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  • Hi Galina,

      Thank you very much for the lovely comment! It made me smile seeing your message here. I'm glad you're back on MyEC. And it's great to hear that your country will celebrate Russian Day on 12th of June! It's my country's Independence Day, too! So, it's a double celebration! Lol!


      Wishing you a great time experiencing the wonderful occasion. Take care my thoughtful friend!

    Best Regards,


  •  Dear Galina...

    When you find a dream inside your heart,
    don’t ever let it go...
    Because dreams are tiny seeds
    from which wonderful tomorrow grows.

    Have a beautiful dream tonight…



    ~* GS *~

  • Hello Galina, thank you for accepting my invitation. Hope we will talk soon.

  • 008.gif


    Dreams visit us
    when we are sleep

    but GOD is truly wise!

    He wakes us up each day
    and gives us every chance

    to make our dreams come true!

    Have a Nice Sunday

    ~* GS *~

  • Dear Galina...





    ~* GS *~

  • 2384667714?profile=originalHello Galina!!!

          I thank you for the amazing Collage!  The music is  tuneful on the wall.

          Have a nice weekends!!!!

          Love and hug you



  • Those beautiful peonies made my day. Galina, you are really nice and thoughtful. Thanks a million. :)

    Here I am sending a photo that I took in a supermarket. Those fruits are really colorful and quality. When I go to supermarket, I am used to having a look at those fruit areas even I don't buy it. :)





  • Fantastic collages!! Galina, thanks so much for sharing those lovely works even they are not made by you. :) I hope to see your real works once you try it.  I didn't know it could also be used at school for teaching. That would be fun and attract students' attention, isn't it? 



  • Galina,

    Wishing You A Lovely...

    And not forgetting the...
    I Leave You In The Hands Of The Other Angels,
    though I Know Pretty Well that You Yourself Are An Angel!
    ~* GS*~


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