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Stomach ache: simple ways to avoid it

I think all of you will agree with the fact that most of us at times have been bothered by Stomach ache. Stomach ache, when occurs puts us in quite a bit of suffering lasting for days. Consider stomach the driver your body, a driver in good health wi

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what Myths about health do you believe in?

A myth is a widely held false belief to which a person sticks despite it been proven untrue. Even though their falseness is obvious, sometimes they are too strong to resist, for eyes see what mind believes.  

Salute to the grandmas, for these little d

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Iron deficiency anemia; a common disease.

Even though in the modern world of today, where individual health is very much taken care of, iron deficiency anemia is quite common in most countries. Obviously the diet of most, if not all, frequently contain meat and fruits, which are rich in iron

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Learning English from diseases

There are many a words that i have learned from my medical profession, i wanna share a few of those with u 

LEONINE  = resembling lion ; i learned this while i was reading LEPROSY ( leonine face )

BOVINE = cow ;  the bovine tuberculosis ( it spreads fr

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Hypertension; the root of many evils.

Certainly one of the most lethal diseases that is often not taken care of, hypertension usually remain un-diagnosed until late. Well the prevalence is attributed to the sedentary life style, lack of exercise , no brisk walking , high cholesterol diet

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Smoke your money.

Even though most of the docs , specially the surgeons are smoker too but that does not narrows down the hazards. Well, I have seen a lot variety of patients in the emergencies and in the indoors but no one is in a more state of misery then are the pa

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Sedentary life style


Without a doubt, where technology has brought many eases to mankind, it has also gifted us inactivity, laziness and lethargy. Sedentary life style is turning out to be a global issue with most worrisome victims being the kids. Discouragement this sed

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