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one pleasent morning, I just dozed off after my preparation for the long journey. I was awakened by the sweet voice of my mother. Preparations for a journey to another province was accelerated in the kitchen. After a shower I was engaged again in the final packing.

It was 8.30,mother entered into my room with some packaged food. After all when I was about to depart , my mother stood close by me and whispered in my ears"I have kept a special "energy " packet in the bag, take and have it whenever you feel hungry. The energy you you get from this you don't get in any other food.I shook my head in agreement. It was 9o clock,I set off. The train was at 10.00.I reached the station at 9.40.I just dozed off at the station because I already exhausted. I was started by the whistle of the train.I boarded the train and sat on my seat. I eaten something and I slowly went up to sleep again.

I was awakened by a sound that wrung in my ears after a short silence............................................................."please give me something. My baby and I starving for two days".it was a pathetic scene. A destitute woman with her hungry baby.

Suddenly I remembered my beloved mother and the " energy" parcel that she had prepared with great pain out of her boundless love for me and put in my baggage.I took the parcel with a reluctant heart and gave it to the lady and her child. After a while,I fell asleep. In half sleep I headed that voice again , with the same agony,in the depth of my heart;



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Wherever I gone........

Time at 8.00 AM............I don't know how much time I spend there,just fallen to sleep.I created many things in my dreams...yes I was dreaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.A huge sound!!!!!!!!Woke up suddenly and took my mobile....Time is 9.50.I was sleeping till my train is coming.My train has arrived.just search my bag.YES,all are ready and took my reservation ticket from my bag..It was my first long journey.I get inside the train and found my seat. yes...Everything is OK.

                                                         Actually I was too tired.because I had too much luggage.(don't say to any buddy,inside my luggage full of kind of food items).MOM arranged it for me last night.I was actually happy very much.because it was my first long journey.again and again I would like to tell ''I was really happy''because,I had lot of space for do everything inside my compartment....I can dancing,sleeping,jumping,climbing,running etc............I just fallen on my seat.Train just moved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!some buddy is there near my compartment.they were busy with something.I didn't mind them.because mom told me ''to be silent inside the train and finish the food items before reached my station.I had actually two days travelling so I didn't bothered about that.again just felled to sleep.

                                                        After a few moments!!!!!!!!!!!I heard a lady's sound.YES....she is asking something near at me.I seen that she is like a beggar.(I don't like to call them as a beggar)Because,we are human beings.No buddy can live without others help.we are always depending society for everything. OK whatever it may be come to the point.....They were Two, mom and her daughter.I read this thing from their face.may be or not..they were asking again and again...that is..............................................

'''Please give me anything ''''''we didn't had anything last two days'''

I hurt too much when I heard that words.and just shocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just thought about my mom and her food that mom sent me..I took my food all,given half for them.(please don't think its just half only,I given two days food for them.).They were happy...I was also happy for that.I was like a hero for a minute.some buddy they were looking me like a hero also.They appreciated me very much.I started to talking with others'''how to helping them''and how to modify or improve our culture something like that....after few minutes,I return to my seat again.just closed my eyes.may be fallen to sleep.

''suddenly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I heard that words again....I opened my Eyes then,listened  for a second to find from where that ''words'' coming...YES its coming from near my compartment.

'''Please give me anything''''''we didn't had anything last two days'''

I closed my eyes.....and just start to act as a sleeping man.

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If you want to become a good teacher,you should learn some psychological things.

Psychology is the science of soul''.The word psychology comes from two Greek words,that is ''Psyche'' and ''logos''.Which means 'soul' and 'to study' respectively.

  • Psychology is the science of mind.
  • Psychology is the science of consciousness.
  • Psychology is the science of behavior.


  • Psychology helps to predict future behavior.
  • It influences the search of truth.
  • It believes in cause and effect relationships.
  • It does not believe in subject ideas. 
  • It helps in developing the ability of self confidence.
  • It helps in preparing for future career.
  • The methods and techniques employed in psychology are quiet.

Why teachers are studying the psychological based education?

                                Education psychology helps the teacher to understand the child's attitude,aptitude,interest,attention and level of aspiration.

Children pass through different stages of development.Infancy,childhood,adulthood etc......Each stage has its own characteristics.A knowledge of these characteristics help the teacher to impart suitable instruction and to mould the behavior of the learner and to understand the nature of the class room learning also.

                        BEST WISHES FOR ALL THE TEACHERS.


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I am asking your suggestions.

As you know I am a high school teacher.I am working in a CBSE school its too far from my state means over three states from my state.But yesterday I got an opportunity from government Employment.''OFFICE ASSISTANCE''in a university.its in my state.I can go to home every week.I was thinking about that,what can I do?If I resigned from this school my students will be alone(till the next teacher come).Next thing is I don't know the next teacher can care my students like me?I want to become a good teacher as my grand father.So I don't like to leave from here.

whats your option?

What you will do instead of me?

                                        WITH LOVE


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Can I ask some questions?

Suppose you are unmarried....and also you have a good job.but you want to speak English very well.finally you found English club by Google searching.Then,you start to chatting,writing blogs,giving comments,and also you getting comments on your blogs as usually.

Days are going...............

months are going...........

finally,you concentrate to chatting private.

One day,you got a friend from another country.(in this story author is a male and you got that friend is female).

Both of you are thinking we are good and kind also.(I don't know about that,may be it will happen.I think so).

will you fall in love with her?

will you fall in love with him?

''finally what will happen''?

will you marry him or her?

If  u married him or her,will you continue throughout your life means till end of the life? 

                                      (I used present tense max.)

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As you know I was a old member of EC. Unfortunately,I turned from here.I feel hurt too much now.because in my turning, I lost my all good friends.I am begging you to forgive me and my mistakes.I came here again without my writing ability.I lost my writing ability also.

                                 I don't know how to recover my things all.what can I say to my friends.I don't know all of my dear friends what to say.I started to add you again.

                                                                                                     please ''for'' ''give'' me

                                                      with love


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As usual I went to 9th class room for my second first period was in 10th standard.9th class room was near the 10th class.I was free,because I don't like to teach students with text book.I had something in my memory about to teach for 9th class.I entered into 9th class.after wishing,I started my class.All you may think about my,I would like to add my subject here.Biology is my main subject. OK come to the point,the students were interested at class room and they forced me to teach more.I also happy.I teached many things in that an hour.after 1 hour,the bell rang.

                               after the first rang,I started to go to another class.but they didn't allow me to go.they started to shared something by themselves.I thought they said to me to teach next period also.there is no teacher for that period.actually that teacher was in a meeting.(parents teacher meeting).I took my student's text to teach them.because,I teached them all things what I had in my memory. thatswhy I took a text book..........suddenly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I heard a sound ''slowly''.Sir,we need PT this period(play time).I just worried and also excited.I put that text  on the table and sat on the chair.there was ''pin drop silence for 2 minutes''.because,they had known,there has no teacher in 3rd period in this class.they had known that matter before than me.After 2 minutes,I thought what to do?then gave   some instructions about study and living things also.....

They were happy and I was also happy..

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