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Who is created community

The world is created by God, all religious people tell in their holy books . But who was created here Religions and castes and communities ,after the world is created by the God , first God created a man who was Adam , then he created woman by Adam bones. this is Bible word. According to scientific human beings are created by soil , so all we are developed by the creation from the earth,So we were born from the earth and eat in the earth grains and then we go to earth after death .In the mean time how our communities were created , caste systems were announced by who, and whom, are they clever , are they intelligent . these community and caste system introduced by the religious persons .Who is here power and powerless person here, who is here high born society and low born society , this community was created by worst fellows , they are not good born person . they are very worst . they are unfit to the world,Here all are equal in society . all are human beings , don't feel different hereall we are gods children , we are brothers and sisters , we are relations , we must help each other . this is god activities
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For spoken english grammar is necessary or not

Today I am very pleasure ,because you are speaking with me.when i spoke with you . I asked one question that grammar is essential one to spoken English. My English teacher in the class room told me that for spoken English grammar is not necessary. He explained that one other language , after born only two year that child could speak English very fluency . All the child are speaking in their own language. Even illiterate people also speak their language very nicely. how they are speaking. so grammar is not necessary to learn anyone languageBut you said when i chat with you that grammar is necessary to speak any one language particularly English. I hope you will explain for this doubt.rathanam
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Cheating is sin......Dot cheat others..

I would to tell about my friend story here, why because these insitence would not occur to any one person in his life. His name is mohan. He was born in poor family. His mother went to coolly in her life, both they were very hard work to ran the family.. they had for children.. Mohan is the eldest all of them. when his childhood, when he was studied in the school, daily in the morning we went to lake with a small bamboo basecut to collect the animals manure and put in a big pit and save for manure....after one year he sold it, this meg re amount was used to ran his family. he went to school with raged dress , not mid meals . he suffered lot. but he learned lot. he got high marks in his class.After school study ..he joined a middle school for higher education, there the head master of the school , he helped him for his mid meals . he gave books ,note book etc...here also he got good marks all teachers were praised him. After completed in this school. he went to High school to near town. but daily we walked 15 km .and returned to home for 15 km. His aim was to became good position that's all. he had no sufficient dress to wear and sufficient food to eat .. sufficient place at home to study.. there is no electric power in his home. In the night time he studied in the near agricultural electric motor room. some time the owner of the land would scold him.Any how he studied well got good marks and join the college 25 far away from his home. he also walked.... walked...for his higher studies. There also got good marks ...in the same time , in the college a girl who was very beauty. she was same community. he liked her. because she was very calm type.. she wont talk with other. always be silent, so he liked her very much. all her family members are liked him.She was rich . parents were in government job. but his parents were in poor. there was no sufficient shelter to live. this was the position to him. so he was discouraged himself. if i called them to his house, they would be neglect .why because his house is small hut. the thatched roof house.He was discouraged him self.He left his ideas to marry that girl. He was very intelligent and always thought for his future life. so he worked hard.. in the mean time his relatives search a bride to him. one of the lady who s father told my relations to marry herHis father in law was very cunning. he told the broker , that i would help him. after the marriage his father in law was gave suggestion to give any thing to get the postafter the marriage his father in law cheated him... now he is very poor, to seen now
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Goal And Hard Work Lead To Success

Great achievements highlight the importance of setting a goal as basic requirement to gain success in any effort.An endeavour without goal would be like groping in darkness.Lack of goal or definite purpose , as Napoleon Hill said, is stumbling block for many people where an effort, cannot lead them anywhere. Goals create the future in advance.Goals may be simple such as the necessity to met the day-to-day demands like paying bills, attending the immediate needs of the family etc..Some goals may be big For example a man of science, bent on an innovation will have to plan the kind of research , experiments etc to be done before he formulates a theory.So also students who wish to achieve big.You should set a goal, aim high ,plan out the time available ,chalk out a work schedule to prepare for your examinations .You need to be determined and dedicated to persevere till the end.You should Dream Big, Think Big and Achieve Big.As Swami Vivekanada said, "Arise, Awake, Stop not until you reach the Goal".
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who is the god

This is one of the good title. we must deeply think on the title. Why, because now a days many literary people they don't like to think about the god, for their busy work.we spend many more money for our peace, we go to temple, we pray the god for our relief .but man is always working for his development of his life.he pray the god. he donate large amount for his satisfaction. so he wants only pleasure. but he don't like to peace to others.He completed his education in universities , but he forget to help his parents. all education are waste. before our eyes , he don't like to support to them. first we must be silent.then only teach , and expect to others silence.Mother is first god to all us. then we must give respect to our father. Both they are gods we are alive with them.mother gives milk we were in child. every day our father support us . so they are lively gods ..........who is god,,,, what we enjoyed objects are called serviceso the mother and father are always gods.i will talk with you later
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