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Is English language easy?

It won't be long from now, children in our place as young as one year old communicates with us in English dialect.This is because of the TV channels influence like Disney Jr. and Nick Jr.Toddlers nowadays finds it easy for them to talk straight and understand the language.My two younger sisters aged seven years old and four years old now, communicate in English dialect.I find it amazing though because at home, all of us communicate in our native dialect.Only the two of them speak English.So for them to understand us also, I tried to talk to them also using the English language.In trying so, I find the language easy to speak but of course, learning it from school is quite never easy.I started from scratches, little by little, I'm learning to use correct grammars.It's good that our school adopt English language as mother tongue.In this way, we can express ourselves and communicate in English dialect just like my two younger sisters do.English is not hard to learn after all, we just have to enjoy it and not be afraid of getting us corrected.

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