It's an honor to be one of moderators in MyEC. Let me know if you need any help in facing problem on MyEC or in studying English. I will see what I can do for you.

Note: I cannot help you on Skype.

"Make your every day be a great day" ^_^

Hello MyEC! ^_^

Good morning, everyone! *because morning always shows enthusiasm. ^_^

I'm really sorry for my absense. There were a lot of things to do, and lot of things are new ^^, including MyEC. :)) Well, it's been years (:D kidding)…

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Sore Throat

Hello everyone,

How are you today? I hope everything is great with you there. :))

How is MyEC today? Mr. Josef keeps improving this new MyEC for us. :))

Let me think once again what best to…

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Onee-chan replied to Muhsin's discussion A Special Snack for Eid 😋👌
"Hello Muhsin,
Welcome to MyEC! :)
Normal text below the picture can be written by one/two clicks of…"
May 21
Onee-chan replied to Muhsin's discussion A Special Snack for Eid 😋👌
"LOL, NotAclue. Thank you for your explanation. :D"
May 21
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May 21
Onee-chan liked babai's blog post The life of flowers
May 19
Onee-chan commented on Fizzy's blog post ~ 2020-07 : I am Free.... err ~
"Wow, incredible Fizzy's shoes. Lol
Take good care of you! Stay safe!"
May 16
Onee-chan left a comment for dara gino
"Ramadan Mubarak, Teacher Dara. "
May 15
Onee-chan left a comment for Adriano Martelli
"Thank you for the messages ,Adriano. 
It's great to see you around . :)"
May 15
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"Ramadan Mubarak, Mishaikh. :)"
May 15

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  • Hi!!!!2643511611?profile=original

  • How are you my dearest young friend?  Are you having a holiday vacation, too?  I guess you are having a hectic schedule this time.  Don't forget to drop by my page when you visit EC!  

    Okay? :)

  • My dear sis where are you.Not to be seen last few days.
  • always welcome :-)

  • You are welcome, and thanks for the gift.

  • Thank you for your greetings, dear Onee! I couldn't believe it myself. I'm pretty sure a lot of members have contributed their lovely stories, photos, and videos to make this site entertaining. :)

  • thank_you_9_FF0000-1.gif

  • Hi Onee Just want to pop in and say thank you for the lovely flowers you left on my wall.  Really made my day!  Here's a rose for you! :)2643504848?profile=original

  • Hi, dear. I think you know me I'm Molla We chatted in private room. Please add me

  • Oneeeeee.... OMG!  You put a blog on my page!  Hahaha... I guess I have so much to say about that korean epic but I suddenly felt ashamed of my English when I saw your .... WOW, a nice review of that movie.

    I lack practice nowadays.  I need time. Oh but time is so elusive for me.  Wait for my vacation and I'll share you my views.  Thanks for dropping by and for never forgetting this humble friend of yours.


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