job seekers now.

I am happy because biomedical engineering appears on the list since this is what I have taken in higher education. 

What about you?

What is your job? 

What work will you do in the future?

Is it among the 12 secure jobs for the next decade?

I would gladly read your comments.
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What is Your Purpose of Studying English?

Always, we should have a purpose when we want to do something. We should not begin to work or do some activities without a purpose or motivation. That's the difference between getting a goal and failing it.

The first thing that comes in our mind before doing something is the goal but we never think about the purpose of that goal. Before doing something, we should ask ourselves: Why do I want it? What will I achieve when I do it? What will happen when I reach my goal? If we can answer all these questions, we can know where we are going and why we are heading that way.

Always, goals are difficult to attain and there are times that we don't get it. But why do we achieve the goal sometimes? Because we don't think on our purpose. Instead, we think on the obstacles created or seen by our mind so that we can't beat it.

I think the secret to achieve a goal is to ignore those obstacles and concentrate on the present purpose.

So, tell me, why do you want to speak English? What do you achieve so far? And what will happen when you get your goal?

I want to share this video which I love to watch whenever I feel depressed and unmotivated.

Remember to focus on your goal. Ignore the obstacles.

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