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Just To Be Aware

To hate tears and sadness will not protect you from being sad and shedding lots of tears..

To keep smiling and spreading love will not immerse you in a happiness..

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To fight against injustices and conquer will not provide you with your freedom or rights..golden nugget emoticons 1 Golden Nugget Emoticons

To say or write these words doesn't mean encouraging you to love tears, stop smiling or give up fighting against your rights... It's said to be aware ...

Life will not give you what you are asking for so hold your sadness and keep going on strongly..

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Five Ways To Get Your Friends Back

Korean emoticon 똑똑 Knock knock1. Search about them in the places you were used to find them in.

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2. Send them ultimate messages until they respond to you.

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3. When they reply, stick to them all day whatever their reactions would be.

4. Be strong and never frustrated if you don't gain a deep welcoming or your messages have not got any reply. They need time to get back to you.

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5. Lucky you! Your friends are back. Your honest desire to get them back and never giving up helps you to win.

P.S Never try this steps unless you are quite sure you have a good-tempered friends, Otherwise You will be blocked or scoffed.

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Unlucky Girl

Once upon a time, an unlucky girl decided to change her miserable luck. She thought she wouldn`t be able  change it unless she could find her friends whom she left suddenly.

She dreamed and expected that easy way and she can do it. She forgot that she is un-lucky!

She came back to the place where her friends used to be. She was happy because she had a chance to be with them for a short time. She thought her luck would be colorful.

As it known, dreams didn't happen in the reality. So when she came hopefully to hug them and be with them. she didn't find except wind whistling.

The place changed and old friends are not around...

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