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My Extraordinary Life



Hey guys,,,with me again on Independent 102 FM, Radio for Extraordinary people.

Yesterday, i had a small talk with my sister, she asked me to write a blog about something weird again. And you know, i dedicate this blog to her..She just fell in love with handsome lecturer :p

Congratz honey...!! 

Okay so...i wanna tell u about my short story of my life..this is based on my own story with my friends or my relatives. 


Do you know X-Men movie? yap u should know about that fabulous movie, men or women who have the extraordinary powers, they have special ability, dont u know that we will find those people around us, but you'l never realize them because they dont want somebody to know their power.


But i dont talk about special power like Mr. Cyclops has...he has a red laser which comes out from his eyes, hehe that's just a fiction. Okay I'll talk about our abilities that God's given to us.


I introduce you my cousin, his name is OKI, he has an extraordinary memory.

he could remember every scene and every conversation in Movie.

he always knows the beautiful quotations from every film he watched, and put them on Facebook, when he talked about movie with me, he never did miss a single thing about the film.


The second is my classmate, he was my classmate when we studied in Japan University, he's the one who could develop my idea into the best one,i call him IDER (IDEA CRACKER). But his real name is RYAN, he's always solved phisics formula that professor's given to us, but before he solved it he always asked the basic formula from my own idea and then he developed it..i was proud of him..he used to teach me how to play guitar like JOE SATRIANI, and he told me, how to make our brains keep growing...things u should do are, play your music instruments nicely and play puzzle game :D but the only thing that i hate him is he had 2 girls..and he always begged about the special presents but cheap when his girls have a birthday party.

but till know, i have never seen him yet only via Facebook and SMS, last 6 months he told me that he's working at SIEMENS.


The third is my old friend her name is SHERLY u might not believe her that she's able to smell the spirit or ghost alike, i call her SPIRIT SMELLER. She texts me every night before sleeping, she always shows me every-ghost-smell..sometimes she could hear a song from this creature..look at picture below !!


so terrified...when that-ghost singing, my friend's going to vomit..because she comes along with decayed thing..sometimes something pulls her leg..she just mocks it..she knows there's something unseen wants to play with her at 00:00.

she always needs my help to dispel those sounds..Do you know, people who have spiritual experiences will be admitted as a weirdo..she has 2 INDIGO friends (Indigo means someone who has the abilities like hers).


And the last is myself...some people think that i'm just an ordinary kid.

yes, i'm just a kid but i remember what my uncle said...u will have an ability soon, and u will find it out as time goes by...

do you know this man in TV-Series Heroes in 2006-2008

 Do you know what's his ability?? You can copy the others ability from someone by touching or thinking of them. You may describe what i am here :D

Do you know...i like soccer very much...i usually watch Youtube to learn how to dribble or other skills, i only need the video to do it on the pitch as good as the player on Youtube.

Do you know, when i was in High School i had annual Sport competitions, there's no player to play tennis table from my class..and our class leader asked me to join whether i can play it or not. 

Yeah first time i would do is i coppied the tennis contenstant's skill when he played in the first group.. i watched every smash,,every hit,,every hand swings...yeah..finally this is my turn..i was trying so hard...step by step i walked towards the final match..that was harder than knock-out round, and finally i won that class-mates yelled my name out !! they didnt believe what they have seen..till know i still copy someone who has special ability when i meet him/her directly. And you know i should be a SKILL STEALER...please hide ur ability when u meet me :)

And do u know...i have the others not only skill stealer..but i cant tell u here...let God and me keep this secret.


Thanks guys for spending ur time here.

Know ur ability now !! keep figuring it out !! Actually every people have theirs.

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Hey... some people here have their odd/weird experiences...maybe they did face or meet ALIEN, GHOST, MONSTER...

or their angry MOM hahaha

Okay guys lets talk about it here..

i know u are in trouble when u keep ur odd secret alone

Lets start from my experience...

here we go..

I have taken a crying boy picture..his mom didnt realize what made his son crying

all people can see this picture.

and look he's with an ALIEN or Greeny GHOST??? i don't know..

open ur eyes widely... what do u think guys?? 

I told his mom what creature that's sitting beside his son..

but she wouldn't believe.... she told me that..i'm weird ASIAN :'(

they need evidences to prove i'm right...

and i showed the photo...she shocked and fainted..i didn't wanna make some troubles in walmart...i escaped and after 2 days i told my friends about this photo..and they mocked me, they said it's just an alien doll.. i'm so sad :'(


u can make ur own weird/odd experiences here..

dont forget to put some photos to prove u are telling the truth :D

Thanks for ur time :D

Good Luck

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Alright, in this chance i will tell you about my spiritual experience.

Last week while each of you were celebrating Good Friday, i got message from nowhere, it said "come to me at 8 am tomorrow in your backyard, we will enjoy together , we have something as good as your planet, but dont be afraid about the people around there, brave your self, kid" and suddenly the paper was burnt.  o.O

Next day, i came to that place , and oh my God, i saw CROP CIRCLE on my grandpa's corn field, my eyes wide opened, how could they make this so far just one night..? fortunately my grandpa didnt know this weird thing yet.

10 mins later, someone who wore Astronaut suit called my name.
I thought there's only one person, but..i saw 3 and maybe 5

2 of them could speak english and the others were speaking with their strange language, like some speaking frogs.

i didnt know how they learn about english, and they still didnt open their astronaut helmet.

2 hours in their aircraft without talking each other, the only voice came from the pilot and his assistant , the speaking frogs

Here we go, they opened the door... and what did i see?


no...but this planet truly earth and wait, it should be wrong, when i looked around, oh My man, but.................. FROGS or TOADS or whatever they,slimy but they dont jump, i dont know why!!

alright..alright, calm down..calm down..take a breath...slow, but what?? im breathing? there's an oxygen here, and all astonauts are frogs too

All frogs start to stare at me like i am a worst creature of this planet.

but what?? they smile? i dont want their slimy skin touch my limb...Oh God...what should i do?

After 1 hour, i realized they are very kind, they know my planet, but they called my planet "Fiol-biru" it means green and blue, and they named their planet Ni-biru, means blue saphire. BIRU means BLUE, hey..if you search on google translate, you will figure it out what BIRU means randomly,

you will find BIRU in Indonesian Language means BLUE,

but i dont know how my country could find that word?

unless...Alien from Nibiru had visited my country 100 years ago

and why US or NASA has the same name of that planet??

Damn, even they're just a frog, they smarter than human, their technology beyond ours

before back to the Earth,
one nice picture from me and FROGS

here we go

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