We can read hundreds of books, review and listen to a bunch of seminars, fill our heads with tons of useful information. But this fact alone means nothing, and does not make us better or more successful than others my response. The whole point is that knowledge, even the most useful, is in itself only information. What we do with them is much more important. Here is one example: a person knows how to build a multimillion-dollar business, and tells everyone he knows about it. He discusses the quadrant of financial flows and talks about the importance of moving to the investment sector, draws diagrams and tells how you can put together a fortune. But he himself has not achieved anything, and somewhere in his heart he understands that for so many years he has not moved. And here is another example: a person does not know half of what the first knows. But he does not teach anyone life, and acts stupidly: first one, then another, then the third. As a result, the first remains where it was, and the second reaches new heights, rejoices in its success, expands boundaries. What is the difference between these people? That the first only speaks, and the second moves and acts. This has always distinguished and will distinguish the winners from those who are accustomed to complaining about life, talking nonsense and sitting still. Here you are, thinking about where to start self-development, do the same. Decide what you need to do to start moving in the right direction, and start moving. Set goals ranging from small to more serious, and don't forget about intermediate ones.

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