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EC Video Gallery

Dear EC Members,

Hi, guys.  Tara just posted a new VIDEO concerning our video gallery.  Please make note of the pointers she provided when uploading a video on EC.  I hope more people will participate in creating and uploading their own videos.  It ca

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Blank Chat Room

Since yesterday, I have not been able to see what's going on in the chat room.

I can log in and out but my chat room screen is blank.  '

On the top bar would say how many members are online but then on the right side where the names should appear only

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Mad World

I've almost forgotten that I'm a member of this group.

I've been a little active in the audio group but not on this one.

So, though I've posted my karaoke on another group, I'm hoping nobody will shoot me for posting it again here.

So here's the link:


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