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Autumn Festival

Hello, how are you all of EC members? Autumn festival is around the corner, I'm not sure all of you know this festival. It is a Chinese Festival native in China, the special pastry of this festival is calling Moon Cake. Let's us talking about how do you celebrate on Autumn Festival. I have memories how my family celebrate it when i was young. On that day of Autumn Festival, all of our family members are gethering together around evening, after that we will across the moon to start prayed, of course burn joss sticks and candle as well. After prayed, we would had dinner and moon cake together, at the moment i felt very warm and happiness. This kind of feeling already left me long time ago, I left my family almost 6 year start from College life, after study and further the working until now. Is it only me or someone experience it. I hope everyone can spend warm and happiness Autunm Festival with their family.
Please leave your comments and correct my grammars. Thanks a lot, your comments or correction will improve my English.
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Harmful Habit

I did't log in EnglishClub long time ago, took a long leave, the reason was lazy. Today, i will start to browers EnglishClub and learn. I want to improve the lazy habit.
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12-Feb Daily News

Good morning to my fellow friends, belater Happy Chinese New Year. The Valentine is around the corner, wish all my friends and EC members have a good memorable experience with thier lover. I'm very happy during CNY, because i got 9days annual leave and I went back home town spent CNY with my family. It is a difference CNY since i spent last few years, I was meet up my friends and relative which is more than 10years never meet up before. Every one of us are nothing changes, just getting a bit fat. Happy time always pasted very fast. Finally, i get back to my work place and is the time get ready to work. I hope next CNY will be the same, lastly wish all of EC reader Happy Valentine's day.


Please correct my blog posted and leave a comments.

Thank you very much and have a nice day.

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Daily News 19-Jan

I didn't write blog post during these three weeks, because recently I am reading EC members blog posted and studies grammars which was sent by teacher Anele.


I was feel very clear a part of grammars, thank Anele.


All EC teachers and Anele, can you share with me others grammars links, this is easy for my to do revision and improvement.


Please correct my blog post. Thank You!

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Happy New Year 2011 ''.*

2010 is going to finish and welcome 2011. Year 2010 is not lucky for me, during this year i have to face a lot of problems such as financial problem and complicated relation in work place. I'm talking about work place, i believe that every one will be same problem with me in working area. As a junior, senior may bully you or as a senior, same level colleagues will report to boss behide of you, any wrongs or bad attitude you have done, event your good friends. I believe relation is very important for us, it is pity without that. I'm hopefully coming 2011 is a good year for all of us, all the unhappy, unlucky and suffering away from me.




Finanly, teachers and EC members please correct my errors. Your correction will improve my English. Thank a lot!

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Christmas & New Year around the corner!!!

Hello, how are you? Christmas & New Year, it is around the corner, how do you celebrate? Have you buy Christmas gift exchange with your colleagues or your friends? How do you spend both of these important days?


My company arrange me to duty on this coming Christmas and New Year, therefore i didn't planed any activities with my dearest during both festival. I hope she would forgive me, however i'm prepared the gift and surprise to her.


Today i have a Christmas party which is organize by company, all the members are under our room division. Although it was very humble, but all of us were enjoy the party and happiness. Without that, we had exchange gift with each others.


Wish Happy Merry Christmas and New Year for all of you.



All EC members, please correct my error and let me improve my English. Thanks!

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During my blog posted title always is daily news, today i want to try to write a title as What would you do? If you won $10M price in lucky drawa.


If i won $10M, i will separate all of my money to the few parts. First step i will put 50% to investment companies, earn the profit and save my life in future. Second, i will give 25% to my father and mother, let them retired and enjoy the life until the end, my parents are very hard work to earn money save my life since i'm child. Third, i will put 10% to societies of donation to help the people who's need help. The balance 15% will spend with my wife, go for travel and shopping.


Do you think money is very important? As my opinions money is very important, but compare with family i will choose my family. How about you?

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Winter, Daily News 13-Dec

Good morning all my fellow friends, i was felt upset recently. I had apply my annual leave on next Chinese New Year, however my leave had been cancelled due to short of manpower. I am working in oversea amost 3 years ago, i haven't go back my hometown since i worked in oversea. I miss my family and my friends, i had no choice because i need to save my life. During this few years, i was spent my time in CNY with my friends who worked with me in oversea. Luckly i meet a girl friend in here, hence every festivals, happy times or sick times she would beside with me and spend with me. I wish can be back as soon as possible. Godbless!

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Daily News 09-Dec 05:00

Day off yesterday, i went to Zhu Hai enjoy my massage to relaxing my muscles and my mind. After that took my dinner in Shang Hai restaurant, Mee and Xiao Long Bao very delicious at there. I shopping alone and i bought some things food for my girl friend. Today nothing special just be normal, but i feel a bit sad due to my stock lost profit in HK market today, so terrible! Starting today i need to work seven days only can get one day off mean next wednesday wil be my day off.I want to say thank for Anele and Tara Benwell found out my error, can you both keep to correct my error in future and others members as well.Any suggestion for me to learn new words, improve my grammar and vocabulary? How can i an unforgetable to remember all these things, actually i work in chinese enviroment speak chinese and writing chinese only. English speaking and writing going to forgot and poor than previous. Please give me a good idea and thank you so much.
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Daily News

Going to finish my work at 07:30, i think i will enjoy the massage in Zhu Hai due to day off today... Hehe!!! Long time ago i didn't write daily news, i'm so happy My EC let me to join your family. Start from today i will try my best writting as much as i can, and i wanna to improve my English and this is my main purpose to join EC, please give me some idea and command to my blog post is there any wrong grammer. Thanks!!!
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