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When the sun feels lonely.

The universe with its beauty and mystery goes on in such a way that each participant has a role to play and rules to follow, to make life continue. But when one of the nature parts decides to break up the rules... see what would happen!One day, the s

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I'm Writing Your Name.

Fairuz - I'm Writing Your Name


I'm writing your name my darling
On the old poplar
You're writing my name my darling
In the sand on the path
And tomorrow it will rain
On the wounded stories
Your name will remain my darling
And my name will be erased
I talk a

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I was born to love you.

Many are those who fall in love but few are those who live it eternally.Love, love and love! What a misterious power that moved hearts, shaded tears and flew inks.Love, the heart engine, leads to everlasting masterpieces such us: poems songs and stor

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Funny moment.

While viewing old photos; I stopped at this one and wanted to share its story with you, my friends.As a student at university, I was living far from home for four years. In which I spent the greatest moments of my life time. We were so close my frien

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Adding photos

I have the same problem as Atika my personal photos are added quickly but landscaps are only viewed by me!!!!!!I am afraid I can not be aloud to participate in photo contest 2010?????

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Find me!Find me! Guess and find me!!

Hello friends this is a photo of something in my house and may be in yours!

You will have to guess what it is !

It is a soft touch in cold days..

It is a gesture to say goodbye..

It is as a stain on a black smoking..

It can be one or several ..

It can be a

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Talking about success

  1. The communication in  humans' relationships is like breathing..each one is needed for life continuity.
  2. Do what is right you will get gratitude from someones and astonishment from others. 
  3. The world will pave the way to the person who knows where to go.

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adding music

Hello everybody and thank you for the big help and efforts. You always give from your time and I am sure you don't have enough. you gave us this possibility to get knowlege and have friends; work and pleasure to things we can hard associate them in d

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Riddle me riddle...

once a man who is acustomed to wear only white or black socks, wants to take a pair of socks to wear, from the big bag where he usually put them scrumbled.Suddenly the light switch off.

   How many socks should he take to get a pair of the same colour

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swimming pools

  A rich man wanted to dig three swimming pools he said:

"I'm going to build three swimming pools in my garden, one with cold water, another with warm water and a third with no water at all."

Puzzled the other man answered:

"No water at all! That's a fu

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