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Old Member of MyEC

Josef Essberger  : Hi Nadiyah, how long have you been learning English language in MyEC?

Nadiyah               : More than two years, since 2009, precisely, Teacher.

Josef Essberger  : I wonder why your English has not much improved lately.

Nadiyah               : I wish not to be fluent in English

Josef Essberger  : Why?

Nadiyah               : If I'm fluent in English language I will leave MyEC :D

Josef Essberger  : ???

Video version you can check it here : Old Member of EC

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Photo Story #1 : My Cat's Attraction

Last Friday I visited the site of Teacher Mike Harrison and found this exciting post "Photo story: A couple of beers #story", and it inspired me to create the same post.

I present this topic such as tribute to my cute cat which died few weeks ago. Before her demise, she showed her talent in entertaining us. You can look at the photo above which is funny enough! So I challenge you to guess what the story behind this photo is?

Please leave a comment with your ideas ... Thank you!

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"One language sets you in a corridor for life.

Two languages open every door along the way."

~Frank Smith~

I myself have been speaking Indonesian as the mother tongue the language of unity. You know Indonesia has more than 400 languages​​. Our Founding Fathers made ​​the Indonesian language as the language of unity. That's why despite having more than 400 languages​​, we only speak one language, Indonesian, which has been enriched with a variety of vocabulary (local and foreign languages --Arabic, English, Dutch and another) as the lingua franca*.

However that does not mean we Indonesians are not allowed to learn a foreign language. Amazing! I myself learnt more than three foreign languages​​ (Arabic, English, Dutch and German) since I was at school. How about you, please to share your experiences in language learning.


*Lingua franca

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My sincere thanks to Teacher Tara who have shared her idea about the infographic and inspired me to create this photo challenge.

Hi guys, do you interact with many friends at MyEC and know their personalities very well? Should your answer be an "yes" I would love you to take part at the challenge and tell us about them.

The Rules:
1 - Select one of your friends and describe her/him personality (You are only allowed to write five positive personalities). This link will help to describe their personalities (Positive Personality Adjectives List).

2_Create your own infographic and upload it to the MyEC photo gallery

3_Write a sentence using one of the five positive personalities of your friend.

My examples : 

A Warmhearted Lady

Tara Benwell : Lovely Teacher

Special thank you to Teacher Nadira allowing me to use her private photo.

Cheers :)


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Writing Challenge : A Letter to Atika

Yesterday I received Atika's sms, she asked about me : how are you sister? Long time I didn't see you online ... Hope everything is okay.

Dear Atika,

Thank you for your sms; I missed you so much too. I have a few busy months ahead and must finish my studies. Though it's tough it's a joyful year for me. I am awaiting for completions I have short notice from my professor in completing my thesis. I don't want to "go out on a limb" to and repeat on the same mistakes. Yeah, I have had stressful days!

I am full of joy and happiness because you and my friends who have been there and supportive by cheering me on when my days were boring, you gave me wings and made my days beautiful.

Dear Atika,
I was delighted when I received your sms. Please forgive me if I have not been able to respond, because I'm too lazy set up my mobile phone :p

About your last letter I received a month ago, I am speechless! Your letter left a deep impression ... I never anticipated your sweet friendship. In early January and then on my birthday, you sent me encouraging words which has given me new spirit. I believe that you are one part of my destiny.

Dear Atika,
I am fine and thank you for always inquiring how I am getting on.




Note :

Spirit, destiny, sms and time can be either countable or uncountable depending on their usages

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Comic Challenge#1: "I Miss You"

Hi guys, Happy new year!

At the beginning of the year, I start a new challenge! you just playing your imaginations. Do you know about the imagination? says Imagination is the ability of forming images, sensations and concepts in your mind. It is a process that helps you to create your own reality and it can be expressed through stories and fantasies

It means everything will be easy by imagination, no exception to learning English. Imagination is indispensable, you can attract a lot of benefit from it. As the photo gives a lot stories and you'll be able to write a beautiful or exciting or funny story with your imaginations.

You can view and make a variety of comics with only one photo, the important thing is to build your imaginations and creativities. Sure all of you like comics! Do you want to try it? Let's go ...

How to participate on this comic challenge?

1_Click this link and take this photo (The Tarzan's Letter for Jane). You are only allowed to use the photo I provided.

2_Use two or three or more applications (Play with Words and Images at and Picnic) to create your own comic. Write a conversation and don't forget to describe a situation what you want to pour on this photo, look at the examples below.

3_Please share your artwork here, the best comic will be added to this blog as the winner

Example : #1

Example : #2

this challenge is easy and fun!

thanks for your participations, have a nice day!



the winner of the comic challenge#1 is the third artwork of hadeerforever, congratulations!

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Hi guys,

Are you a teacher, employees who have many co-workers and colleagues, students, a housewife,  activists or have many friends? I challenge you to participate in the photo challenge this month. This is an exciting moment that you can create and become unforgettable memories.You can also invite your spouse (husband or wife and children to take part at this challenge).

About my photo
I'm a teacher in Junior High School. I created this competition and have taken pictures which was included in the challenge of Tara a few weeks ago. It wasn't just a competition, I created to build motivation and confidence of students in our schools, and build friendships to each other, after attacked and fighting between them. And most importantly, they don't feel bored when they are in school. I have been giving lot of encouragement to them and hope they are proud and appreciate their hard works as it is the main key.

Photo Challenge Participation
You only need two to five people or more. make a pile of hands and take pictures then upload your own photo to MyEC Photo Gallery, as usual not forgetting the rules that has been determined. Check out Photo Guidelines and use the tag : Photo Challenge # 9: My unforgettable memories. Next, come back to this blog and share the link to your photo.


Have fun :) Success for you ..!




photo here : The Friendship Tower

Check out these photo challenges here :

1_ Photo Challenge#1 : Your Activity

2_ Photo Challenge#2 : Your smile

3_ Photo Challenge#3 : Thumbs up for MyEC

4_ Photo Challenge#4 : Your Weekend

5_ Photo Challenge#5 : A Gift to Yourself

6_ Photo Challenge#6 : One of My Favorite Foods

7_Photo Challenge#7 : My Expressions

8_Photo Challenge#8 : DM's Birthday Party

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My Diary #1 : A Letter to Salim (2)

Hello Salim,

How are you? Wishing Allah protect you wherever you go. Allah's gift will always be there for you. About me I am still as ever, busy with my study and with my naughty students. Yesterday was an exhausting day, some of them made our headmaster angry. They were fighting and attacked each other. At the end they were suspended for two weeks! An embarrassing incident ..!

Not easy for us as teachers, students have their own view, they do what make them happy without considering the consequences. We have an obligation to guide them. That's why makes me keep walking and learning everything I note :) 

Salim, I hope everything is good for you, though I know you are still in silence. keep your health and smile always.

with my big smile, take great care
your friend,



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What you will plan and prepare when you are invited by one of your friend's to a birthday party? What clothes would you wear? Of course you will look as beautiful as possible. To attend a birthday party of one of the MyEC members, you just simply have take pictures and upload them to MyEC Photo Gallery.

Yesterday was DM's birthday, but It does not mean there is no party, you can attend in your own way and I challenge you to participate. Who is Dreamer Man? He is an active member of MyEC, friendly and has inspired us with his thoughts, made us laugh and he has many friends.


What costume will I wear at his birthday party? I will wear this costume :p It's not a masquerade, but I wanted to look different than usual (haha ...) and was inspired by one of the photos I took from my niece a few days ago ... I want all of you to participate, just for fun:)


Photo Challenge Participation

As usual upload your own photo to MyEC Photo Gallery (please don't take a photo from internet), not forgetting the rules that has been determined. Check out Photo Guidelines and use the tag : photochallenge#8 : DM's Birthday Party. Next, come back to this blog and share the link to your photo. 


Common do join and have fun with us, Happy Birthday :)


*Special thanks to Ida, remind me about this party :) 




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Tara's Challenge : Compare and Contrast

Thanks Tara for inviting members here to participate at another interesting challenge, compare and contrast. Finally, I chose two pictures of mine.They look similar but different.

Here is my contribution. The first is my second letter,  I recieved it in 2011, and the second is my first letter recieved on March 22nd, 2010. Both were my letters from my lovely friend, Atika from Algeria.


Picture#1 :


Picture#2 :


The questions :

1. what's similar about these pictures?

2. what's different about these pictures?

3. If I asked you "how did you feel when you received your first letter?

4. What does the postcard mean for you?





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MyEC Member: Nadira Moosin Asad

Country: Sri Lanka

Occupation: Teacher of English

Motto to live by: never say never

Special role on MyEC: Chat Room Moderator

Popular Blog Post: Spamming




Nadiyah : Hi teacher Nadira, how are you? you are always doing something great, in your real life and at MyEC. Can you share with us here on how you first felt when you joined this site?


Nadira : Thank you Nadiyah, I felt over the moon (so excited) when I found a site where I could finally get learning tools to be adapted at class, and also learn and share at a touch of a button. 

Nadiyah : I know and admire you as a good friend, great teacher with dedication in your profession, and a mother to your daughter, and being one of the volunteers at MyEC. How do you schedule and manage sharing your time?


Nadira : I keep time for them during the day, and concentrate on MyEC at night and mornings. My work has become bit more hectic with new professional classes for the adult learner. This is a giant step to me comparison to my secluded work style with kids. 


It is good experience though I find it easier with children by molding then whilst young. I keep my time occupied with work and being online, as my daughter is not with us, Incidently she is coming today from Australia,  am looking forward to it. 

Nadiyah : This is a great experience to us, we deal and get to know the various characteristic of members from most countries. Is there an experience that makes you feel uncomfortable especially against spammers? I've been there when someone sent a message to my inbox and asked for some money ... hhmmm they thought that I have a lot of money, hahaha ...





Nadira : Most definelty yes. It has sharpened our minds and attitudes in adapting to an international body of people. When we come across spammers it makes one annoyed of such selfish people who either try to advertise their businesses or to exhort money from unsuspecting persons who are here to enjoy and learn English.

This behavior would most definitely would effect new members so those of us who know should continue to alert the administration from these vices, to continue making MyEC a safe and an enjoyable social and learning retreat.

Nadiyah : Your blog always reminds me and the members here, to be careful. I feel we must know the characteristics of the spammers. Is there anything else that should be acquired for us to feel safe and comfortable to focus our selves in achieving our target for fluency in English. One can see many members leave this site primarily due to spammers.


Nadira : About The characteristic of spammers :

first, They attack new comers, so its best to the members especially welcoming committee to check new comers on and off to alert spamming .

second, They promote their personal goal to the member not any thing to do with learning  English. It could be for recruiting people for work : this is a form of advertising with no cost, the credibility of the source is not known where members may fall into trouble.

third, The Spammers aim to get  private email addresses which would  lead the members to bad sites, racketeering and extortion of money. Many months ago I remember Mr Bob and I came across this menace through a nik called Rose  from Senegal, we did some detective work by alerting an unknown member to respond, and realized it was not for any good reason. This was the turning point for me to alert the administration and I continue doing so.  


I had an amusing personal experience when one of these  known names  appeared on my husbands e-mail, so you can imagine how sweetly I responded to the " Sweet hearts" ;) 

fourth, I feel all who welcome the new comer, alert the links pertaining to spamming will bring more awareness the member ref MyEC SpamBusters.

Nadiyah : As a teacher of English, would you be able to give the keys to success for learning English? Thanks for your time, teacher Nadira. You share many valuable things for me and the members here. All of us are books, about life ...


Nadira : Correctly qouted Nadiyah we all are books of life enriching our thirst inquest of knowledge. There is no end to learning at any stage, to the beginner the best advice is work hard and be active on the site using all four learning skills. You could join Tara's groups (EnglishTeacher) where you will be guided in writing blogs, audio challenge Audio Speaking Group. And the rest of the featured groups in particular. Some time ago we were given a challenge and mine was tips for the learner ref Writing Challenge#25: 7 Secrets in learning English.


Thank you too Nadiyah to this interview :)


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Are you a reporter at a station TV? All of you must answer : Yesss ..!!


My adventure in this month is different from adventure previously, I invite you to become a reporter and ask questions to a gifted writer, Tara Benwell. Who is Tara? She is a novelist, freelance writer,  and teacher of English.  there are many things we can gain from her.


The Rules :

1_put yourself in the position as a reporter

2_asking variety questions to Tara Benwell as a writer,  as much as you want about her secrets or tips to become a successful writer, please feel free to ask.

3_ At the conclusion of this adventure I will ask to Tara to choose one of your great questions and answer it.  


will add your questions and Tara's answer at once in to this blog.

Ok guys, bring out your imaginations and enjoy your time with us here, thanks for your participations!





My Adventure in The MyEC Photo Gallery #1#2#3#4#5

picture here : Aspiring Novelist






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Photo Challenge#7: My Expressions

Express yourself with a variety of ways and you will know who you are!

There are many ways to express yourself, one of which is through photographs.There is no harm to express our anger or excitement in a unique way.


Why do we need to express ourselves? one way to cope with stress is to express yourself artistically. Try to be creative and divert energies positively. e.g. you can play a musical instrument, paint, photograph or write poetry, you can try to do these things to reduce the pressure on your stress.

Stress is a response to someone's body when faced with various problems in life. Problems could come from outside or they could be from our own minds (eg. not satisfied with ourselves). How to deal with stress? One way of coping with stress is to express yourself artistically through the photo challenge#7 .. !

Invite your child, nephew/niece to be part of the challenge. They will be happy when they are involved in this activity as I have done with my nieces or you can also do it in your own way.

Photo Challenge Participation
What is needed in this challenge before take the photo? you only need a foot or hand, then drawing a face and using some baby's accessories (socks, hat) if you have them. (see the examples : photo#1 and photo#2). After that, upload your own photo to MyEC Photo Gallery (please don't take a photo from internet), not forgetting the rules that has been determined. Check out Photo Guidelines and use the tag : photochallenge#7 : My Expressions. Next, come back to this blog and share the link to your photo.

Have fun with the photo challenge!





1_ Photo Challenge#1 : Your Activity

2_ Photo Challenge#2 : Your smile

3_ Photo Challenge#3 : Thumbs up for MyEC

4_ Photo Challenge#4 : Your Weekend

5_ Photo Challenge#5 : A Gift to Yourself

6_ Photo Challenge#6 : One of My Favorite Foods



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There are many ways to celebrate birthdays. Generally they have a party and which would by attended by family or friends by inviting them to eat together at a restaurant. Convenience as the availability of a birthday cake, and other delicious food, cards, candles and all that goes to celebrate. 


Far different from them, I celebrated my birthday, staying on the bed, cell phone in my hand and I sang a birthday song to myself, remembering past years I have passed. only that ...  no special celebration or ritual. with pleasant memoirs ...


How about you? please share with us here ... Big thanks :)





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