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  • Happy Birthday! I wish you a life full of happiness, healthiness and prosperity.
  • Hello Nor,
    there is no problem, I just wondered.
    Anyway, nice to know about you.. you have a good job, wishing you the timeless success. yeah, I think you found the best site to improve your English skills, especially at the homepage of englishclub,, there are many lessons..

    Yes, I still studying at the high school, because I lost two years..
    I study in field of science. And I live with my mother and sister.
    hmm, what else?...

    oh, you were in Dubai? I know that it's a beautiful country, but I haven't been there.
    But I have been in Mecca when I were 10 years old. I did umra with my family. and I have some relatives living in Saudi Arabia.

    HaPPy EvEry Day in RaMadan.. Bye
  • Me too, I always be waiting for this month. Ramadan have a really special weather.
    By the way, what is your job?

    We break the fast at maghrib time (20.45 PM).
    It's a long fasting time, but it's better (more thawab).
    and in every day the maghrib time lose few minutes..

    Murtabak is bread with meat and vegetables inside, right?
    I don't know it, but I saw pictures from google, it looks tasteful. And my favourite food is Shawarma (Syrian food), it's very popular there.

    I have a question, are you from Malaysia or Indonesia?
    I saw that you speak Indonesian as a other language..
  • Thank you for your nice comment.
    How you will spend your time in ramadan?
    I would like to know pens heads about you.
    Thanks again..
  • Aha.. ok, I harap saudari juga sihat yea Nor :)

    6 hour driving.. it's a long time. But if you went there I want see your pic with the crystal mosque :)
    yeah.. It says 8 days remained to Ramadan.. So, I wish you a ramadan mubarak..
  • saya khabar baik = I'm fine.
    But what does it mean (Saya harap Saudari juga sihat yea?)
    you have not been there in crystal mosque? I hope that you visit it... me too, I really wish to be there, and take photo with it, it's a very beautiful mosque.
  • Hi Nor.. apa khabar?
    thanks for adding me & nice to be your friend.
  • Hello Amelia. Thank you for giving me support and sharing the idea on how to improve my english. Okay, I will write anything and perhaps you could give comments on my writting.
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