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does god exist

Dear friends   ...this is the first time i am writing something here. I am from india and as you must have know that india is known for its spirituality  . I also born and brought up  ina family where ppl trust on god blindly but none of us never experienced  or seen the god  ..what ever we see around us the mother nature ,our small body or this endless cosmos is this only a result of a bigbang from a nothing point or really there is a supream power behind it. 

You guys are from different  places i just want to know your opinion  that how you guys see the things. ..

We ppl believe  in karma means good deeds if i am the reason  of someones sorrow then i have to lament for this.  God will punish me for my bad deeds or sins. 

Thats the reason i am vegetarian  till now.. 

So what you guys think is all the things happened  just by coincidence  or some suprean power or cretor is there... 

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