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Badge on Your Profile Picture

Hello everyone on MyEC,

You must know that we have badge on our profile. Have you ever thought what that mean?

The following is as Mr. Josef explained.

The "badges" reflect member activity + length of membership.

Activity includes posting of content such as:

  • blog posts
  • photos
  • videos
  • comments/replies
  • discussion topics
  • discussion replies

From lowest to highest, badges are:

  • FLAG

So, by this explanation, are you saisfied or something? *KIDDING.

This is all I can inform you. Thank you for your time reading.

Keep your fingers crossed! Keep posting! :)

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A Boring Life

Many people claims that they have a boring life. Hearing this statement, I actually become skeptical.

According to me, it is ourselves that can make our lives not so boring. People have daily activities. They have to work or learn or just enjoy their time. In a certain time, they surely meet a feeling of boredom. But, then, many people can cope up with it. How do they deal with it?

I'm not sure, but from my view, some of them are:

  • They learn something new.
  • They do instrospection and make some changes.
  • They do something beyond their habits.

They do it sometimes and life is not a boredom anymore.

What do you think?

Thanks for your time.


(The shortest blog I ever had:))

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Not the Better

A dialog between a man and his friend.

A man: Please fix my smartphone, the screen is blurred.

His friend: Let me see. [checking for some time]

You should buy a new screen. That's the only solution.

A man: OK, my friend, I believe in you. 

His friend: By the way, where is the smartphone you bought from me last month? That is better.

A man: It's on my wife.

His friend: I see. But I remember you had an excellent smartphone with higher RAM.  Where is it now?

A man: It's also on my wife.

His friend: Oh, I see. We have the same fate.

A man: What do you mean?

His friend: Our wives have excellent smartphones. A husband just has not the better.



Thanks for reading. )))

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Hello dear MyEC friends,

I'm glad to see many of you sound and active on MyEC. I'm sorry for making you worry. Alhamdulillah, I'm very well now. :)

It's true that I had been through the hard day last month. But it's not really bad. I'd thought the worst thing but then I focused on the recovery. If you would like to know, here is the story.

It starts from Saturday, 17th July, 2021. I had a fever and catched a cold, fair pain. I consumed honey every morning, but in three days, no much effect. Temperature of my body was still high, I felt dizzy and queasy, I was coughing with phlegm on my throat, decreased appetite, water and food tasted bitter, I felt weak and tired. Then, I consumed paracetamol to have a quick recovery from fever. I also drank vitamin C. That time, I just thought about how to get well, whether it's COVID-19 or not, I didn't really care much. I started sunbathing routinely in front of my house, every morning.

On 21st July 2021, I tweeted on MyEC telling that I had fever and flu (a cold) (This part is not important, D). That day, I spent a lot of time only lied on my bed. I didn't work, cook or wash clothes since I had a fever. Next day, in the morning, I went to the bathroom and realized that I couldn't smell the fragrance of soap. I remember that that was so fragrant the day before, the aroma of grape. Then, I told my husband to buy cajuput oil.

"What happened to you? Anosmia?" (Anosmia is inability to to perceive smell/odor, partially or completely). This is one of the symptoms of having COVID-19. But that time, I felt more relaxed. :) Why? It is said that anosmia indicates as mild to moderate form of the COVID-19. Most sufferers of anosmia have recovered in one to three weeks. I had not only anosmia completely, but I also had ageusia (ageusia is inability to detect any tastes). Well, this condition is really uncomfortable. I didn't wish anything to eat, but I kept taking my meals for the recovery.

(It is said that cajuput oil helps reducing inflammation on nasal cavity. It can be good therapy to have recovered from anosmia)

How about my husband? Well, to be honest, he had been sick for five days before me. :D. We hadn't known if that is COVID-19 until he said that he also had loss of sense of taste and smell. So, we both are COVID-19 patients, at home.

Fortunately, we kept enjoying the days without much worry. Of course we should take a rest more and eat well for a quick recovery. We should take care of ourselves, ignoring people so that we would not spread the virus. However, we kept smiling, we kept thinking positive that we would recover soon. We encouraged each other. This also helps us to have a quick recovery, happiness.

All the pain I felt gradually recovered, I had fever for about 8 days. On the eight day of having anosmia, 29th July 2021, I could smell cajuput oil and perfume, but at a very close distance. On Saturday, 31st July 2021, I started cooking again. Today, I do normal activities though anosmia and ageusia haven't recovered 100%, but almost, I can say.

Thank you so much for your attention, my friends. It means a lot. Please take care of yourselves. Having Covid-19 is not a choice at all.

Wishing you safety, prosperity, good health, and happiness. :)

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Fighting the Laziness

09.00: After busy morning, the laziness started coming in.

Tidying up all things and checking some social media notifications have done. What else? I have online work, but okay, I'm just freelancer, this made me feel more relaxed and do procrastination. Stttt, don't tell my boss! DD.

The news of covid-19 in my country is absolutely horrible. Day by day, people die and die, die more, the closer ones .... :(( This is like a bomb which we don't know where it will fall. :|. Old, young, or child ones, they don't care about the ages. But, there is one thing that people agree with. People who die due to the covid-19 are mostly or almost all have comorbidities. People who don't care about their body immunity will also easly get this virus. That's why, people now care more about it.

The pillow looks really tempting, the chilly room make it more comfortable.... Hhhhh......I think I should walk out and sunbathe. C'mon, wake up! wake up! (I said to myself) DD. Heavily wearing clothes and hijabs. Let's go!


I walk through the alley. The path is quite quiet and the sunlight is burning my body. I see people are sunbathing as well. They are sitting at the terrace or any seat, they're walking like me or jogging around, or they are just streching their body in front of their house. I also see children running outside. The good thing is they all are wearing a mask.


How to get free or how to be invulnerable by this virus? 

A few points have been noted by people on how to have strong immunity. It is from having enough meals, fruits and vegetables, vitamin capsules or herbal treatments. Sunbathing, I see more people like sunbathing in the morning now. Awareness of wearing a mask when meeting people, which people didn't care much before, have risen. This city is also quiet at night, people probably take good rest earlier.

Semi-lockdown again. I see people have changed much. Some people are to be afraid, some people care more about their health. Some people buy oximeter and or oxigen gas tube because hospitals almost reject covid-19 patients, especially for them who have no symptoms. This atmosphere is really something.


Sweating enough, after about 15 minutes of walking, I get home and write this. ^^

I'll be glad to read your point of view (while working my delayed work, D). Stay safe, healthy, and happy! :)

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Hello everyone,

It's raining heavily recently here in Indonesia. What about you?

Today, I like to discuss about online shopping. It becomes more common nowadays. How come...? Even people sell plants by online. How do they pack the order, how do they send it, everything can be done perfectly now.

I doubted to follow this culture at first. Some people think that it would be better that we buy things to the shops near to us. That means we help them, helping their bussiness.

However, COVID 19 made us stay at home longer that before. The price of goods that sold online is very competitive. It is much cheaper than the price of goods bought offline. Well, for some people who care about saving money, this is especially woman, will look for the things with the lowest price but good quality. This made people like to buy online. It also saves time.

I guess this has been so common in developed countries since years ago. It could be different conditions in different countries. How about online shopping in your country? Well, I also started to be online seller. )))

Let me ask about a grammatical rule. Buying things 'by online', or just 'online' without 'by'? I'd be happy if someone can help me.

Thank you and have a nice day! :)))

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He was like a father

When I was a student of Senior High school, I once became an offender at the moment the school was holding a flag ceremony. The teacher called me and I was interrogated in a counselling room. My fault?? The provocateur of making a noise and on my cap was written the word 'Zombie'. I got suspended from school. They wanted my parents to come to school. I didn't know what to do. I rode my motorbike to my uncle's house. I cried and asked him a help. He helped me, but whatsoever, in the end he told my father.

He is my father's older brother, my only father's brother. My father always asked him a help when it come to talking to people as he could speak in formal language. He was the one who delivered a speech on my marriage representing my father's family, one year ago.

Just two weeks ago, he left this world. My hands got trembled as soon as I heard the news. I cried for a while. I should comfort the family.

He died after two days in ICU. The doctor said everything was okay but he was allergic to drugs. He couldn't endure it.

He was a patient man and he never gripped anything in his life. He always smiled to me whenever I met him. He always appreciated my decision when others were not really concerned. I don't think I have given him a lot. I need a lot to repay his kindness. He was the one who gave me a name.

May God grant him the highest paradise

Thank you for reading.

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Hello everyone! :)

Here comes a new writing challenge. Inspired by the post "Avoid Using Very" by Andy, I would like to write a short paragraph using some words. Here I use three words. Anyone can join this challenge by writing a short paragraph and using at least three words from that list. Write it as a blog post!


Example of short paragraph, my entry

Never have I stayed in such a freezing place. I used to wear blanket even in the warmer place. How would I survive now? Double or tripple blankets? The tips of my toes and fingers are almost stiff. My body is trembling. I cannot think of anything. I'm in awful condition. I'm frail now. I won't care even if you bring me delicious sweet cake, or otherwise you jeer me. I only wish you turn off the Air Conditioner, please. :p



Thank you for reading.

Now your turn! :)

  • NB: I'm a teacher of English. Even so, I'm weak at using certain words and phrasal verbs. I'm not perfect in grammar as well. So, I'm also a learner of English and corrections are always welcome. :)


Freezing = very cold

Awful = very bad

Frail = very weak

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"I'm home".

I smiled happily welcoming him. He looked so tired. I didn't kiss his hand as usual. Everybody should wash their hands before touching everything or somebody at home, especially in the time of covid-19 pandemic.

He directly went to the bathroom and took a bath. When he was in the bathroom, I heard him coughing. I asked, "Are you okay?". "Mmm, yeah, I'm okay", he replied.

At night, he said that he was a bit dizzy so I told him to sleep earlier. I slept later. Before sleeping, I touched his forehead and got a bit shocked. The temperature was high, I didn't know precisely, but it was higher than usual.

Suddenly, my thoughts were wandering somewhere, to the unknown places. What if he got infected covid-19? These are the symptoms of they who got infected covid-19. What if...? What if...? I was stucked in that thoughts.

Three days later, he was in the worse condition. He also got sore throat. The fever didn't subside and his dizziness didn't relieve.

I asked him to take a day off from working, but he rejected. If he had done, he should have had a doctor's letter, he should have met a doctor. In that condition, the doctors would had likely said that he was a Person Under Supervision, and he would be quarantined for days. Oh, NO..!! I was still in anxiousness... 

However, I still had a little hope by thinking positive. He didn't got a shortness of breath. I slept about a half meters far from him. He didn't wear a mask while sleeping but nothing happened to me like the symptoms he got. He had meals three times a day, he slept at least 6 hours each day. He kept consuming vitamin C.

The fifth day, the fever subsided, the dizziness was relieved, and the sorethroat healed.

I was only thinking... "The covid-19 has gone" :D

I'm so grateful it ended happily. It happened about three months ago.


Have you ever got such symptoms during this pandemic? 

It's true that this blog is inspired by Dara Gino after reading his blogs, "Stories from the time of Corona" 1, 2, 3. I may write other stories later.

Now, tell us your stories! :)


Please enjoy this manggo tea...! :D


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Hello everyone!

It's been a while we don't try to write or participate writing challenge. I got an idea of this topic as I read a news on EnglishClub and combined with Rose's post.

Read the news, it takes no more than 5 minutes to read:

Read the Discussion/essay questions. There are two questions.

And this is Rose's blog:

Observe the use of 'try to do' and 'try doing'.

OK. The task is simple. Write your answers of the essay questions in one or two short paragraps. Include the grammatical rule of using 'try to do' and 'try doing'.
I will add special question on it: Do you change a certain habit/routine due to this climate change?

Here is my part:


To use less energy, I try turning off the computer while I am washing my clothes, cooking, or doing something else. The temperature is so hot here, 32 degrees Celcius with real feel 40 degrees Celcius on daylight. That is why I can't turn off air cooler in my room. At least I don't use Air Conditioner but I'm not sure of not using it in the near future. :D Public transportation is not really good here, so I use motorcycle. At least I try not filling the road. :D Of course I eat meat less. Do any of you dare to have much cholesterol in the body? lol But wait...! What does the meat do to the climate change? [wondering...] According to me, another thing to fight climate change is planting trees or at least any plants in our small garden, even a pot will do. The plants will help reduce the melting ice. How about you? What have you tried to fight climate change?
Do you change a certain habit due to this climate change? Yes, I turn on air cooler while sleeping. Before climate change, I didn't like using any cooler or fan while sleeping.


You are welcome to spot my mistake.
Thank you and have a good day! :)

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Hello MyEC! ^_^

Good morning, everyone! *because morning always shows enthusiasm. ^_^

I'm really sorry for my absense. There were a lot of things to do, and lot of things are new ^^, including MyEC. :)) Well, it's been years (:D kidding) I didn't wander on MyEC. I really miss writing a blog, post a picture, and discuss many things with you... Don't you? ^^

But before doing that, there is one thing I'd like to tell you about myself. I'm sorry since this is so privacy but important to me. :p:D A few months ago, my friend, NotAClue worried about me 'cos my photo profile looks so gloomy. ^^ That means otherwise. That is actually a picture of my invitation card that designed as my request. What invitation? Mmm.... Yup, it's my wedding invitation. ^^ This is the cover of my wed invitation card.

3825155815?profile=RESIZE_710xOnce again, I'm sorry I didn't announce it, however I wished at least one of MyEC friends come. :D

This is one of my wedding photos. It's enough, O.K. :D :D


See you again. Wait for my next post.

Enjoy your days!

Best wishes.

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Dear everyone, especially you are the ones who like posting photos. :)

This is about uploading photo on photo section. Have you ever read Photo Guidelines? :) Many members still upload photos without a specific title, so my apology for not approving them. And, the most important rule is..... "You may not upload copied photos from other sites (internet)". I'm writing this since there are some members still doing this.

Let's show our creativity, taking pictures and giving them title!

Here are some pictures I took last week. Hope you enjoy them. :)

>> Hay on Fire


>> Roasting Chicken and Meat


>> Biting Twig


Well, I just came up with an idea.

Any of you can make a story from these three pictures? You can say it's a challenge. "A Story from Three Pictures". :))

Have a great day! ^_^

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Sore Throat

Hello everyone,

How are you today? I hope everything is great with you there. :))

How is MyEC today? Mr. Josef keeps improving this new MyEC for us. :))

Let me think once again what best to post here. ^^ Lately, I got a sore throat and it's still painful now. )) I'm so stubborn with this illness. I mean, this sore throat is so stubborn on me, lol. Furthermore, I don't like taking medicines. :x Do you know any remedy for this? Any illness I can handle, but this one. :(

What I feel is, a bit dizzy, coughing, and cold. Tell me what should I do??

I hope you're not like me. Please be well. ^^

Have a great day! 

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Hello everyone! :)

How are you doing? I hope everything is great with you. I'm sorry for sometimes I was lost somewhere, LOL.

A few days ago, Mr. Josef announced that our friends in MyEC profile pages had been restored. How great it is! I doubted it before. ^^.

Well, whoever on my friend list, I appreciate it. Some friends added me, and I also added other friends on the list. I ever thought that it would be difficult to find old friends that don't appear anymore nowadays. So, once again, it's great to have them on the list! Don't you agree?

Don't say that some of you feel diasppointed. LOL. Whatever happened between us is the process in learning English. ^^

I have just noticed one more thing in this new MyEC. I have lost all my RIBBONS!!!! :o ...... LOL

Please tell me what you think about it...

Have a great week! ^_^

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Hello everyone! :)

Have you ever been confused about passive voice when you found two objects in active sentence??

To remember about Passive Voice structure and examples, visit here.

Now let's look at this example!

  • Active Voice: She gave her son some money.
  • Passive Voice: Her son was given some money.

In active voice, 'her son' is indirect object, and 'some money' is direct object. In passive voice, the indirect object 'her son' becomes the subject.

Now another example...

  • Active Voice: She gave some money to her son.
  • Passive voice: Some money was given to her son.

In active voice, 'some money' is direct object, and 'her son' is indirect object. In passive voice, the direct object becomes the subject.

So, the rule is .... "USE OBJECT THAT APPEARS FIRST IN ACTIVE SENTENCE". It is always correct in exam. The first object is the highlight. However, both options (using first or second object) may be correct.

In addtition, you can omit the subject of active voice OR you can put it at the end sentence of passive. In fact, omitting subject depends on how important they are.

There are some verbs usually used in passive with two objects. They are give, teach, tell, show, send, offer, lend.

What about these examples of active voices? How to change them into passive? I'm looking forward to your response. :)

  1. Mr. Ryan teaches me English.
  2. Mrs. Riana sent the children a bouquet of flowers.
  3. He is offering her a drink.
  4. They can show you the way to the hospital.
  5. She will tell a secret to me.
  6. Father lent some money to Ferdy.
  7. They will show the best performance to us.
  8. He has sent the best gift to me.

Have a great day! ^_^


NOTE:  have corrected some parts. Thank you.

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I'm so happy to visit new MyEC today. It's like our house has been renovated. ^^. The cover photo makes the profile have its own characteristic. Have you edited your profile?

We lost almost all the friends list, though. :( Do you think we have a hope Ning will get it back? You know, we also lost all the likes on old posts. Have you noticed it? We can't see who clicked like but from history. Chatroom seems weird without directly knowing who are in online chatters list. However, it's kinda new things that we should adapt.

I wonder why latest activity doesn't appear quickly. I should refresh the main page. I'm glad that the members of the group don't get lost. What's more? There are plus and minus on this change. Thank you for this great change, Mr. Josef.

Greeting MyEC members from here with new PC. ^^

* * *

Your turn....! :)

Please write something you think about new MyEC in a few lines. You can also answer my questions in your blog if you like. This could be references for Ning and Mr. Josef to make this club the best. ^^

Have a good day!

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Hello dear awesome members of MyEC, :)

As you can see in the title, yes, this is to respond Halima's blog. ^^

I decided to post this as I hope you would guess or think about the riddle, in vocabulary learning purpose. Another reason is I think I'm late to help Halima. Sorry for being late, Halima. Thanks for this idea. :)

Here is the riddle for the word 'telecommunication'.

1. An object that can make the sounds that you often hear on New Year's Eve beside the explosion of fireworks.
2. Synonym of valuable
3. Begging desperately
4. In the photo are my mother, I, my grand mother, and my daughter. We are four .....
5. Timetable in British = ..... in American
6. The repetition of the speaker's utterance.
7. Fall clumsily
8. Someone who is expert in making and repairing things in iron.
9. Don't forget to press the .... button before leaving the toilet.
10. A serious and unexpected situation where it needs immediate action.
11. If you are a worker, he is the one who watches your work.
12. Break time in British = ..... in American
13. I hate to see you everyday. I hate that you ignore me. However, I admit that I ... in love with you.
14. A special characteristic of a deer.
15. Smile in an irritatingly smug.
16. A character that should be possessed by a comedian.
17. A country in Northwest Africa.

Waiting for your participation. Have a great weekend! ^_^

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A woman: I've lost my precious jewelry. A thief broke into my house last night. [Sad mood]

Neighbor 1: I'm sorry to hear that. Actually, I passed by your house and saw someone jumping the fence of your house last night.

A woman: Really, why didn't you tell me? [Annoyed mood]

Neighbor 1: I'm sorry, I was in a hurry. I thought he was just doing an exercise.

A woman: ..................... [*^(%*$] ^^

Neighbor 2: Mmm.... To be honest, I definitely saw a man jump the fence of your house.

A woman: Then?

Neighbor 2: I noticed him broke into your house. A few minutes later, after entering your house, I heard him laugh for getting something precious. I watch him get out of your house with victorious smile on his face. He didn't wear a mask.

A Woman: Now where is your care for your neighbor? Why didn't you tell me or call the police? [Anger mood]

Neighbor 2: I'm sorry, I was taking a video for Y**tube content. I will give you the link so you will know the thief.

A woman: ..................... [)*^*%^$#9*&^%#$#]

:D :D :D

* * *

Hi everyone! The dialogue was just kidding. ^^

This is about "Verbs of Perception". Certain verbs of perception are followed by infinitive without to OR -ing form.

PATTERN: "Verbs of perception + noun as object + verb-base / verb-ing"

Lets look at the difference of the two.

1. I saw a man jump the fence.

(Meaning: I saw the jumping from the beginning to end, I saw the whole event)

2. I saw a man jumping the fence.

(Meaning: I saw the jumping when it was in progress, I saw the event or action in progress. If jumping the fence needs 30 seconds, I saw probably just one second)

Several verbs of perception: hear, feel, observe, smell, see, watch, notice, look at, listen to.

What about the following sentences? Which one is followed by infinitive without to and which one is followed by -ing form?

1. I heard him __________ (talk) with my mother. To give them privacy, I went out enjoying the fresh air.

2. Behind the door, I stood and heard him __________ (talk) with my mother.

3. I saw them __________ (eat) all the fruits. They ate them gluttonously. What ravenous people!

4. I saw them __________ (eat) the fruits. Then, I went to the terrace. Several minutes later, I found that they left no any fruits for me.

* * * 

Thank you very much for your precious time.

Have a wonderful April! ^_^

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"When You HATE Someone"

Modified lyrics just for fun. :)

"When you HATE someone"

When you HATE someone... you'll do anything...
You'll do all the crazy things... that you can't explain...
You'll shoot the moon... put out the sun...
When you HATE someone...

You'll deny the truth... believe a lie...
There'll be times that you'll believe... that you could really fly...
But your ANXIOUS nights... have just begun...
When you HATE someone...

When you HATE someone... you'll feel it deep inside...
And nothing else... could ever change your mind...
When you HATE someone...
When you HATE someone...
When you HATE....... someone...

When you HATE someone... you'll WASTE YOUR TIME...
Give it everything you got... And you won't think THRICE...
When you HATE someone, yeah ...

You'll shoot the moon... put out the sun...
When you HATE someone...

^_^ ... Thank you ... ^_^

* * * * *

Mini dictionary: Put out = switch off the light; Thrice = three times

Original song "When You Love Someone" by Bryan Adams. >>> Original yrics.

I don't wish you to remember the word 'hate' from me, so... Can I give you a gift? This is 'When You Love Someone" by me. :D :D :D

* * * * *

Is it of any use for hating someone?? I found this article great: "THE INCOMPETENT HEART".

Thank you for listening to my singing.

Have a great week! ^^

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Essay Writing Service :)))

Hello everyone!

What a great day to be here in MyEC and meet you all. :)

As you see in the title, I am sometimes bored of reading blogs about writing service.

Do you know 'writing service'? It's like a cheating way to do essay task or final project in academic institution such as school, university, or college. I'm just wondering why people do such a way to do their essay. Do you know why?

I remember about my final project in the university. How I struggled to finish my writing essay. How I should stay up late as I almost never do that. It took a year. I even cried desperately for that LOL. Okay, I'm not a genius. But, I did finish it myself, with the support of friends of course.

One day, I talked with a friend from other university. "Oh, you'll be busy next semester as you're going to do final project". "Don't worry, Onee! You know, I know how to make it settled without doing anything". "Hhh?". DD

Later, I knew a little about this black service from other friend. Someone from my university got paid for serving essay writing for a student of other campus. LOL. It was not a company, just personal. It was different student from the previous one as well.

Last, I read so many blogs offering writing service on MyEC. It's greater than the previous ones. They are company and they clearly offer writing service. I laughed to know this at first. Maybe I just didn't know such black service before. LOL

As per MyEC Rules, surely we should report it, any commercial posts unrelated to English Learning. You may think, oh, they're just working to earn money. Okay, poor them, but this is not the place. :) Everyone can help to report it as well.

>>> Here is HOW to REPORT an issue <<<

Thank you for reading, and have a great day! ^_^

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